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Expressions of the Heart A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts

Expressions of the Heart A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts

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Expressions of the Heart A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts

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Aug 29, 2017


There is a key each one of us holds, that is much bigger than what we are taught. The purpose of this book is to plant genuine seeds of inspiration. Each of us is a unique part of the human chain, and when we are inspired to uplift one another, we can assist in the betterment of our world's future. We find hope and courage as we exchange our stories. We understand we are not alone. You can't find your true self unless you search it and explore it. It is very cool to rock it your ‘way,’ as long as you do it from the heart. You have to take the leap of faith and believe. This is your ride. Learn the principles but don't be a robot to anyone. Through this living organic series of inspirational writing, it is my hope that those of you who are reading this apply what resonates with them, and use it for your own balance and clarity.

Aug 29, 2017

Sobre el autor

As an inspirational and gifted guide, Theresa LePre offers clients a supportive path to self-awareness and fulfillment in life. Though we as humans are ultimately responsible for our choices and respective actions, Theresa’s guidance empowers the individual to truly question and search within for the “authentic self.” The mind is a most precious gift, but also our greatest threat when combined with emotions at hand. Theresa allows the client to gain awareness and understanding of conditions in life by exhibiting and modeling patience, support and guidance in how to go deep within the self. Discovery, awareness, growth...a path to fulfillment that we all seek and long for in life. Theresa is available for individual coaching, seminars, keynote speeches and informational videos.

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Expressions of the Heart A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts - Theresa LePre

Expressions of the Heart

A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts

By Theresa LePre

Published by Theresa LePre Rivera at Smashwords

Copyright 2017 Theresa LePre Rivera

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Thank you for downloading this ebook. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy from their favorite authorized retailer. Thank you for your support.

Chapter 1  Welcome

Welcome all people who strive to bridge everyday life with the essence of their spiritual being, as they find divine hope. There is a key each one of us holds, that is much bigger than what we are taught. The purpose of this book is to plant genuine seeds of inspiration. Each of us is a unique part of the human chain, and when we are inspired to uplift one another, we can assist in the betterment of our world's future. We find hope and courage as we exchange our stories. We understand we are not alone.

Who am I? I am one of many who is moved to create change, to live in balance and to experience Love; to be free of conditions and explore the possibilities of infinite awareness. I choose to move forward and make a difference. I am above no one or beneath them. I walk my talk, like many, and I am unlearning all that held me back. I am not ashamed to say I have experienced flip sides of life, but through it all, even in doubt, my faith kept me going. Is my story unique? NO! I chose to walk this path because I have come to realize, that there is a purpose to our existence. You can't find your true self unless you search it and explore it. It is very cool to rock it your ‘way,’ as long as you do it from the heart. You have to take the leap of faith and believe. This is your ride. Learn the principles but don't be a robot to anyone.

The awakened journey is an Infinite one. Through this living organic series of inspirational writing, it is my hope that those of you who are reading this apply what resonates with them, and use it for your own balance and clarity. Use it as it applies to you. Write notes. Change things around and use it for your benefit. Pass it along to others as you grow and help others do the same. It is my hope that we begin to understand as a collective, that each of us are unique, and we can change the planet, through love, compassion and inspiration. When you (we) are able to balance the elements of emotion in a loving way, we open up a world that inspires understanding, giving and a coexistence of peace in heart. As you begin to understand your true place, a solemn peace resonates through you, which in turn, leads you live in your natural state of being; one that replaces the former things with a zest for life, that is coupled with the cosmos.

Chapter 2  Daily Inspiration

As we live our life on a day to day basis, and pursue our dreams, we have to ask ourselves, are we doing what makes us happy? Pursuing a spiritual lifestyle brings balance and harmony between your decisions and your actions.  As you step into your heart space, you realize every experience, earthly and divine, teaches you the knowledge needed to manifest mind, body and soul in union.

Each of us has an energy force that we can access and tap into. You have to learn how to work your energy with the surrounding energy. As you let go of conditioning and become open to frequencies, you expand. It’s the beginning of manifestation.  You are going through a phase of evolution for your existence, so don’t forget that your best allies are those who encourage you to go forward with your ambitions and not those who try to discourage you.

God conscience is to be conscious of your personalized beauty in every moment. This doesn't make you dismissive of the people’s trouble. It is to accept your joy and suffering and not deny it. It is your acceptance to claim ownership of what is yours. This is your moment, it is either you hoped for it or hoped it would not occur. It is all reality and it’s yours. This is unconditional surrender. The beginning of balance between the human essence and the divine source.

