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Our Creations

Our Creations

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Our Creations

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Dec 16, 2017


Our life is Our creation so we also have the power to change our lives daily for the positive.
It is good when we come to see that all the things in our lives boil down to one simple thing; we created this from our own heart and soul whether it is from what we have thought and done in this lifetime or what we have carried with us from another life’s lifetime.
It is Our creation to accomplish the needed positive changes; no one else. If we take 100% responsibility for our lives that we have created, then we have the power to change our lives in the direction we desire.

Dec 16, 2017

Sobre el autor

Aaron was born in the United States but currently lives in Thailand. He has felt at home since his arrival in Thailand. His life has been a journey to learn more deeply how to create an environment of pure love. For many years, he has taught the essence of love and truth. The energy he sends and shares with others is very deep, tender and yet at the same time very powerful. He does not pretend to be a master or great teacher. He has tasted a lot of heartache and pain in his life but he has chosen to allow it to help him grow, always seeking to embrace the simple fact that everything happens for a reason. He is deeply concerned with helping others to grow and mature to find the place of walking in peace and pure love and daily works within his own life to move continually deeper in pure love, respect and honor. It is with this foundation that he seeks to share these simple but powerful truths for healing and pure love in each of his books.

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Our Creations - Aaron Pierson


Our Creations

1st edition 2017, Smashwords edition

Text by Aaron Pierson

eISBN 978-1-64153-055-2

Print ISBN 978-1-64153-056-9

Published by www.booksmango.com

E-mail: info@booksmango.com

Text & cover page Copyright© Aaron Pierson

Aaron Pierson, PO Box 1882, Wimberley, TX 78676; 512-787-7539; aaronpierson777888@yahoo.com; www.spiritualhealing-enlightenment.us




No part of this book may be reproduced, copied, stored or transmitted in any form without prior written permission from the publisher

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. It may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you are reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author, editors, researchers, copyright holder, publisher and contributors.

About The Author

Aaron is a man who always stands for the right thing; for justice, truth, integrity, and in the same moment will always stay the tenderest person I know, with carrying true love and compassion in his heart. He could call himself the richest man in the world because his heart is so filled with love that he can share and love everybody in this galaxy and there would still be plenty left; the gentleness and tenderness of all the nations, countries, and tribes of the world combined in one person, a messenger. Any place he visits or arrives, things start to shift, move, and align into a positive and right direction. If people follow this new direction, the direction of the Divine Creator, they will experience and meet their true lives and indescribable happiness. Let everybody speak his heart and allow the world to become a better place by welcoming this most special person, which I call myself a gift to have met him. I am blessed and honored to have the opportunity to know him and to have had the chance to speak with him in person and walk the same path he is.


PhDr. Peter Milo


I have known Aaron all my life. I am honored and blessed to know Aaron for so long. He is a strong, sensitive, caring and loving person. I also love the big hugs he gives. Elizabeth P.

He has the tender heart of a new born baby. A baby has a pure heart. It does not know pain or hate. It only knows love, so it is very vulnerable. Aaron tries to walk his life in complete humility, something that seems to be lost now days. He is not like most people you may meet in your life. His heart weeps daily for his pain and the pain of others. It is this vulnerability that helps him to love so deeply, because without great paint, you cannot know great love.

Aaron has experienced this pain, both physical and emotional. This pain and sorrow that he has gone through has given him the opportunity to learn the deepest form of compassion; understanding the pain someone else feels because he understands pain and brokenness.

When I say that Aaron is a broken man, I do not say it as a negative thing. His brokenness is his strength. His pain and sorrow are the things that make him stronger and deeper in the ocean of love.

To truly go deeper in love can be very scary because no one wants to get hurt, so we put up walls to protect ourselves but we don’t realize we may be hurting others or missing out on a deep spiritual connection. No one wants to feel pain but the bitter makes the sweet that much sweeter.

Aaron is a good example of someone who is daily embracing the pain and fear to go deeper in love. Maybe some of his tenderness could rub off on you after tasting the brokenness in his words.

