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Shooting Stars and Fireflies

Shooting Stars and Fireflies

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Shooting Stars and Fireflies

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Aug 30, 2017


When Faith Williams first got to Nashville Tennessee years ago, she had managed to find a way to live her dreams. She had the music career, the publishing contract and a ton of her songs recorded by the big names in country music, but one bad date changed everything. She moved away and found a new home in Savannah Georgia only to have to relive her past all over again. She thought having her best friend Sadie stay with her would give her the security she needed, but found herself entangled with an entertainment lawyer with a tendency for researching every woman he met - even if that meant digging up her past. She wanted to give in and be with someone, but would her past come back to haunt her all over again?

Owen Grant was the big entertainment lawyer that musicians hunted down. He was a no-nonsense, I'm getting my client what they want, kind of person. He had never taken no for an answer and when he met Faith, he wasn't about to start. He knew she was hiding something from the start when their first date ended in disaster. When he realized he may have really messed up, would he accept no? He'd got her a writing contract with a big country star and she had everything including his heart, but would that be enough? She wanted the moon and stars, but could he even make that happen?

When you want a love that's rare - A once in a lifetime, life-changing kind of love that makes you forget your past and only look to your future - the shooting stars and fireflies can create one heck of a spark....

Aug 30, 2017

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Shooting Stars and Fireflies - Sue Langford

Shooting Stars



Sue Langford

Copyright © 2017 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1545174407

ISBN-13: 978-1545174401

To Nadine

Wish on shooting stars and fireflies

Thank you for being you

God will bring the right person into your life at the right time. Always believe that! If they are not there, God isn't finished yet!

Shannon L. Alder

Chapter 1

When you look back on your past, everyone has something that’s never going to be forgotten. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity or an everyday person. Every single person has one moment that completely changes who they really are and makes them into the person they are right now. Whether it was a relationship or a single person or an event that we want to forget or remember, one memory we have will always stick with us. It tells us that somehow you found your strength in the most unlikely of places. This is just one of those moments. One of those stupid things you think you can forget, but it stays with you. It sticks to you like an old piece of chewing gum. The question is, how do you get past it?

* * *

When Faith Williams first came to Georgia, it was purely for vacation. She needed an escape from everything that was happening at home in Nashville and Georgia was the only place she could think of to be. It was the polar opposite of home. It was by the ocean, filled with magnolia trees and the scent of peach blossoms and honeysuckle, and felt calmer than home ever was. Every time she came down and visited, she almost dreaded going home. She fit right in in Savannah Georgia and she always had. She blended into the crowd and was happy she did. The long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a golden tan from hanging at the beach too much and every morning, she was going for a run along the sandy beaches of Tybee and through the picturesque parks of the historic district. She’d finally got enough money saved from working in Nashville to finally get her dream house in Savannah and even though it wasn’t extravagant, it was all hers. Nobody could take it away, and nobody could kick her out. Especially when she paid in full for it, she had a satisfaction like nobody else.

She went and sat on her wrap around porch and watched the sun set when her phone buzzed. She took one look at the call display and smirked. Hey Sadie, Faith said. Hey girl. What you up to, Sadie asked. Chillin on the porch. Watchin the sun set, Faith replied. Well, I was gonna ask a big ole favor, her friend Sadie asked. And what’s the favor, Faith asked. Kinda decided to follow you to Savannah. Do you think I can hang out with you until I find a place, Sadie asked. On one condition, Faith replied. Yes I’ll bring the pie you love with me and I’ll grab banana pudding, Sadie joked. That wasn’t exactly it, Faith teased. What would it be then, Sadie asked. Bring whatever you need and you’re chippin in for groceries, Faith teased. That works. We can share the utility stuff, Sadie replied. Sounds good. When you comin, Faith asked. Two weeks. He’s getting on my last dang nerve. I have to get out of here, Sadie said. I know that feeling. Is Gage still drivin you nuts, Faith asked. He’s started world war three with me about getting information about where you are, Sadie said. Tell me that Jack didn’t say anything, Faith asked. You mean putting his beer down to communicate? No. You know he wouldn’t. I’m surprised he remembers your name, Sadie teased. Well, at least Gage doesn’t know. Honestly, leaving him in the past is the best thing I ever did, Faith said. I guess you heard that the band he was in broke up right, Sadie asked. As long as he doesn’t come runnin out here, Faith said. Totally hear ya. So how you doin on work, Faith said. I’m good. Still writing music and stuff. I finally got a few really good breaks and I’m stayin out here now, Faith said. I can’t wait to see you. I still can’t believe he wouldn’t let me come visit you, Sadie said. You can now. Gimme a shout before you head out, Faith said. Will do. Love ya girl, Sadie said. Love you too, Faith replied as they hung up.

