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The 50 Greatest Dishes of the World

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The 50 Greatest Dishes of the World

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Having dined and worked with some of the most brilliant chefs
around the world, top food writer James Steen presents the definitive 50 dishes
to die for.

Let your taste buds travel the world to discover the delights of
Vietnam’s meaty pho, Japan’s aromatic ramen, and the rib-sticking, spicy gumbo
of America’s Deep South. Learn the truth and fascinating histories of our
favourite foods – how Queen Victoria loved a tongue-tingling curry and precisely
why Marmite is an essential part of Queen Elizabeth’s fried breakfast.

Help settle the rows over the origins of the juicy burger, the swirly-peaked
pavlova and the cherry-topped ice cream sundae. Oh, and is beef Wellington – so
very British – actually named after the streets of Chicago?

Including intriguing facts and valuable
cooking tips, The 50 Greatest Dishes of the
is the epicurean’s
indispensable epicurean’s travel

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