You are awesome.

Rock to the rhythm of your soul.

Today is all about letting go and Trusting. Not easy to do. As you learn and work your way through the process, you'll understand you're no longer fooling yourself about what doesn't serve your purpose. Humans get caught up in the mundane and we have a habit of clouding our process. I'd like you to remember that it’s perfectly fine to be an ‘expression’ of yourself. There are many paths leading to discovery, but only one path that leads you to find the truth of your soul. You have to search from within and discover it for yourself. I will repeat myself, from here to eternity: the Spiritual way is, first and foremost, about knowing yourself and then Collectively coming together for humanity. Oh, and one other thing, the Way (however you say it) is about Living, not Suppression. It’s creating energy that streamlines collectively for the betterment of humanity.

Let’s roll to the beat of life.

All that is and all that will be, is in the center root of your core being. There is no need for you to follow what you hear blindly. This is how confusion sets in and spreads. The awakening guides you to know yourself, better and better day by day. As you embark, discovering what lies beneath the surface of your exterior front becomes fundamental. You discover your real emotional needs, as they prevail in your lives experience. The soul holds caches which yearn to be discovered and used in daily life. Some aspects will require a certain amount of temerity on your part. The opportunity of self-discovery will certainly ask you to get out of your comfort zone. Emotions have a great influence on our behavior and because of this tendency to react (or get anxious) quickly in certain situations, thoughts are not always as clear as they should be when dealing with how we really live. Not all situations require an immediate response.  Learn to save your strength (internal/mental), because ‘universal wisdom’ is a goal to reach, while impassivity is a challenge to overcome.

We are ascending.

Everyone on the journey faces the time where the decision to let go becomes imminent to your well-being. It hangs over all of our heads at some point. We hear many speak of letting go and how liberating it is. However, what is not discussed, is that people let go at different paces. So when you hear someone speaking and saying ‘Just do it,’ you are thinking and feeling,

Wow, why can’t I just instantly let go. There must be something I am not doing. Not so!

Spiritual enlightenment, in any form, is a process. People practice differently and have different tolerance levels. Some can surrender and let go immediately, and for others it is a process. We are now entering a time where we will witness some of the most evolving and liberating spiritual developments. As we assist others and be assisted, let’s remember that our best qualities to do this are with human warmth to one another. People always speak of taking power back, but we sometimes forget subtlety along the way.

When you are in line with the deepest aspirations of your soul, you understand being down to earth will always serve you well as you progress through your spiritual journey. As you evolve into higher states of your being, you will experience the ultimate satisfaction as an individual, and this will be beautifully integrated in your relationships. It will come from a great spiritual serenity that you will acquire intelligently throughout your life. I speak to you as a guide, from experience and the heart.

There is no judgment. I believe that each of us is special and unique in our own way. Words are just that, however, actions speak volumes of our intentions.. For when you are truly at peace in mind, body and spirit you understand that anger and hate has no place in your paradigm. The heart that tells all.

Rock in love as you surrender.

I think we should be clear. No one is perfect.  We all have to live a human life. The journey of one may not be for another, but none the less, all will have to walk their own path. You want love but are afraid to let someone in. Or better yet, everything that is not kosher is accepted. But as the real thing comes along, you beat it down.

So tell me, what do you really want? The only person that can answer that is you. Everyone one says this world is illusion. Whether it is or not, you still have to participate on this earth in its illusion. Your heart tells it all. How do you interact with others? What are your real intentions?

There are many people who pose as righteous. Are they really? Tell me, are you going to allow them to shape who you are? The answer would be No. Because it is up to you to find the balance. Unveil the veil. Stop saying you can't. Begin to take the first step to see if you can take another. Coolness is when you are able to be yourself, but still have a balance that allows you to give as you receive. Love is a great thing when you allow it to happen. But remember, it takes participation from whoever is engaging. It's never one-sided. Nor is it taken for granted. Explore to see what manifests from it. You decide. And on the rare occasion when it comes in genuine form, it is called a gift. You may say why? Well, that is because you can experience it from a sincere standpoint. Now that rocks. Wouldn't you agree?