Sadie Cartwright had been a best friend of Faith’s since the day she’d first got to Nashville. She knew more about Faith than just about anyone, and if it weren’t for her, Faith never would’ve been able to leave Nashville so easily for Savannah. Sadie had grown up just outside of Bowling Green Kentucky and had her mind set on living in Music City. She wanted more than anything to make it big in the music industry, but ended up working for a record label doing office work instead. She was the first woman any artist saw when they walked in and the fact that she had the dark hair, green eyes and body that people wish they had was used to her benefit. She was around 5 foot 9, just a little shorter than Faith, but her heels made up for the difference. They both did morning power runs together and even started going to the gym together, making every guy in the gym drool. She even had the golden sun tan. She had dated her boyfriend since she got to Nashville, but she had the same problem as Faith did – picking the worst of the bunch.

Faith cleaned up the dishes and headed off for her morning run. When she was walking back, she could almost feel someone following her. She turned around and there was a guy trying to catch his breath behind her. You can seriously run that fast, the guy asked. Faith smirked. Have been for a long while, Faith teased. Well if you’d quit runnin so fast, I’d be able to catch up and ask you something, he teased. So what did you want to ask, Faith asked. I’ve seen you out here the past few days. Every dang mornin about the same time as I go. We should go together, he teased. Since I barely know you, you mean, Faith asked. Well then, slow down and you can. Owen Grant, he said. Nice to meet you Owen, Faith said. And you are, he asked. Faith Williams, she replied. Nice to meet you, Owen said. So does this mean I can talk you into a run with me tomorrow instead of me tryin to catch up to you for 6 miles? I go to clear my head Owen. That’s it, Faith said. Then you’re getting company if that’s alright with you, he said. I guess, Faith said. You have your phone, he asked. Yes. Why, Faith asked. He slid it from her hand, got her number and put his phone numbers into the phonebook. What are you doin, Faith asked. Makin sure you have my info, he teased. He kissed her cheek and got a flirtatious grin. So I’ll see you tomorrow, Owen said. Faith nodded and looked at her phone. He’d put in his phone numbers, email, address and even a link to his Facebook. Faith smirked and headed into the house.

As soon as she was inside, her phone buzzed with a text from Owen:

See you tomorrow. PS Never found a lady that could ever outrun me.

Faith shook her head with a little grin then made herself breakfast and went and got ready for work. She headed outside, coffee in hand, not long later. She got ready to meet up with the musicians she was set up to work with and Owen came walking in. She shook her head and Owen got a grin ear to ear. He walked in with his artist, Jackson Cage, and Faith leaned back in the chair. So since we know you’ll be in good hands with her, we just have to negotiate out the contract, Owen said. Faith shook her head. Why don’t we take you to the photo shoot and they can talk business, his assistant said. He walked out with Jackson and Owen was left alone in a room with Faith.

So this is what you do for a living, Owen teased. You seriously stalkin me now, Faith teased. I can’t exactly say that I wasn’t hoping to see you, but even for me this is just funny, Owen said. Well, about that negotiation, Faith said. So since now I know that you’re the big song writer that now works with all the big musicians, what exactly do you want for workin on music with him, Owen asked. Well, normally it’s 80-20 or 70-30. Since I’m writing it and he’s putting his twist, Faith asked. You get 80, he said. And, Faith asked. And he is already getting a ton of pre-orders on the new CD. He has a title, but he wants the songs more genuine. Think you can handle that, he teased. Depends, Faith said. On what, Owen asked. Am I working with him or both of you, Faith asked. Him mostly, Owen said. And, Faith asked. He smirked. What are you doin tonight, he asked. Working probably. Why, Faith asked. Thought we could do dinner, he said. We just met, Faith said. Doesn’t mean I can’t take you out to dinner, he said. Really, Faith asked. He nodded. Fine. He smirked, they signed the contracts and he walked her into where Jackson was doing his photo shoot, kissed her hand and headed out.