My children (Rachel, Moriah, Abigail, Yitzchak and Ana) when they were younger.

~ Dedication ~

I want to make a special dedication in this book. This book is about our creations in life and how we make this world a better place one soul at a time. To me as a human being, the greatest creations I will make in this life are my children. I said as they were growing up that if I never accomplished anything in life except this one goal, that when I died my children would know I love them more than anything else in this world, it would be ok! So, I dedicate this book and all my heart to each one of them. There is now another generation that has begun as well. My daughter Rachel has had a little boy and his name is Sebastian. I chose a picture of him for the front cover to help you begin to see these children are our future and we need to honor and protect them!

Here are my five children when they were little, recently all of them together, and also my son-in-law, who is like my son as well! I send them all the love, healing and compassion my heart has to give! I would also like to include three other children who I love like there are my own as well. They grew up with my children and are simply a part of my family and always will be; Alicia, John, and Elizabeth.

With hugs and love to all!


A current picture of my children Abigail, Ana, Moriah, Yitzchak, along with my son-in-law Seth and Rachel with their children Sebastian and Violet

Seth, Rachel, my grandson Sebastian and my granddaughter Violet

Alicia, John and Elizabeth

Chapter 1 ~ October 17, 2014


I have been giving deep thought to this article and what to share. The last three years that I have been living here in Maui, Hawaii, have been three years of great growth, deep maturing of my heart and soul, and daily learning to live more freely without the limitations of the mind and the world around us, yet I have come to clearly experience that there is no re-birthing without first Death may come. In whatever form this Death takes place, it brings way for new life and rebirth or new birth, whichever we choose to call it!

There are some experiences I have had here over the last two and a half years that I have not found freedom to share at all in this format. I feel the time will come soon to be able to do so but I can say there has been a great deal of death and learning to rise above the circumstances I have found myself in for a long time now. I have only found freedom to share these circumstances and experiences with a few close friends yet I see the whole purpose of the pain created by these events is to help me to mature and see some very deep and painful old energy that I have needed to clear. This has been a continual work daily.

When I left Texas, I really did not feel I would be returning there again. I did make a short trip back almost three years ago now. It was to spend some time with my children and other family as well as to put everything in complete order so I would not have to go back. It feels like my time back in Texas and my birth there in the mainland U.S. was a complete past life. It is really strange to feel and difficult to explain but it does feel like it is a complete past life. This does not mean I do not miss all my family back there. I am just expressing how far away it all feels to me now; a completely separate and completely different life I have and live here, nothing at all like my life before, and I do mean nothing at all like my old life!!

I have come to see that all this death I have gone through in so many ways and so many different levels has been for the sole purpose of teaching me to let go and to learn to fly high above all the storms in life. I was thinking about how a baby bird learns how to fly. They begin to try their wings safe in the nest, flapping them over and over again until they feel or their mother feels it is time to move to the edge of the nest. Then, from the edge of the nest, they look down to the valley and ground far below! I wonder if they go through all the fear and doubt that we do as we begin to know it is time to jump out into the air from the nest and begin to fly!

I have found a new home to move to here in Maui. I have been at the current house for twenty-eight full months now; almost two and a half years. I will be moving further up the mountain to a smaller place. It has taken a long time to make this shift and I feel it will be a fresh start for me her; part of the new birthing going on in my life. There are so many small things that are coming up in which I see deep fears I have to clear as well. We have to keep moving forward in life on a daily basis. We cannot ever stop growing or simply give into the pain we feel. Part of learning to fly is learning to deal with the pain and gain the freedom from the source and energy causing the pain and conflict, and learning we are creating the events in our lives. Just as I have found the love and compassion to heal my heart and my body, so I find I also must work to heal and clear the wounds in my heart that are still hidden; the ones I have not matured enough to see yet! It seems daily I am waking up more to see the vastness of my own heart and soul!