Rock to life

When people hear the name Christ, they immediately associate it with Religion. The truth is, it’s a consciousness, where you bridge the divine and human essence and your relationship with God, in unity and balance. It is a force that we are all capable of accessing. The quality that is most represented in the Christ consciousness is love and wisdom. Yet, most people are afraid to give love freely, because of the fear of getting hurt. Once you begin to love freely, giving becomes a symphony that plays in complete harmony with your being. The Christ consciousness refers to the parable ‘become as carefree as children,’ is because that is where the perspective of purity and gentleness derive from. Being real and carefree does not mean being foolish. It’s simplicity of the soul. Think of it as a blank canvas. Creativity becomes more fluid from this space. When you are on the spiritual journey, you have to have a willingness to create from a blank canvas, so to speak. Easier said than done, but nonetheless, a beautiful mosaic.

‘Simplicity’ means to have a soul swept clean of all useless things. Your little inner voice guides you well, as you journey forth. Your intuition predominates over popular thoughts, and your inspiration lets you travel into all that is hidden by the human spirit. It’s a basic keynote of the universe. It’s pretty cool when you think about it. You must seek your own wisdom and truth. Only then can you serve your purpose.

Keep your consciousness simple and begin life.

When we grow spiritually, we begin to understand collectively, that we have to heal from the post traumatic syndrome that affects humanity. People are beginning to put down the sword they use to protect their emotions, and are beginning to open their hearts. Love and healing go hand in hand on the spiritual path. Each of us brings it forth by taking responsibility to be part of a collective change. It’s about weeding out for yourself and stepping away from a current belief system that no longer serves your purpose and humanity.

You're no longer buying into what the current system is selling. You are now connecting with your higher-self and connecting with divinity. It becomes a way of living. And as you do it, you begin to live a fuller and more rewarding life. There is a peace and calm that comes with it. And yes, you will still go through things as you continuously shift and expand to higher consciousness, however, you'll meet your challenges without fear. Your soul is the polarity of awareness and infinite possibilities.

You are the change.

It's true when they say as you step into yourself, the beginning of the journey leaves you shaken. You see becoming the collective means to understand the true person you are first. To reach a state of calm and beauty, you must release the chaos that once guided you. There are many names that are labeled on the journey. The searching causes many to find acceptance through different facets. Today, I would like to do away with the labels and the facets, and speak from the heart. I am speaking of the center, where all emotions begin, the heart. Sometimes our own heart causes us not to see who we are. Sometimes we’re too busy looking outside and then we miss the gateway.

Awareness is the void. Because in that void, you are ready to honestly look inside. Sometimes that is not pretty, although we like to believe otherwise. There is no shame in doing this. It's hard as hell and it can be overwhelming. As you keep moving forward, remember, it’s courageous and beautiful to be bold enough to follow it through. Many people quit, because to be aware means you crack the shell for emergence to begin. It is said that wolves come in sheep’s clothing. But I have learned and experienced that the truth comes with no clothing, and with the purity of nakedness there comes the re-birth.

I walk the middle path.

Today it’s all about you and what emotions rise in you on the journey. It’s about shifting and allowing yourself to slow down and take time to have a love affair with yourself. So many people don't do that, and it can cause mass confusion in the direction a person is going. I was out today and I took some time to really look beyond the veil. I couldn't help feeling most people are living as if going through an open door with no destination. Everyone is so preoccupied with getting by, that the essence seems to be lost. So many are searching to find a truth that makes sense to our habitat. Under the right conditions, our earth can be a great playground. You are entitled to feel great about yourself.

Today I salute each of you and I am here to remind you, just how much you shine. It’s okay to breeze back a bit and find your place and comfort zone. Allowing yourself to be, is imperative to stepping into your true-self. Rock to the beat of your soul, because it’s the soul that guides you well.

Keep breathing sweet people in love.

Your body is the host for your spirit, and as you allow your heart to open. As the two merge, they become a divine energy flow. It's a simplistic flow. You become more in tune with the vibrations of your own energy, as you learn to embrace your emotions instead of denying them due to fear.

Yet, the heart remains the most challenging to fully open. It holds our most intimate and hidden emotions and our desires. As we open our heart, a desire embraces our soul and we emerge from the shadows of existing to becoming whole beings. My way to say it is; it’s a resurrection of ‘renewal.’  It transforms you completely. You are exploring your soul and completing a cycle in a new paradigm. It is a conscious knowing and the only way to experience it, is to search and find it for yourself. Renewal replaces fragility, as you evolve and continue to grow spiritually. There is an incarnation of your spirit through the flesh. As you find it, you will never want to give it up.  It’s the opening of your heart and the beginning of unconditional love.