Faith shook her head and Jackson looked over at her with a grin. She was almost hoping that Jackson would just go away and let her work, but she knew that if she didn’t she’d be dealing with Owen. Not that she didn’t want to. He was pretty dang handsome. He was almost 6 foot 4 and had muscles for days. How he couldn’t manage to keep up with her, she didn’t know. The dark brown hair, killer green eyes and the smile that was pretty dang contagious and Faith got a grin ear to ear. She couldn’t help the grin. He was straight out ridiculous.

Once Jackson finished the photo shoot, he pulled Faith in for a few shots. Even without the professional makeup and styling, she still looked breathtaking, or at least to the photographer she did. They finished up and he walked into the workroom with her to talk about the music. So I know some of the stuff you’ve been doing. It’s sort of a little rock but still country right, Faith asked. Definitely. I have a couple songs, but they’re still not me. I’m thinkin we get in 6 or 7 songs and go from there, he said. You do realize that could be a while, Faith asked. Honestly, the longer this takes, the more I can delay all that flyin around and interview stuff the better, Jackson said. If you don’t love it, why do you do it then, Faith asked as she tried to get to know him a little. Don’t get me wrong. I love the concerts and the fans, but I hate bein away that much from home. My kids are almost starting to feel like I’m not really a dad to them and my wife is losin it on me on the regular because I can’t be home, he said. So why not write from home, Savannah asked. I am. We live like 10 minutes away, he said. So that’s why, Faith joked. They figured out where to work and Faith did her best to try and figure out the hours that they were gonna work. Why start organizing hours, he asked. So you can tell your family what time you’re home, she replied. Had a feelin we’d be a good team, Jackson said.

They spent the rest of the day working on lyrics and playing around with the melody for the new song they were starting on and around 4:30, Faith cut things off for the day and he headed off. She was just pulling out when Owen called. Hey, Faith said. You headed back to your place, Owen asked. That was the plan, Faith said. Well, when you get there let me know. I made a reservation for The Lady and Sons, Owen said. Faith smirked. Well, I’ll get changed. Gimme a half hour, Faith said. You looked great to me, Owen teased. I’m getting changed, Faith said. See you in a bit then, he said. They hung up a few seconds later and when Faith pulled in her driveway, flowers were sitting on the front steps. She smirked, parked and went and grabbed the bouquet. When she got inside, she looked at the card. A matter of seconds later, the flowers were in the garbage. Seeing her ex’s handwriting meant he knew where she was and he was in town. She took a deep breath, went upstairs and got changed. She did her best to brush off that feeling that she was now in jeopardy, but she couldn’t. She finished getting changed and came downstairs just as she heard steps on her front porch. She came outside a couple minutes later and saw Owen.

Hey, he said. Hey yourself. Good timin, Faith said. Was just bringin these, Owen teased as he handed her a dozen white roses. Very sweet of you, Faith said. She walked him inside and she put them in water then just as she was turning around, her phone buzzed. You getting that, he asked. Faith shook her head. Not important, Faith said. He smirked, handed her phone to her and they left and headed out for dinner. Faith checked her phone and insured that the tracking was off. The thoughts running through her mind as they headed into town were causing panic and Faith knew it. He was probably assuming that she was worried about a boyfriend showing up, but Faith wasn’t even going there. She was more worried about coming home and being face to face with her psychotic ex than she was about a date with Owen.

They got to the restaurant and he came and got her door for her. Well thank you, Faith said. You’re welcome. Come on inside, he said and they headed inside. They were taken to their table and he got her chair for her. Well thank you, Faith said. You’re welcome babe. I just figured coming here would be kinda relaxing, Owen said. It is, Faith said. Why do I get the feeling that you’re all upset about something, Owen asked. It’s nothing. I promise, Faith said. He smirked. As long as you’re sure, Owen said. It’s really nothing. Just got a message from someone I thought was in the past, Faith said. Was it that bad, he asked. Faith nodded. Long story, Faith said. You can tell me if it’s that bad, he said. It’s fine. I’ll get through it. I always do, Faith said. Happier topic, he asked. Faith nodded. They ordered their drinks and dinner then he slid his hand in hers. So what’s goin on with the music stuff, he asked. He’s happier that we’re setting certain hours so he can be home, Faith said. That’s good right, Owen asked. Sort of what he actually wants, Faith said. So y’all just hung out and got to know each other, he asked. Faith nodded. So how was the rest of your day, Faith replied. You mean since I spent all day lookin forward to dinner with this beautiful songwriter I met, he teased. Faith nodded. I bet, Faith said. Honestly, I was at the office goin through a ton of work the rest of the afternoon. I actually ducked a meeting so I could come have dinner with you, he said. I’ll take that as a compliment, Faith said. Considering that one of my clients is buyin a mega million dollar business and I’m up to my eyeballs in paperwork, it is. Actually happy for a distraction so beautiful, he teased.