I see this is why these really difficult circumstances have come to me, so I may reflect deeply as to what is causing this painful conflict. Then this gives us the opportunity to clear this energy from our heart so we can heal and so we do not keep creating this same conflict and pain over and over again! As we mature, we must each come to see and acknowledge we have created everything in our lives. Positive or negative, easy or difficult, there is no one to blame for anything in our lives!! Not even ourselves, there is only you and I to take full responsibility for who we are, what we have created, and then work to resolve all the issues in our heart from the distant and near past!!

May we each create healing all around us!

This picture was taken of me on the rooftop of my apartment building in July, 2015.

Chapter 2 ~ October 15, 2014


If I could have known two years ago what I know today, wow, what I could do with this?? One thing I have learned is that we have to live with and in reality! This just does not happen. I stay away from imaginary thoughts and pretending! I cannot know two years ago what I am living today. This is just not reality! As I am clearing my past karma, I then see more clearly why things are happening in my life today!

So why did I go through so much abuse as a child? We think a child is innocent why did they go through such pain and horrible things happen to them. For me, I have come to see we are living our karma from past lives! My skull was smashed badly by the doctor who pulled me from my mother during birth with forceps. I was burned severely with scalding coffee at fourteen months old, wrapped up like a mummy and spent weeks in the hospital. I was sexually abused by several people as a child. Then all my school time I was the brunt of the bullies beating and spitting on me. So what did I do to bring this into my life?

This is where we have to wake up to our karma from our past lives! Simply as a child, I did nothing to deserve or create this, but I see clearly now, this is carry over from my past lives. I am working to clear all this karma and become fully aware in this lifetime, to fully heal all the old wounds in me and others. I feel we also have Karma that we have to clear from our parents in this life and so many of the people around us in this lifetime were also a part of our past lives. I want to look at my Father in this life who raised me; not my birth father, but my step Father.

He was the main influence in my life. He ruled people through a very intense energy of anger and dominated everyone somewhat like a GODFATHER. I remember as a child when I was in trouble for something, most of the time, I was so afraid of him that I would tremble when I was in front of him! Then when I was fifteen, I went to work at one of His stores. He had twelve large retail stores and many employees. One day he drove up to the store I was working at and several people ran through the store warning people to be busy, that Mr. Pierson was here. So at fifteen, I realized almost everyone was terrified of Him and that I was not the only one. This honestly was very freeing for me. I had thought it was just me who was so scared of him. I learned later that he had connections to mafia type people, and that in certain situations, he would seriously threaten to have people killed if they did not do as he told them. My mother informed me of a conversation she heard when he was telling a gentleman that he would have him killed and was very serious about this. My mother said she got up and left the room after she heard this. My mother spent years terrified of him as well.

I have been going through some things lately that have brought back all these memories from when I was young. I have to constantly work through this energy with my father through other men in my life who have tried to dominate and bully me and work to forgive each one as I have come to forgive my Father more deeply each day of my adult life! I have come in contact with many older men throughout my adult life who either grew up in the Mafia, who were in law enforcement, or for whom the war had killed most of the people in the events of their lives or they carry this dominate energy in a deep way. For me, it has been about learning not to be afraid of any of this and then seeking to help myself and other souls to heal by bringing a deeper love and compassion to the situation! I can say honestly this has not been easy and can be deeply painful at times.

But again, I do not blame my Father or anyone else for all that has happened in my life. We each have our Karma to clear if we choose to wake up to see this. This is also how we become free to regain the complete power over our lives! Take offence to nothing. Take the lesson and become the master over your life. Never accept the role of a victim but rather seek to rise above all things in life and become a true student of life and Karma. It is then and only then we truly become free to live with balance and compassion no matter what takes place in our lives!

So many people in this world and this life see themselves as a great Guru or Master. The internet is full of such souls; the ashrams, churches, seminaries, yoga schools as well. But I would rather say to each soul, unless we can truly become a HUMBLE student of life and always remember we are a STUDENT FIRST, we will never truly become a good

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