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The Power And Principles Of Opportunity

The Power And Principles Of Opportunity

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The Power And Principles Of Opportunity

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Aug 22, 2017



Whether you are a business person, a departmentnal manager, an employee, a homermaker, a student, or a governor, Author Binn Johua explains how you can regain your lost heritage , birthright, position and live your really you.
Through the principles and power of Opportunity you will...

* Discover your life’s opportunity and make over to struggle.

* Understand why scope is essential to you success, entre your heritage and prepare your Successor, for success without a Successor is a failure.

* Chose a perfect company for success without a Successor is a failure overcoming obstacles to your trip pf success and never let your vista be buried anymore.

* Grasp the necessary key for fulfilling your life’s dream, and vital gear for your spree.

* Discover God’s perfect will.

* Recover your vision.

* Re-define your purpose

* Recover your mandate

* Discover 208 wisdom nuggets

* Discover 71 major reasons why people are compelled to malfunction or be destroyed quickly.

Your Opportunity is not dependent on the state of the economy, what careers are currently in demand, or what job market is like.

You do not need to be hindered by what people think or say you are capable of; Not even lack of resources. This book provides you with principles tools that will enable you to fulfil your version through opportunity no matter whom you are or where you come from.

You were not created for a mundane, mediocre, or frustrated life, No! You do not exist just to earn a peanut. Revive your Spirit, Be passion for plethora living. Pursue your dream. Discover and entre your daily gate; and find your true you enjoy abundantly.

Stand firm and watch, the journey begins on the knees. The spiritual warfare starts when there is an untie door, and finishes if you discover the gap, close it and call upon the name of the Lord who knows all the meanders. There is neither praise nor worship in the grieved heart nor is any remembrance in tortured soul and the Maker is not acknowledged.

About The Author
Pastor Binn Joshua is the founder of Carmel Revival Church, a house of Prayer, Praise and Worship for all nations, Binn Joshua holds campaigns, crusades, outreaches and prayer warriors’ training. He travels much for the sake of the Gospel. The central theme of his message is the discovery of the perfect will of God in one’s life as a citizen of the Kingdom, so that he can maximise his potential after deliverance, maintain freedom and transform this generation unto the sons of God. Binn Joshua addresses critical affecting the full rank of human, from political, social and spiritual development. He is a frequent guest speaker of seminars, conventions, conferences and revival meetings. He has changed the lives of many people around the world with powerful message that inspire, revolutionise, challenge and endow. He empowers people to discover personal purpose, to develop true potential to engage their legitimate defences to regain their lost vision, to hold unto their God – given position and to hold onto their identity until the day of total redemption.

Aug 22, 2017

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The Power And Principles Of Opportunity - Pastor Binn Joshua



There is so much to listen to, when this energetic pastor, prayer warrior and prophetic preacher is speaking about Jesus Christ. He preaches Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected, power and wisdom for the saved. Joshua Binn my friend, brother in Christ and man of God reminds us of the foolishness of the Greek, those that perish and also the scandal of the Jews. Moreover, I believe many more souls need to come to Jesus (the Bridegroom) and that the Church of God (the Bride) needs to be fed until the return of Jesus Christ. Feeding and taking care of the Bride is Pastor Binn’s calling.

Apostle Andre &Jean Buitendag

Word of Life Tabernacle, Durban, SA

It is most blessed to pay attention and give heed to the Holy Ghost rather than to judge by appearance. One day, I heard a new sound that was awe-inspiring. I desired to sit next to the person and discovered that, in man, the power is within the Spirit. The Spirit gives insight to man who is duly ready to carry out the so-said the Lord

Ev.Uzor Ndubisi

Chariot of Deliverance Crusaders Ministry, Anambara State, Nigeria

To minister is good, but the people around you are the value of your office. This is what I have discovered in this humble man’s ministry. He speaks less everywhere, but more at the pulpit. May God continue to articulate His power in and through him to impart, train and mentor.

Pastor Jumapili Mategera

C.E.P.A.C. Uvira, DRC

The ‘Joshua generation’ has enough intuition and good leaders.

There is much I have learnt as new aspects develop through my son’s teaching in his sincere and loving walk of faith with the Lord.