They made small talk until dinner then her phone buzzed. You can answer if you need to, Owen said. Faith shook her head. It’s nobody important, Faith said. How do you know if you haven’t even looked, he teased. The buzz, Faith teased. He smirked. Alright then, he teased. They talked through dinner, then once they had the dinner paid for, he walked outside with her, deciding to go for a walk instead of taking her home. You okay with goin for a walk, Owen asked. Faith nodded. He slid his hand in hers and linked their fingers and they walked around downtown and through Forsyth Park. They stopped at the fountain and sat down. So I wanna ask you somethin, Owen asked. Which is, Faith asked. You came down here from Nashville, but you didn’t say why, he said. I just wanted to be near the water. Things are a lot happier here. I always loved it here every time I visited, Faith said. So you managed to move all your work stuff here, he asked. The bonus is that I’m still close enough to go back to Nashville when they need me, Faith said. I guess that is true, he said. Why do you ask, Faith asked. Just wasn’t up to hearing that you’re movin back because you’ve changed your mind, he teased. I’m not likely to be changin my mind on this, Faith said. And why’s that, Owen asked. I got my dream house. You can’t beat that, Faith teased. Even with the hurricanes and stuff, he asked. Faith nodded. Bein down here was sort of the dream. I’m not giving up now, Faith said. He smirked. Good. I wouldn’t want to lose you just as I was startin to like you, he teased. Well that’s just sweet, Faith said. So what are you doin tomorrow night, he asked. No plans that I know of, Faith said. So if I asked you to come for a boat ride, he asked. Faith smirked. Haven’t done that since the first time I was here, Faith said. He smirked. Good, he teased. His arm slid around her shoulders and for the first time, Faith wasn’t worried.

They hung out a little while longer then headed back to his car. He got the door for her and intentionally took the long way to her place. You’re welcome to come in for coffee, Faith said. That’s real sweet of you, he said. I do make a mean coffee, Faith teased. If it means hangin out some more, I’d love it, he said. Faith smirked. When they got to her place, Faith saw a truck in her driveway. In the back of her mind, the only words that were coming out were ‘Oh crap’ but she never said it. They pulled in the drive and he stopped himself. What’s up, Faith asked. He looked at her. Would you get mad if I kissed you right now, he asked. Faith shook her head and he leaned in and kissed her. The kiss felt like pure magic. He smirked and kissed her again. This time, she almost felt a pull to slide in closer but she didn’t. He hopped out and got her door for her and he linked their hands. Come on around back, Faith said.

They walked around to the back and Faith was almost hoping that the truck was parked their unintentionally. Faith got him to sit outside and she went in and put the coffee on. Faith, she heard. It was a female voice, so thankfully that fear she had was gone. Sadie, Faith asked. I wanted to come down now. He actually told me to leave, Sadie said. Well, I’m actually just finishing up a date. I hope that’s okay, Faith said. I’m gonna soak in the tub. Have fun. He’s drivin a fancy sports car, Sadie teased. Faith smirked, made the coffee and gave Sadie a hug. She came outside a little while later with two mugs of coffee.

