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The World of Your Ancestors - Dates - In the Beginning - Volume One: 1 of 6

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The World of Your Ancestors - Dates - In the Beginning - Volume One: 1 of 6

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A Book for the Curious,

Amateur and Serious Genealogists

Do you Want To Know

More About the Past?

If you enjoy history or genealogy, there are many topics to explore in this first of a six volume series, THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES - IN THE BEGINNING.  This first volume covers the most years of any volume, starting 300 million years ago and going until 1800.

How far back did you trace your family tree? Although many of us can only trace our ancestors back less than five hundred years, we may be curious to learn more.  History becomes exciting when you realize your ancestors were there.  Life does change yet many things remain the same.  Past events and decisions do impact our lives today.

The author shares information from many sources and includes historical highlights along with lesser-known data.  It gives readers a big picture of what the world was like at a particular time. You can find out historical events, famous people, epidemics, inventions, wars and more.  Get to know someone and see how and why they were able to accomplish what they did.

Here is your chance to pick a date or year and satisfy a curiosity.  Find out things you did not read in your school books.  Discover what things happened and how these events affected your ancestor’s decisions and their day-to-lives.  You can gain insight into the world was really like then.

Each date entry can be a stepping stone to wanting to learn even more.  You can investigate any topic area of interest.  Enjoy this peek in the past in THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - DATES - VOLUME ONE - FROM THE BEGINNING TO 1800.

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