Dr. Livingstone M. Imbunga

Gospel Alive Crusaders Int’l Nairobi, Kenya

To have a son is a good thing, but to have a conqueror is best. There is no legacy if the successor is not prepared. The heritage is in the hand of the tutor. Even a thief cannot vandalise it at any time and/or anywhere. May the Lord impart to you to be a successor who will leave a legacy, and empower you to be an empowerment. I recommend that every person reads Opportunity.

Apostle Gustave Nieka

Bethel en Marche, Lubumbashi, DRC

We praise the Lord for the God-given talent of this man of God. His leadership and prayer strategies have changed many lives in our community. He travels many miles to carry the Gospel to the needy; The message is better than the distance. Adoration, request and admiration are better than all we can see, desire or taste.

Pastor Veli

Protestant Church, Rumonge, Burundi

The hidden treasure is within the discreet, the understanding and the wise. Tranquillity is a powerful engine to fulfil your purpose, which is to lead loved ones to the extravagant, abundant and peaceful life. I have discovered the Lord Jesus Christ is a new way of living through this minister.

Sister Tilda John

Carmel Revival Church, Durban, SA

I could have died single and barren, but, through this mighty man of God, I am blessed with a stable marriage and children. I hope to see my grandchildren one day.

Sr. Mamy Olenga

City of Bethel Church, Kinshasa, DRC

To have a vision is not enough; one must make use of every opportunity to leave a legacy for the next generation. I exalt the Lord for blessing me with such a gift for life in my household. A wise and viable man of God you are. Quietness is a driving machine to the destination. This, I have leant from you: "If a wise man contendes with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest."

Sister Tumaini Odile

Carmel Revival Church, Durban, SA

We are blessed to honour you, man of the Living God. You have such grace in our society. It is a blessing to stand at the tower being a watchman; waiting for the fulfilment of timely revelation. May the Lord guard and keep you so that you may feed the hungry flock – for the harvest is truly plenteous, but few are the true labourers.

Pastor Theresa Ego

Shepherd Gate Ministry, Durban, SA







As we have, therefore, opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

~ Galatians 6:10

Note from the Author:

Jesus Christ did not create His own Temple or synagogue. He went into the Temple that already existed, whether to teach or to worship. However, His teaching was with power and His worship done in Truth and Spirit. This was a new doctrine in that generation. Today, the biggest issue between the believers, non-believers and the children of God is about the doctrine of Jesus Christ and His daily ministration as the Daily Bread for children and crumbs for the dogs. It would be better for you to pray before reading, in order for you to catch the author’s inspiration and get what God designed for you through this oeuvre.

Therefore, the blood of Jesus Christ is already poured into every line of this book for your blessing. Prayers have been said for the Holy Ghost to teach you as you read.

Please pray as well after reading every chapter for a timely touch in your life according to what you have discovered in order for you to recover.

For a discovery without a recovery is a defeat ~


Greater is He who created the Earth and Heaven, who cared about me before His foreknown time. I will praise and worship You, oh Lord, for Your mercy endures forever and Your manifold mercies raise up those who have fallen.

I am grateful and bless You for all You have done, are doing and are going to do in my ministry life.

Thanks to my mother, Consolate, for sending me to school, for supporting me and being such a pleasure in my life. May the Almighty God reveal Himself to you and bring you to see the fourth generation of your progenitors.

Praise God for Apostle Gustave Nieka, who bore my labour in hard times. May God grant you a long life.

Positive reception to my friend, Hubert Kayembe, for his support.

I express my gratitude also to my dear brother, Diomede, and sister, Spéciose, for standing with me at the breach.

My regards to Apostle Andre Buitendag and Bishop Robert Smith for their support and encouragement.

My gratitude to Senior Prophet TB Joshua and Pastor Benny Hinn for being the prayer sculptors in the trip of my ministry.

Glory to God for those who read to understand and make this book an instrument of edification, salvation, deliverance and transformation… for many are called, but few are chosen.

May the Blood of Jesus Christ seize you as you read.


