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ThoughtWays 1

ThoughtWays 1

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ThoughtWays 1

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May 27, 2017


Thought! It’s fascinating, mysterious and at the same time silly and foolish to know what it is. It is like what is life - a universal question. Thought is very fundamental of everything and is a natural phenomenon of the human thinking. It is like a seed of the plant that can stay as single or grow into a big tree - like chain of thoughts. Thoughts come in from anywhere and go wherever and anywhere. Out of these thoughts is born Thoughways.

May 27, 2017

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ThoughtWays 1 - Chandra Pathakoti


One should not believe thy heart

It can fall flat for one who throws dart

It fumbles and stumbles, has no firm stand

Anytime time in stranger’s heart, it might land

What secrets it holds, only gods know

Unsure, what true colours it might show

Strangely, it can croon love songs

To be with someone, it wishes and longs

It can slip out by one night

Like shadows disappearing in the light

How unfaithful and untrustworthy

It can leave you in a jiffy

Thy heart, you might strongly believe

But beware, to your dismay, it will escape like thief

For it has no hold on itself

Once it leaves, no one comes to your help

It can evoke feelings without a reason

Ready to bloom for lover in any season

It cannot see nor has vision

Purely goes by guts and intuition

Thy heart is a cheater

Frequent offender and a repeater

Dreams and dreams, for it is a Master

Does matter if it will be a success or disaster?

Do not feel, it’s not treasure or pride

Every time, it will take you for a ride

It’s a trickster and knows many forms of art

For Thy heart, will leave your forlorn and depart

Far away in the valley, in a very small town

Genesis of new life, and it was called Charlie Brown

Happiness brimming with delight in the river

The town celebrated with joy de vivre

Folks of the hamlet came in pomper to celebrate

The birth, it came after a long wait

Town rejoiced in extravaganza

Musically treated and exulted stanza by stanza

Naughty and Mischievous, as one could 

Master Brown took to childhood

Playful with harmless pranks

Folks enjoyed and expressed thanks

The boy turned teenager, very soon

Sang love melodies at noon and under the light of moon

His thoughts tricked by romantic amasses

He was bowled by misses and lasses

All over the moon, with his dame’s blushes and smiles

With his partner in arms, walked down the aisles

To lead an honorable, humble and respectful life

Love and Fun Filled, with his darling wife

A year later Sally Brown was addition to family

Spreading joy and love like buzzing bee

Charlie Brown Jr. was born, couple of years’ after

The joy, the boy got was much greater

Years flew and Charlie Brown got older

With old age, wilted his weak shoulder

His family beside, one day he succumbed to death

Held twinkles in his eyes till the last breath

Folks of the hamlet came for his funeral

Praised him for his deeds in large numeral

The town celebrated his life story

In all shades of colours and much glory

There was this person called Charlie Brown

Lived far away in the valley, in a very small town

With the sun and starry lit rays by the river

A statue stands tall, shining forever

The Trees in the boulevard took a bow

On the sight of first step taken by Thou

The plants greeted with dance and gay

The dew from the leaves glittering the way

A thousand rainbows formed with light of dews

An Ornate mantle of colours with splendid views

Budding flowers sprung opened with joy

Thinking the path was for Angel of

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