Experience the spirit of the heart.

To become a master of your soul, you must first become the student in your own class. The parallel to think about is simply this. You cannot be a martial artist master, if you don't understand the street fight. Simply put, you have to get down in the experience. It's the same with the soul, divinity and balance.

You have to go deep. You can rock it if you choose, too! Between our worlds, there is a friction within us that calls for balance. It is symbolic to human nature. It's neither good nor bad. It is simply a polarity that exists. As each of us embarks on a journey, we should all be aware that the perils of life will challenge us. It will be up to us to go beyond and balance from within. The first step to transformation is to understand the polarities of our inner self. Through understanding and what we feel from our own emotions, we can understand what life means to us individually, on this planet. It is true that you cannot love unconditionally until you love yourself. However, there is a flip side. Each person also has to understand why they feel their own insecurities. Releasing the things that keep us idle is, truly, the first step. And THIS my dear ones, is what each of us face, at one time or another, as we turn our flaws into a beautiful mosaic of life. We begin to see the beauty of a piece of artwork that is created with the unique brilliance that defines a soul!

I believe love does exist beyond what we have made of it. Even through disappointment, if you believe, you can see beyond what you feel and vice versa. Each of us chooses if we want to explore beyond the spectrum. When you believe in something, there is a passion that exceeds doubt. You know that it is there, even when you falter. Simply put, love and balance are created from your own point of view (which includes what you feel). Because many will tell you different, doesn't mean they are right (including me). My point is; to become a master of your soul, you must first become the student in your own class.

The master and the student are on the same path.

We all face the polarity of the Light & Dark that resides within us.

It’s a truth, when on the journey, many people struggle with their feelings. We all have likes and dislikes. It’s human nature and it’s okay to feel them. The key is to not let it overtake you, and that goes either way. The inner work, finding your true being, is all connected with what’s going on inside of you. But it also connects with energy, and that is where balancing friction within the tree of life begins. It resides in us all and the time is arriving when humans will be taught how to balance, without going to the extreme. Light and dark remain in balance with the natural order of the universe.

My purpose in this movement is to transmit the knowledge that is shared with me to you. You, in turn, should verify it by exploring your own awareness. It’s okay to acknowledge the things in you that you like and the things you don't like. It seems many people get confused and scared when they hear about the light & dark within. The ultimate source that connects us all has a polarity; that is how creation begins. That is what balancing the energy or friction within us means. When you are in balance, unconditional love flows, as does the knowing of what the eternal tree of life is. You are Divine Source and you are remembering who you are. Keep rocking and keep peeling. It’s your birthright to live a fulfilling existence.

You are the melody of light and dark

So, here you are at the vortex of your soul. Don't front, because we've all been there. It’s the place where the vortex pulse is pulling you in every direction. You question everything you believe in and everything that is put on the table in front of you.

So what do you do, and how do you step into your mojo!? How do you keep it moving in this game we call spiritual life?  Yes, rare form loves. It is in rare form, that we find the answers to the deepest questions of our soul. So I ask you this, how far are you willing to go to be in tune with your true self, in order to understand your existence on earth? It’s not always easy to find the answer. I'll keep it real today, at the expense of my own soul, in order for you to feel what’s in yours.

You want truth? Seek it for yourself. Question everything that is told to you, and find the wisdom that resides in you. You want love? Love yourself first. The simple truth is those who love you will love you from soul, no matter what! If love is compromised, you really don't need it.  You want to figure out your true purpose? You should understand, the most courageous of us started this journey, unsure at what steps to take. It’s all cool, we all travel a little ruffled, as we take flight.

We make it taboo, but it’s really the most simple things that change you. Take flight into your soul, stop worrying about the mundane. Everything passes in its divine course. That's the nature of universal law.  You are a facet of the tree of life, discover what that means to you. When you do, all that needs to follow, will! So rock it out loves, and be you. Ask for guidance and you will receive, as long as you believe. Each of you are amazing light beings when you choose to tap into it with sincerity.

Become the Phoenix

The simple truth is, when we are on the spiritual path, we can learn so much from life by simply observing and engaging in everyday occurrences. These interactions help us to look at things and change from within. They also help us to find not only our voice, but a renewal in our lives. Your ideals will be realistic and concrete, and confusion will give way to accomplishment and completion. You are now in the genesis of your life and it will exceed your expectations. What moves us is a thing called love, and don't forget it! Look at

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