One of the greatest influences over man’s life is time. For every man time runs faster than anything else especially if you are a destined child and somebody is sneaking and snaking in your business. There are two major times in life, the Chronos time and the Kairos time. The Chronos time is the period in which man can do anything he likes or desires. He can decide to eat, sleep or go to work. These times are measured, generally and normally. Nothing significant happens if an action is performed out of this time. This is also a time in which the devil takes the opportunity to misuse human beings by manipulating them with anything found on the way. Man is destroyed by what he ignores, neglects to affront and confront or that which appears to be a mysetry. To seize any of them requires a certain opportunity. In everything man does on Earth,there is always the cry to find opportunities. Almost nothing can be achieved by any man without opportunity.

Opportunity is a point in time where man should swing wider his doors and gates to sow more seed or harvest what is available in the field as much as he can. The seizure of opportunity seems to be connected to revelation of oneself, operational zone and purpose. If you never discover yourself, your vision, your purpose and your position, you will suffer damage because you are where you are not supposed to be. Personality, joy and peace are determined by the position you hold firmly in God’s perfect will. Should it be in family, church or societies, God created you to be somewhere, occupying your own position and to live in only one place at a time or for a lifetime. You are not created to live, work or stand everywhere or all over the world. In other words, you were created to occupy the centre of your own world in order to maximise your God-given potential to seize your opportunities, fulfil your vision and define your purpose in a timely manner. If you are powerful, but have nothing to show in the market of production, you are useless in that very moment and in that very place. Opportunity gives victory in a few minutes that will become an inheritance to your children after you are gone. The cry of every youth on Earth is the availability of opportunity while the cry of an adult is fulfilment and the cry of the elderly is the old good moon to shine once more. This will reveal to us that every victorious person must be pragmatic in all aspects, heights and fields as much as he can for the glory to return to God while He is fulfilling his heart desire. I invite you to challenge, to overcome and shout immaculately glory where shame was reigning yesterday because of ignorance. As you discover the truth for you, the answer to your mistakes of the past, correct it and re-start your life for the better and best life ever. Always remember that for God to prosper, deliver and change somebody, He disposes an opportunity. On the other hand too, if the devil wants to deceive, destroy or manipulate someone, he too searches for a certain opportunity. Therefore, wake up for success; dodge the darts of the enemy for a lifetime, delighting by seizing the necessary revelation for you to always seize your opportunity. As we have therefore opportunity… Galatians 6:10

Pastor Theresa Ego

Sherpherd Gate Assembly


Abraham was commanded to make a Covenant in the Flesh, by circumcising the sons, slaves and himself on the same day as an everlasting and infallible covenant. Both became sons by this token. Different ages, but the same covenant.

~ Genesis 17:13

Today, the same covenant is manifest over nations. But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. ~ John 1:12

This book is God’s Word, revelation for the season to unlock hidden treasures pertaining to opportunity encompassing purpose, potential and projection that He gave to His servant. This book reveals vision and how to achieve a lifetime career, doing God’s will. It teaches how to stand in your purpose. This is one of the things God has purposed for His people, to know and receive through His minister, so that His excellent knowledge expounds in the life of His chosen. There is nothing better than for one to reach his destiny in due season, having his birthright in his control and his heritage in his operational zone and living in God’s atmosphere. Purpose can be nullified or made filthy by the enemy. It can even be replaced or killed ― this is like finding someone selling sweets on the street corner when he is supposed to be the owner of the supermarket.

Let the spiritual eyes and ears be opened to receive understanding, and may many arise for a good success. God is for those who love, fear and wait upon Him. For whosoever waits and calls upon the name of the Lord will change his shame to singing, his ashes into beauty and his captors will become captive. The hunters will become the hunted and be captured by their own snares. The snarling, ambushing and entangling words shall be brought to nought. There are words of wisdom, timely inspiration and anthropomorphisms* therein to bring the day’s hero to rise up and seize his opportune.

Everyone was born with a gift. No one was born destitute, but some fail through a series of battering in their walk. Batterings and blisterings bring the potential to be ‘unenjoyed’. The ‘landlords’ of the batterings and blisterings push one’s purpose to be defiled and vision to be lost. Join me as we grasp* the real revelation to enter and drive on the lane of a highway leading us to destiny. In this book there is not only the expression of philosophy, psychology or biology as a painted picture, but the spoken word as an original ideal of who we must be in God’s perfect will. I pray that God Almighty unlocks His treasure trove of knowledge for you. As you read, do not get bogged down, but do your self-inspection so that the spoken Word becomes tangible and real to you. Let God be magnified.