Well thank you, Owen said. You’re most welcome, Faith said. He smirked and she sat down beside him on the porch swing. What, she asked. He shook his head. I just lucked out this mornin didn’t I, Owen asked. Faith smirked. Something like that, Faith teased. So here’s my big question. How on earth are you single, Owen asked. I decided to work and keep going at it until I had enough to be here. At that point, dating was in the back of my mind. I just wrote, Faith said. He smirked. Well then, I’m glad you looked up this morning, he said. The sun was starting to set and Faith just saw fireflies. For the first time in a long while, it was just shooting stars and fireflies. Faith smirked and he slid her legs across his lap. What are you doin, Faith asked. He kissed her again. Thinkin that I’m takin off work extra early tomorrow, he teased. I don’t want you getting in trouble and all, Faith said. Well, since I’m kind of the owner, I’m good. I sorta make my own hours. You all good with that, he asked. Sure, Faith said. He smirked. They had some coffee and he got a silly grin. What, Faith asked. He shook his head and kissed her cheek. Just enjoyin this, he said. Faith smirked. Now you know why I loved this house, Faith said. Just because of the fireflies, he asked. Faith nodded. When I lived in Nashville, I was in the middle of the city. The park was the closest I had to fireflies, Faith said. Well you do deserve a little piece of land. You can always expand if you want to, he said. So you’re figurin on how to expand the house are ya, Faith asked. Just sayin, he teased. Well, we can talk about that, Faith joked. He leaned in and kissed her. What would you think about dinner at my place tomorrow night, he asked. And he cooks, Faith teased. Have been for a long while, he teased. Good to know, Faith said. So you really came all the way to Georgia just for this view, he asked. Yep, Faith said. He curled his arm around her shoulders and snuggled her. What are you all grinnin about, Faith asked. He kissed her again and devoured her lips until her heart was starting to race. Before I get way too far ahead of myself, I should go, Owen said. Faith almost blushed. Alright then, Faith said. He kissed her and pulled her in tight to him. So we’re still goin for a run tomorrow, he asked. Faith nodded. One more kiss that lasted a good half hour and she walked him to his car. Friend hangin with you, he asked. Faith nodded. She just got down here, Faith said. He kissed her again. Is it bad that I wanna ask if it’s a guy or girl, he asked. My friend Sadie, Faith replied. He kissed her one last time then headed out. See you tomorrow, he said as he waved and headed out. Faith waved goodbye, headed inside, locked up and grabbed the coffee mugs, then locked the back door behind her and headed upstairs.

So how you doin, Faith asked as she saw Sadie all curled up in the guest bedroom. Not bad. Honestly, I’m kinda happy I’m out of there, but when he actually kicked me out of the dang house I just about snapped, Sadie said. At least you don’t have to worry that he’s gonna start hunting you down, Faith replied. True. I also don’t have to hear him startin about where you are, Sadie said. He already knows. He sent flowers before I went out, Faith said. What, Sadie asked. I almost didn’t even go out, Faith said. So who’s the hot guy, Sadie teased. Met him on my run this morning. He’s actually a really nice guy, Faith said. Sadie smirked. Much better, Sadie joked. Just threw me off getting those flowers after work, Faith replied. Girl, I’m here. You know that my daddy taught me to shoot. He taught both of us. You tellin me that you don’t have anything to protect yourself here, she asked. Sadie, that’s not the point. If he starts leavin stuff here then he knows where I’m living, Faith said. You seriously think that the hottie isn’t gonna help you deal with that stuff, Sadie asked. I’m not askin a guy who’s pretty much a complete stranger to help me deal with him. I can’t, Faith said. Yeah you can. Girl, you say the word and I’ll be there, but I can only do so much, Sadie said. I can’t ask him to do that, Faith said. Sadie gave her a hug. Say the word, Sadie replied. Faith nodded. So is there any groceries or anything you need, Faith asked. I brought some stuff with me, but I can go pick some stuff up tomorrow. It’ll give me a chance to hang around for a while, Sadie teased. Alright. We’re doin dinner tomorrow night, Faith said. So tell me about Mister perfect, Sadie teased.

Faith smirked and told Sadie about Owen, but was so guarded that Sadie spotted it right away. He’s not Gage Faith. He seems like a good guy, Sadie said. From what I know, I guess he is, Faith said. Faith, if y’all are hangin out and you aren’t getting a bad feeling about him then he’s a good guy. You said you were gonna follow your gut, Sadie said. You know I can’t trust people I don’t know, Faith replied. Then get to know him. What does he do anyway, Sadie asked. He’s a lawyer. Entertainment law I think, Faith said. Honey, law is law. Whatever the problem is, he knows someone or can fix it himself. You know that, Sadie said. I just don’t wanna tell him right after we met. I don’t really feel like scaring him off, Faith said. Then when you start feelin better about him, talk to him, Sadie said. I will. Right now, I just don’t think I want him lookin at me that way, Faith said. Sadie smirked. So you actually like him, Sadie joked. Somethin like that, Faith said. Sadie smirked. I’m headin to bed. Get some sleep.

