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Top Ten Tips for Laid Back Leadership

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Top Ten Tips for Laid Back Leadership

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When you were appointed Manager or Team Leader, you would have had visions of how good that was going to be.
And by now you are most probably experiencing frustration with your employees, feeling stressed most of the time, feeling overwhelmed often, all without knowing how to get better.
So if you want to improve your daily life at work you need the simple basics on management, what to do and the most critical steps that are necessary to put you in charge.
These top Ten Tips are the bare essentials to put you on the path to feeling like a manager, like a leader and dropping your levels of stress to the point that you start to enjoy your new role.

So all this simple book does is to give you the Top Ten Tips that every Leader of Manager should be aware of to achieve “Laid Back Leadership, which is “Management without Stress.”

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