Chapter 1

Managing Time and Seasons Well

Every day is a learning point in time. Yesterday, you made a mistake. This mistake was led by ignorance, then chaos and Chronos (time) entered your life. Today, your journey must be successful in Kairos (time). By tomorrow, you need to stand for testimonies. There are two major times in life, the Chronos time and the Kairos time. The Chronos time is the period in which man can do anything he likes or desires. He can decide to eat, sleep or go to work. These times are measured, generally and normally. Nothing significant happens, if an action is performed out of this time. This is also a time in which the devil takes the opportunity to misuse human beings by manipulating them with anything found on the way. Man is destroyed by what he ignores, neglects to affront and confront, or by what appears to be a mystery to him.

On the other hand, Kairos time is an opportune or appointed time. It is the set time or the right time for doing work. If one can plug into it and switch on, he will win and move forward. The story of his life will change for the best.

God does not change your past, but He changes your story and gives you a new foundation so that you can build a glorious future. God reminds David the king where He took him so that David cannot forget where he comes from. The downfall of man starts when man ignores where God took him and refuses to acknowledge the gifts of others. He chose David his servant, and took him from the sheepfolds, Psalms 78:70

Therefore, understand that:

It’s better to lose money than time

Better is a friend in due season than friends out of season

A timely change is a power tool for prosperity

A change that comes later is a portion for the neighbour

Life without a change is a set of manipulations

A good relationship is born in the due season

Partnership does not part you with family

A home is built by one genuine partner; the other is a help meet

Time is a building material.

Kairos time is a season of favour, opportunity and change. It is the due time that releases the song of Moses to be sung today in somebody’s life. As Israel came out of Egypt, after passing over the Red Sea, they sang and danced. Kairos is God’s timing for deliverance, blessing and breakthrough in the life of the days hero at any site He chooses.

A site is a place of discovery for every opportunist. It can be a place where somebody met Adonai face to face and He gave him/her an answer. And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved, Genesis 32:30

God is on His time. He does not run ahead, nor does He come late or does He delay things. He is Jehovah Shammah. He walks with a command that leaves His fingerprints in the lives of His people and on Earth. It is in God’s time that miracles, signs and wonders are manifested to bring people to praise and worship Him …. And the clouds are the dust of his feet. ~ Nahum 1:3

And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.

~ Revelation 15:3-4

David, after he overcame his foes, sang a song of victory. This means that whosoever overcomes a certain war must stand to give testimony of his own won challenges.

God’s visitation is a personal experience. In God’s presence, no war lasts for a day, but for a moment. And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD. Blessed is that man that maketh the LORD his trust. ~ Psalms 40:1-4

For you to have a testimony:

You must have the notion of time

You must discern your ways;

You must discover your identity

You have to locate your opportunities

You ought to trace and mull over your vision

You must stand in your position

You have to hold on to your given potential

You must seize your possession

You have to release your heart from evil and revenge

You have to forgive your enemy

You must learn how to love your neighbour

You must create a new operational zone.

It is when you have found the new operational zone that a new atmosphere will be released in your favour. No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment: else the new piece that filled it up taketh away from the old, and the rent is made worse, Mark 2:21

Testimony shows that you have arrested time and snatched your opportunity. Time does not wait, whether you wake up or not. Time influences seasons to push every tree to yield fruits in its turn. Time pushes people to grow physically, but revelation brings people to grow spiritually. Opportunities create activities. It is opportunity that ushers social, financial and spiritual stability.

Learning gives knowledge and puts intelligence in service, while service procures experience. Knowledge, skills and experience produce expertise.

You will never have full success if you are in the polluted, stifled and landlocked background. Use your ladder properly, because the same ladder used to mount can be used without your permission to plummet*.

Mark well, there is no lift to elevation; you must be careful in mounting steps.

Never jump any; if you skip a step, you will find it ahead in another dimension. You will not have complete achievement, if you are with people who do not understand your language.

You need a safe, sound and peaceful environment to succeed, and you must have persons who act as your co-heir in order to introduce a titbit melody to your heart. Testimony is a sign that shows that someone is free indeed. This is the value of being with an omnipotent God who gives anthropomorphism*.