Faith went into her room and got changed for bed when her phone buzzed. She looked at the call display and saw Owen’s name. What’s up, Faith asked. So I have a question, Owen asked. What’s the question, Faith asked. Did you know that there’s a creepy guy on your front steps, Owen asked. Oh really, Faith asked. Figured I’d pop over and scare him off. I just wanted to make sure it was alright, he said. Meet you at the front door, Faith said. Back, he teased. In a sec, Faith said. She slid her tank and shorts on and came downstairs. As soon as she looked, she saw Gage’s truck parked across the street. Crap, Faith said. She walked around to the back door and Owen pulled her into his arms.

Hey, Faith said. He’s still out front, he said. Faith shook her head and he kissed her, devouring her lips. Owen, Faith said. Do you want me to get rid of him, Owen asked. I’m goin with you, Faith said. He linked their hands and they walked around to the front steps. Gage was on her front porch in the chair. Can I help you, Owen asked. Where’s Faith, Gage asked. In bed. What can I do for you, Owen asked. Yeah right. She came down here and she’s livin with you, Gage asked. Yep. You leavin or am I gonna have to call the police, Owen asked. I need to talk to her, Gage said. Well, you aren’t gonna be talkin to her. I suggest you go. Now, Owen said. Not until I talk to her, Gage said. Well then I hope you like talkin to the Sheriff, Owen said. Gage shook his head and walked off. Owen watched him leave and started worrying uncontrollably about who this man was.

When Gage finally left, Owen went back around the back and kissed Faith, leaning her up against the brick at the back of the house. He couldn’t even stop himself and didn’t want to. He kept going until he had her wrapped around him. Owen, Faith said. He finally stopped but didn’t let her down. Can’t help it, he said. I have to go inside, Faith replied. He kissed her one more time and slid her to her feet. As he went to let go, he gave her the biggest hug he could. What, Faith asked. That what you’re so closed off about, he asked. Faith tried brushing him off. It’s nothing, Faith said. Tell me the truth. Obviously that guy needed to be scared off. Tell me what’s going on, Owen asked. Another time, Faith said. He kissed her, devouring her lips again. See you in the morning, he asked. Faith nodded and went to go inside. He came up behind her and kissed her again. Tell me, he said. Owen, Faith said. One more kiss and he knew he wouldn’t be able to walk away. One more kiss and she knew she’d be one heck of an open book. Every fear and story about her past would come rushing out like water falling over a cliff. Faith shook her head. We’ll talk tomorrow. I promise, Faith said. He kissed her again and headed off. She wasn’t ready to tell him or anyone else.

The next morning, Faith got up and stretched out for her run. She grabbed her water and her iPod, turned it on and went to head out. She got half way finished and saw Owen. Started without me, he asked. Couldn’t sleep, Faith said. She kept going and he grabbed her hand and stopped her. What, Faith asked. You telling me, he asked. Owen, it’s just something that happened there. Fresh start here, Faith said. Well it’s comin here now. Just tell me what it was, Owen asked. Faith shook her head and finished her run, heading straight back to the house. She got back and made breakfast, ate then went and got showered and changed to meet up with Jackson to work on the music. When Faith headed outside, Owen was sitting on her front steps. What are you doin, Faith asked. Drivin you to meet up with Jackson . We’re havin this conversation, he said. Faith shook her head. He handed her an iced latte and kissed her. Tell me, he asked. He’s an idiot. That’s it, Faith said. And what’d he do, Owen asked. It’s nothin. I swear Owen, it’s not that big of a deal, Faith said. Then why did you look like you were terrified, he asked. Faith shook her head. Now isn’t the time Owen, Faith said. Yeah it is, he said. Faith shook her head. I’m not having this conversation, she said. He held her hand in his. Faith, just tell me why he’s sittin on your porch and tryin to scare the crap out of you, Owen asked. She shook her head. So you can look at me like I’m an idiot, Faith asked. So I can know what’s goin on, Owen said. I appreciate that you want to help, but honestly, I just can’t Owen. I need to do this my way, she said.

