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Living Frugally: 55 Perfect Methods to Save Money and Live a Happy Life Without Debts.

Living Frugally: 55 Perfect Methods to Save Money and Live a Happy Life Without Debts.

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Living Frugally: 55 Perfect Methods to Save Money and Live a Happy Life Without Debts.

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Jun 16, 2017


Are you overwhelmed with debt? Have you struggled to save money each month? Do you check you bank account and often ask yourself ‘where has all my money gone’? Than you will greatly benefit from Living Frugally 55 Perfect Methods to Saving Money and to Live Happy Life Without Debts. This book is not about being cheap or tricks that will only fill you with hope of being able to pay off debts and save money. This book will reveal to you many useful tips that will have you living a more frugal life. By making the decision to live a frugal life you are making a decision to be a lot smarter about your money and how you spend it. 

Whether you are desperate to live a debt free life or just want to have better control on your money this book will surely leave you with many options on how you can easily start saving money by living a more frugal lifestyle.  

The many tips in this book cover useful topics like:

-How to shop frugally at the grocery and save big

-How to stop wasting money on things you can do yourself

-Tips on how to generate more money to help pay off your debts

-Easy to follow pay off debt tips

Jun 16, 2017

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Living Frugally - Helen Mitchel



Many people all over the world struggle with a large amount of debt. We live in an age where the buy now pay later mentality has taken over our lives. Before many young adults are even out of college they have a variety of credit card debt, a car loan and a ridiculous amount of student loans to worry about paying back. Before they are even guaranteed a job their debt is well over $20,000 in most cases.

Many students think of these debt as an afterthought but quickly learn that paying back these loans is a much more difficult task than they could have imagined. You have to have credit to build credit and this cycle tends to get out of control and ends up backfiring leaving with individuals swimming in monthly bills. It seems everyone you know, including yourself, is looking for a way to eliminate your thousand of dollar debts, save money and be able to live an enjoyable life. Living a frugal lifestyle allows you the opportunity to do just that.

Many people associate frugality with being cheap but on the contrary living a frugal lifestyle is just choosing to be smarter about how you spend your money and what you spend it on.  For many individual they find it hard to get out of debt because they unknowingly waste their money in senseless ways everyday or week. So many of the little things that in the moment seem to cost nothing actually add up to a large amount of money by the end of the month. Being more aware of what you spend your money on and rethinking how you spend your money is the basis of living a frugal life. Being frugal does not always have to mean being cheap but it does mean doing a lot more things yourself and getting creative to find ways to enjoy your life without spending much money.

The tips in this book will guide you to a frugal lifestyle without having to give up an enjoyable life. Whether you have been struggling to pay off your debts or can never seem to save any money each month you will benefit from utilizing the suggestions in this book. You will learn some great frugal spending habits on grocery shopping to significantly cut your bills in half. From items you should rid from your list to how to plan your trips to get the best deals and spend the least amount of

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