After a series of courses, I learnt about time. I discovered that labour was on the way of man, and there was not humankind, but humanism. I then understood that experts are from a cylinder of lessons, skills, knowledge and inspirations. The apprentice is precluded from all of them.

I then said, Better today, then, I suppose. One generation passes away, and another generation comes: but the Earth abides forever.

You can have a plan, but it fails for lack of opportunity. You can be well organised, but not achieving any of your goals. You might be intelligent with a qualification, but never be successful with a job or career. You can have a vision, but be stagnant somewhere. You can have enough shipwrecking until you ask yourself: ‘What have I done on this Earth?’ The Lord will teach us how to grasp our occasion, cradle our potential and carry our lives salted with a positive testimony in the gracious time of our generation as we are in tune with Him. Some of us live outside principles and precepts and that is why we fail.

How can opportunity have such influence? Opportunity has no eyes, she walks without legs, she speaks devoid of a mouth. She has neither conscience nor colour, but she springs all from the dawn to vesperal*. She knocks once at your door and covers all aspects of life. The choice is yours, whether to accept or to reject. No one knows her, but she discerns all and she walks straight to the day’s hero. Her manifestation is a rainbow. She goes from door to door until the day’s hero is found. She is not racist, tribalist or separatist.

She is punctual, stable and steadfast until the full seizure by the conqueror. Behold, it is come, and it is done, saith the Lord GOD; this is the day whereof I have spoken. ~ Ezekiel 39:8

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do well unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

~ Galatians 6:10

Understand that man’s success is under the power of time managed well.

Success can be a product of:

Seizing God’s will

Operating in your purpose

Sowing in seasons

Exposure to a titbit* of your vision

Good strategies

Planning in every situation

Tangible acts

Having a good spiritual father (or a good biological father)

Target and meeting destiny helpers

Stainless background

Discovering and seizing your own purpose

Defining and standing for your own vision

Straightening you own ways

Grasping* your birthright

Cradling* the God-given potential

Catching your turn and holding firm to your own mandate

Determination and positive decisions

Fulfilling your mission

Having vision and seizing every opportunity.

Even the enemy operates well in using timely opportunity. Without it, no man could be a victim in his camp. Sometimes, he enters through a gap as a scope and then will take advantage of deploying all his tricks to destroy, kill and steal completely. You will notice his evil intent by chaotic results.

Judas Iscariot incarnated by the devil looked for it, in order to deliver the Lord to the captors, and this one was given to him by permission. Jesus Christ Himself allowed the devil to enter Judas Iscariot to manipulate and use him. Of course, it was for the wellness of humanity. There is absolutely nothing that can happen in this Earth, beneath and in Heaven unless God has known it, revealed it and given it command, whether by permissive or perfect will.

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

~ Amos 3:7

And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him.

~ Matthew 26:16

Jesus answered, ‘He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it.’ And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot... And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, ‘that thou doest, do quickly.’

~ John 13:26-27

You need to learn how to manage your time in order to handle tasks in the due seasons. Always remember that:

Well-managed time is a successful life

A good leader measures work to time

A successful person manages time, not people

A good father is not a divider

A wise mother builds her house

A good leader leads by influence, not by controlling people

Management is a power tool for success

Time influences life and the unfolding of events

Well-managed time is a seed for opportunity to be seized

Well-managed time brings explosion

Lost time is a lost opportunity

Lost time does not come back

Invested time produces richness

Richness does not produce time

A message out of season is a noise

The message is greater and better than the distance

Quietness is a driving machine to the destination

A discovery without a recovery is a defeat.

When God plans, it is perfect. He does not explain to anybody, but time itself explains the course.

Influence Of Time

The notion of times and seasons is totally opposite to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, the pouring of His oil, the demand, the vision and even the understanding of man.

The times and seasons of God bring an infallible breakthrough and a clear vision to pursue the route. However, dreams, understanding, demand and the choice of man create opportunities. People stumble in life when they have missed their time.

There are many doors in this universe that people call opportunities, but only one has scope ― To enter your door you must arrest time.

The Holy Spirit, being a Spirit of God, is permanently operating, but has a certain epoch of

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