He didn’t want to let it go, but getting her to trust him was important. If he wanted her around, he had to let her do things her way. She had to trust him before she’d say a word and he knew it. Faith, he said. Owen, please don’t ask, Faith said. They got to where she was meeting up with Jackson and when she went to hop out, he pulled her back to him. What, Faith asked. His hands slid to her neck and he cradled her face in his hands and gave her a kiss. A kiss that had her heart racing and her almost forgetting what she was supposed to be doing. We’re talking tonight, he said. Owen, Faith said. I’ll meet you here at 4. We’re talkin, he said. Faith shook her head. Fine, Faith said. He kissed her again and she went to hop out. He got her door for her instead and leaned in to kiss her again. I’ll see you later, Faith said. Faith, Owen said. She walked off and went in to get to work.

Owen shook his head, closed the door and headed to his office. When he got there, he sat down at his desk and the only thing he could even concentrate on at all was the fact that he needed to find out more about whoever Gage was and why he was after Faith. He started by getting his information from the licensing office. When he started digging deeper, he found the restraining orders that Faith had pressed against him, then the court ordered psychiatric hold that they’d put on him when he hadn’t left Faith alone. Then he saw the arrest record of violating a retraining order more than once. Now he finally understood why Faith was so scared. It was stuck in his head the rest of the day. He tried over and over to get actual work done but kept coming back to how he could only imagine that Faith felt. When he looked at his clock, and it was almost 3:30, he packed up. I’m headin out, Owen said to his assistant. We just got a meeting booked for 4:30, she said. It’ll have to be tomorrow, Owen said. His assistant nodded. Alright then. See you in the mornin, his assistant said.

Owen headed back over to get Faith and when he arrived, Jackson and Faith were both gone. He shook his head, pulled out and headed over to Faith’s house. When he got there, her truck was gone. He called her cell and more than once, it went to voicemail. Faith, I get that you’re mad for me askin. Just call me back, Owen said. He parked out front of the house and waited. When he saw her truck pull in an hour or two later, he hopped out of the truck. You alright, Owen asked. I have to get the groceries inside Owen, Faith said. Now you’re avoiding me, he asked. Ice cream can’t just sit here, Faith said. She walked inside and put the groceries down and he grabbed the rest of them and followed her. He helped her put things away and her friend Sadie came downstairs. So you must be Owen, Sadie said. Nice to meet you, Owen said. You too. Girl, I got the groceries. Go have dinner, Sadie said. It’s good. I’m almost finished, Faith said. Sadie stopped her and told her to go. He slid his hand in Faith’s and walked her outside, taking her to the truck and opening the door for her. Owen, Faith said. Hop in, he said.

Faith almost didn’t want to, but she knew that brushing it off wasn’t a smart move. She got in and he hopped in and they headed off. Instead of going to his place, they started driving. He headed off to one of his old haunts from being a teenager and parked the truck. Say it, Owen asked. I thought we were having dinner, Faith asked. Talk, he said. Faith shook her head. I told you. I’m not havin this discussion Owen. He shook his head. What do you want me to do Owen? You wanna have dinner then we go have dinner. When you tell me, he said. Faith shook her head. Then I’ll just go home, she said. Faith, he replied. Dinner, Faith said. Dinner then we talk, he asked. She rolled her eyes. He hopped out of the truck and grabbed her hand then walked her over to the water.

Owen, I need food, Faith said. Tell me what’s goin on, Owen asked. Owen, I said I don’t wanna talk about it, Faith said. He kissed her. Tell me why he’s here. Tell me why he’s showin up at your house, Owen asked. Because he doesn’t take it well when anyone says no, Faith said. So you said no why, Owen asked. He wanted me to date him. I wasn’t interested. When he tried pushing himself on me, I pushed him so hard he fell and things just went bad. End of discussion, Faith said. And he’s showin up why, he asked. No idea, Faith said. Faith, he said. She shook he head. Don’t even, Faith said. Tell me why he’s sitting there on your dang porch, he said. Owen, either take me home or let me go, Faith said. She walked off and headed out towards the road. Owen came up behind her, grabbed her hand and walked her back to the truck. What, she asked. He kissed her, devouring her lips. Let me help you, he asked. No. Owen, I get that you’re tryin to help, but this isn’t gonna change no matter what you do. I can’t even fix it, Faith said. He kissed her again and leaned her up against the side of the truck, devouring her lips and rested his forehead on hers. Just tell me what’s goin on, he said. Faith shook her head. He hugged her. Dinner, he said. Faith nodded.

