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Starting Over

Starting Over

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Starting Over

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Sep 28, 2017


Coping with personal loss is one of life’s greatest challenges. At some point, we all experience its associated pain, grief, and suffering. None of us can escape the reality that unexpected situations will occur and in a twinkle, our lives can change in ways we never imagined.

What do you do when your world falls apart? Can you recover when your hopes are shattered, when relationships are broken or you lose your job, loved ones, health, or dreams? This book provides practical steps to move from loss to recovery. It helps you overcome the shock, grief, disappointment, and bewilderment and moves you forward.

If you want to step out of the shadows to find yourself and your place in the world again, this book is a “must-have.” You don’t have to remain stuck in hopelessness, fear and desperation. You can start over and recover!

Sep 28, 2017

Sobre el autor

Brenda Daniel is an inspirational writer, motivational speaker, and ordained minister. She is the founder of Global WIIND, a para-church organization that offers consulting services, personal development coaching, and leadership/mobilization training. Brenda has trained and organized teams for short and long-term missions work to 24 countries. She has faced three major life-altering crises all occurring just months apart: divorce after 27-years of marriage, terminal illness, and loss of employment. Brenda married the spiritual and the practical to gain her life back. She lives to coach others to do the same.

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Starting Over - Brenda Daniel



The four scenarios I am about to share with you represent grave realities that no one is ever really prepared to face. Losing something or someone is never a pleasant experience. When the loss is something you are spiritually, emotionally, or physically connected to, it will always result in a time of crisis. These few are only a speck in the scope of the many adversities people face in life, but I use them as examples relative to my own personal experience with loss and recovery.

The first type of loss is divorce. A scenario would be something like this: A husband who brings news to his wife of 27 years that his answer for how to resolve an impasse in the marriage is that they separate which would then lead to divorce. So, we see here the death of a marriage or relationship.

The second is the loss of health. An individual goes for a routine checkup. After the doctor runs a series of tests, he comes back to the patient with the results, stating that he is about 90% sure he had discovered a cancerous mass.

What about the loss of a business or job? An employer summons the employee to their office only to regretfully inform them that unfortunately today is your last day with the company.

Can you or perhaps someone you know relate to any of these scenarios yet? Let’s consider one more. A family member answers the phone one day, only to hear from the other end that a terrible accident took place and a drunk driver hit their loved one, but by the time they reach them, they have died. Physical death is the most final kind of loss.

Therefore know that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments. (Deuteronomy 7:9)

The pain and suffering that comes from either of these types of scenarios is devastating and instantly life altering, to say the least. In fact, depending on the nature of what you’ve lost and its significance to your life, recovery can seem to be far out of your reach. It’s not an easy thing to handle when you realize that what you thought was the best of your life is taken away and no longer a part of the rest of your life.

My motivation for writing this book is that I am one of the billions of people who can relate to the life crisis of loss; more specifically, the kind of loss that changes your life, your world, and how you see and navigate through your world forever!

My desire is that you will find hope and strength as I share my testimony of personal loss; and what worked for me to get to the place of full recovery. I am fully persuaded that there are some who will read or hear this information and apply the principles to their own circumstances. They too will regain the courage to live a fulfilling life of new normals. I sure hope you are one of

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