A Biographical Sketch of Michael Hileman

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A Biographical Sketch of Michael Hileman

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Tucked away in an obscure attic of a stranger’s home, Michael Hileman’s biography was nearly lost to the ages. Through a miraculous discovery, his story reemerges to reach a new generation of readers. Michael’s story is a rich, vivid description of 19th century America, revealing the unwavering character of a frontier teacher forced to endure the extreme deprivations of the Civil War’s darkest days.

Author and son-in-law Thomas Pirnie, Jr. was the ideal biographer for Michael, capturing his irascible wit and charm through his intimate knowledge and admiration of the man. Using Michael’s own voice through much of the narrative, Pirnie creates a genre classic filled with insight. Michael Hileman’s story inspires and instructs, even a century later.

296 pages.

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