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Next Time You Feel Lonely...

Next Time You Feel Lonely...

Por Osho

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Next Time You Feel Lonely...

Por Osho

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Apr 30, 2012


Loneliness - an issue millions of people are facing in times when traditional families and relationship models are not working anymore. Osho looks at this in a very different way and sees these developments as great opportunity. Discovering of your ultimate 'aloneness' is the great chance to turn loneliness into a totally new experience.

This small book in a new series of 'OSHO SOLUTIONS" consists of a single talk by Osho to deepen the readers understanding how to deal with loneliness in a completely different way.
Apr 30, 2012

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Next Time You Feel Lonely... - Osho

Next Time You Feel Lonely…


Copyright © 1986, 2012 OSHO International Foundation


Images and cover design © OSHO International Foundation

Next Time You Feel Lonely…, by Osho

From a series of OSHO Talks titled: The Path of the Mystic, #19

This OSHO Talk is complete in itself.

The series The Path of the Mystic is available in book and audio format.

Next Time You Feel Lonely…is also available as an audio recording, spoken by Osho.

Published by


an imprint of



ISBN-13: 978-0-88050-427-0


The title of this little book might give you the idea that you have found another self-help or how to book. This is far from the case. Instead, the Osho insights provided here open a door where all questions of how to dissolve into a direct experience of your own hidden reality.

We reduce everything into a how. There is a great how-to-ism all over the world, and every person, particularly the modern contemporary mind, has become a how-to-er: how to do this, how to do that, how to grow rich, how to be successful, how to influence people and win friends, how to meditate, even how to love. The day is not far off when some stupid guy is going to ask how to breathe.

It is not a question of how at all. Don’t reduce life into technology. Life reduced into technology loses all flavor of joy.

Osho: The Book of Wisdom, #18

Some of the ideas you encounter here may at first surprise or even shock you. They may go against your beliefs or they may trigger recognition of truths that you feel you have always known but perhaps never expressed.

Whatever the case, relax into new levels of understanding that grow as you come closer and closer to the truth of your own being.

No, this is not a how to book. It is a flame that can be used to light the hidden corners of your own

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  • (5/5)
    Short sweet and super insightful. Love the lesson about the bottle
  • (5/5)
    such a wonderful book. Love it. must read for everyone