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Basics - PLUS - To Improve Your Game of Pool

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Robert Lavala has revised and expanded his original book on How to Improve Your Game of Pool into a more comprehensive and usable work. Whether you are just getting started or have been playing pool for years, this book will help you with the basics and even some difficult and more advanced concepts.
Robert grew up in and around Las Vegas and was taught to play pool on a coin-operated table in a run down roadside tavern. At age 13, Robert would go into the bar and the bartender, Pablo, would allow him to play pool if he cleaned the table. Pablo taught him the basics and a love for the game was born.
Over the years Robert would play off and on until finally, in 2008, he and his family would move to a small town in Idaho and he would join the local pool league. He advanced through the league to become on of the best shooters in the county and thought that a book for players, just like him, would probably be welcomed.
There are resources contained within the pages of this book that will 100% help your game no matter what level you are at. From physical drills to physiological helps, this book was written for you!

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