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Global Terrorism & Property Vandalization (Boko Haram Terrorists)

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Global Terrorism & Property Vandalization (Boko Haram Terrorists)

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Some time you may observe somebody frown his face as though deep in thought or probably encountered unfortunate situation or being cheated of dealings that should have generated a positive impact to his endeavours, you may not really also be tempted to greet the person on that mood. Because if you do, you may be an escape goat to the person where he can pour out the ugly situation that was prompting the frowning in him or her.

What to be done is to allow the frowning face to brightening to enable you to address the unfortunate situation in a manner that can build the lost hope of the person and ensuring for a greater positive impact that worth more than the previous and by so doing you will be able to arrest the person from destructive way.

This book informed you the easy destructive way of life and properties in a misconduct manner. It is also an exposition of the trends and events that always takes place in the global societies. One has to understand that any-person who is not abreast with global happenings is groping in the dark.

The awareness of things happening in our environment helps to outline our course of actions and utterances.

Terrorism did not just come up of its own; rather the course was championed or operated by some higher authorities in an organization and society. Such unwholesome activities seem to be a means of agitation for economic and political balances. Though it is noted that well-informed person is an asset to the nation and in other hand, uninformed person is a curse to humanity and his nation.

If I may ask this question: should resource control agitated by the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta, raised an uproar to the people and economic chaos?'' most of our leaders thought they are sharp of using our boys, but have no chronological ideal to retrospect some chaotic events caused by their predecessors and refused to be well-informed to correct the error for future occurrences. Sometimes they do not think that someday, after using the boys and dumping them, the boys in search of there green pastures would look for them in a dangerous manner which can affect the lives and the economy of the nation.

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