Chapter 2

They got in the truck and headed back to his place. He pulled in the driveway and her jaw almost dropped. This is your house, Faith asked. He nodded. They parked the truck and he hopped out and got her door for her. Come on in, he said. He slid his hand in hers and walked her into the house. Faith looked and saw the view of the park and smirked. Nice view, Faith said. He came up behind her and kissed her shoulder as his arms wrapped around her from behind. He kissed her neck. Owen, Faith said. I’m just makin the steaks and grilled veggies. Do you want to eat outside or inside, he asked. Inside, Faith said. Alright, he replied. He walked her back over to the stove and opened a bottle of wine. I can’t, Faith said. One glass with dinner won’t kill us, he said. Faith shook her head. He handed her a half glass of wine and poured one for himself. Medium, he asked. Faith nodded. He handed the glass to her and she took a sip and he flipped the steaks. You alright, he asked. Not even close, Faith replied. She sat down in the seat at the counter and he kissed her. They’re almost done, Owen said. She took another sip and he grabbed her a big glass of ice water. Thank you, Faith said. He kissed her again and finished making dinner. What, Faith asked. He got cutlery and set two place settings for them then put the plates down and they had dinner together.

By the time they finished dinner, Faith was even more worried. Why are you all scared, he asked. Faith shook her head. Faith. Don’t. Can’t we just relax and have dinner without the stress, Faith asked. Talk to me then, he asked. Faith shook her head and went to leave when he grabbed her hand. Just come back and sit, he asked. Owen, Faith said. Fine. I won’t say anything else. We’ll just talk, he said. I’m not talkin about it anymore. I’m goin home, Faith said. He pulled her back to him and kissed her. Fine. We won’t, he said. Just take me home, Faith said. No, he replied. He pulled her tight to him and just hugged her. I’m not gonna do what he did Faith, Owen said. She shook her head and finally pushed him away. She went to leave and he grabbed her hand. Are you really that scared that I’m gonna do somethin, he asked. I just want to go, Faith said. He slid his hand into hers and walked her into the TV room. Have your ice water and I’ll clean up, he said. Faith nodded and he cleaned up and got two big mugs of coffee. He finally came in and Faith was staring out the back window at his view. He smirked and came and sat down, handed her a mug of coffee and pulled his chair up beside hers. Faith was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

You don’t wanna talk about it, fine. How are things goin with the music stuff, Owen asked. Faith shook her head. Then tell me what you do wanna talk about.. Owen, the minute I tell you, everything is gonna change. You don’t wanna be with me, Faith said. Says who, he asked. Owen, the one thing I was determined to leave behind just followed me here. I can’t fix it. I can’t change it, Faith said. Then tell me what you want, he asked. To pretend like it didn’t happen. Before you found out about it when we were just hangin out, Faith said. He linked their fingers and kissed her hand. Then we just have a normal date. Tell me what you need, he asked. Faith shook her head. Right now, I just want to let it go, Faith said. He kissed her. So how long is Sadie stayin, Owen asked. She’s stayin for a while. She is tryin to find work and a place, Faith said. What happened with her, Owen asked. Her ex kicked her out of the house, Faith said. So he’s as much of a butthead as your ex, he asked. Faith nodded. Gage is in a league all his own, but yeah, Faith said. Well then, we need to introduce her to someone normal. I do have a few guy buddies, Owen said. Maybe, Faith said. She finished her coffee and he came up with an idea. Come for a walk, he asked. Owen, Faith said. Forsyth, he replied. Fine, Faith said. He slid his phone in his pocket, grabbed a hoodie and wrapped it around her shoulders and they went for a walk around the park.

They got to the benches by the fountain and sat down. His arm wrapped around her and she leaned into his arms. You got me like it or not, Owen said. Faith smirked. I just don’t want you seeing… He kissed her. No talkin about it remember, he asked. Faith nodded. She smirked and he slid her legs across his lap. What are you doin, Faith asked. He kissed her. I am getting your mind off the crappy stuff and concentrating on the good stuff, Owen said. And what good stuff is that, Faith asked. I’m on a date with a beautiful woman who can outrun me without even trying, Owen teased. Now you’re just teasing, Faith said. I’m tryin to get a smile on your face, he said. Faith smirked. I really do have… He kissed her and snuggled her tight into his arms. "Look

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