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Organic Shampoos Made Easy: 50 DIY Sulfate-Free Natural Homemade Shampoos And Hair Care Recipes For Beautiful Hair

Organic Shampoos Made Easy: 50 DIY Sulfate-Free Natural Homemade Shampoos And Hair Care Recipes For Beautiful Hair

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Organic Shampoos Made Easy: 50 DIY Sulfate-Free Natural Homemade Shampoos And Hair Care Recipes For Beautiful Hair

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Apr 29, 2015


Treat Your Hair To Natural Ingredients And Your Hair Will Make You Proud!
We all want healthy and luscious hair but did you know that nasty chemicals usually contained in store-bought shampoos and hair care treatments will damage your hair and body in the long run? Every time you use store- bought shampoos, you introduce toxic chemicals to your body through your scalp and these can cause a lot of health issues after a while.
So why expose yourself to these toxic substances when you can make your own natural shampoos easily and cheaply?
Making your own natural shampoos and conditioners is fun and exciting and this book guides you on how to achieve that. This fun and relaxing activity comes with better health for your hair and scalp. By using all- natural ingredients that are readily available in grocery stores, you will be making shampoos that suit your ideal hair.
In This Book, You Will Learn:
*Why Homemade Shampoos Are The Best
*The Many Toxic Chemicals In Store- Bought Hair Products
*The Right Shampoo For Your Hair
*Best Ingredients For Various Hair Types
You Will Also Find 50 Recipes In The Following Categories:
* Recipes for All Hair Types
* Recipes for Normal Hair
* Recipes for Dandruff Hair
* Recipes for Hair Loss/Growth
* Recipes for Oily Hair
* Recipes for Dry/Fragile Hair
* Recipes for Color Enhancers
*Hair Conditioners
The recipes are very easy to prepare and no special equipment is needed. The instructions are also easy to understand and apply. So avoid all these toxic ingredients from the conventional hair care products and save a lot of money in the process.
Start making your shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments to suit your hair needs.  You will be glad with the results and your hair will thank you too.
Go Ahead And Download This Book Now!

Apr 29, 2015

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Organic Shampoos Made Easy - Ronnie Alexander


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Why Homemade Shampoos

Someone may ask ‘Why would anyone want to make a shampoo at home when you can buy it from any store?’ This question isn’t altogether irrelevant. Rather, it is necessitated by the wide variety of shampoos available on the market: shampoos for oily hair, for dry hair, for hair loss, for dyed hair, for curls, for brightness, etc.

There are answers to these questions−And good ones too! Here are a few:

1. The Ingredients List

Conventional shampoos contain many harsh and toxic chemicals that may endanger your health. Have you ever bothered to look through the ingredient label on your store-bought shampoo? Many of them contain a plethora of nasty chemicals of which research has proven to cause certain diseases and ailments. Why would you want to put your health at such risk when you can make your own shampoo, enjoy the therapeutic benefits and a lead longer and healthier life while you are at

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