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Seeds of Truth: A Conscious Journey

Seeds of Truth: A Conscious Journey

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Seeds of Truth: A Conscious Journey

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May 16, 2017


A Moral Code...
Is the formula I suggestively present to you within the Seeds of Truth...
Throughout the book, I plant seeds of "universal truths" with a "moral code"
as the frame work for living morally.

May 16, 2017

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Seeds of Truth - Ricardo J. Raposo


A Conscious Journey

Ricardo J. Raposo

Table of Contents

Finding Morality

The Benefits of Morality

Lies and Deceit

Experiencing Truth

What is Truth Power?

Making Good Judgments


The Awareness of Truth and Courage as a Student-Teacher of Life




The Code of Principles

Chapter 1

Finding Morality

In the beginning all human beings wished for security, love, and abundance…

Fast forward to the present. Take a moment to understand and realize that we all continue to wish for the same things…


Why is this?

Why do we remain in this perpetual world of need after all that we have sacrificed throughout the millennia? How is it that we find ourselves continuing down the same path, striving for a future with security, love, and abundance?

The question remains unchecked, and so we continue down the path we evolved from many years ago.

It is no small wonder that somewhere down the line over the many years of humanity we have lost something of great value to our understanding of life.

What is of greatest value to you?

For me, the greatest value we have achieved as humans is our understanding and respect for morality. Hmmmm? Morality? What is morality, you wonder?

Is it to love and be loved…?

To be perfectly clear, morality is much more than the action or reaction of love.

To simplify… Morality is goodness.

Most of us alive today would agree on morality in action: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Yet, it is not so simple. Why is this?!

Are we so far gone in a world of madness fueled by self-centred ego driven greed and fear that we individually are incapable of such goodness? Maybe so! Regardless of the mess of a so-called valuable existence we are experiencing in life, the questions we all have to ask ourselves are as follows… Do we want all the goodness that life has to offer? Is it possible to return to a life with morality as our core value?

If you are asking these questions, then allow me to be perfectly clear: Yes!!!! Yes, I honestly believe it is possible.

The core question is…. How do we return to living as beings with a Moral Code of conduct?

I sincerely invite you to join me up the metaphorical mountain of understanding and awareness to the horizon and beyond.

To be crystal clear: Let us Wake Up!

During the course of writing this book I myself am seeking morality. This journey, however challenging or frustrating, however hard or wonderful, I quite honesty have no choice in the matter. For years now, I have had this tireless nagging surfacing from deep within my core. As a spirited humanitarian I humbly surrender to my calling and set forth in delivering this message to the world.

Life has taught me this: my heartache was not from lacking, but from not understanding my life or the value of my gifts. Since I was a child I have felt a major disconnect of energy. Something was terribly wrong, and the world seemed spiritually broken. I have struggled with this intuition for the better part of my life. At the young age of 18 my awareness of internal and external suffering sent me on a quest for answers. It was a quest of much struggle and suffering, happiness and love alike. Upon my return to Calgary, my home town, after 23 years of searching, I had to undergo a major life change. By this point in my life’s journey I was completely destroyed. I had hit a wall of sorrow that almost ended me.

You may wonder… What was my point of return? The truth is I am aware now that however deep the pain I was experiencing, it was all based on how little I was aware of all that had occurred in my life. The big question for me was WHY!?

You see… What happened to me the night before I returned home to Calgary I can comfortably describe with confidence as a divine message to push my life forward. My benevolent experience was a deep reminder that I am love and I have purpose. I am love as in the all-encompassing pure living energy of light. In the moment of awareness during that particular night I was reminded of the seed of light within me and from that seed a voice of love spoke to me in a dream. The beautiful harmonious voice whispered… Return home, Ricky, and be with your family. The time for awakening is now. All you have searched for and all you need is within you.

The divine message expands:

Create the books! Write what you need to learn and share what you have found! Go forth to create this gift of light in the midst of the storms. Reveal the light which dwells in the shadows and be humbled by your findings.

Over time this message has become endless in its strength. I have sensed a boost of pure energy forming within me, and I know that this is the message transfer system of my body speaking to me. There is no denying the signal any longer. Therefore, I surrender graciously to my calling.

I have reluctantly started down the path of this endless mind-blowing exploration of self-awareness. The reluctance I speak of was experienced out of a great sense of detachment from the human race I witnessed in myself. I have experienced so much moral disappointment from life that I felt the fear and hopelessness that is attached to disappointment so deeply. Let me tell you, it is not for the faint of heart or weak-minded, so if you fall under either or both of these categories, good luck to you! You are, by your own definition of self, hopeless!

Did I insult you!? Good! Your reaction indicates to me that you are clearly not what your doubtful and conditioned self was led to believe. On that note, please accept this as your rude awakening of purpose.

Now is not the time to give up! Just by picking up this book, you are willingly accepting that you too need to re-introduce morality as the core value of your existence. This takes great courage! Be strong and open to your divine self, learn without prejudice, and together we will find morality. May I suggest pausing for a moment before we continue to give thanks for what you and I are about to rediscover, and for how life-changing our journey is to become? Thank you.

The idea is simple.

I will find all the goodness and with this goodness I will pack it all into a seed. The seed represents my Moral Code. When ready, I will take my seed and plant it in fertile ground. Book # 2 Soil represents fertile ground and symbolizes the environment in which I choose to plant my seed so that I may grow pure of mind, heart, and soul.


What is morality?

Earlier I mentioned - and I’m sure we all can agree - that morality is goodness. What is goodness? To do good things for others? Yes, this is a good thing, but why is it a good thing, and what do I get out of it? The world today would have you believe that doing well for others gives you good karma. Well, that seems like a good enough reason, but if it is that simple, then why does it seem as though the world has no interest in good karma?

I believe this is the fundamental question of Why should I do good things for others? It is after all an honest question, and a very common one in today’s world. However, to ask such a question feels slightly wrong and selfish. Why is that? What is wrong in asking for something in return, or even for myself? These are all very good questions which are so very common in our world of individual competition. This is where I believe the core value of morality has been lost, somewhere between goodness for others as well as for ourselves, as we ultimately expect material or ego-boosting rewards in return for our kindness.

Honesty, I truly believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking the honest question… What do I get out of it? After all, since I am going to do this, let’s be perfectly honest, right!?

Group consciousness will have you believe the following... In doing good things for others, good things will happen to you. Or is it that good things will happen for you, or even around you? Nonetheless, I hope we can agree that good things will happen for you, to you, and around you.

Do you agree with my perspective of goodness? Very good! I am happy to know we are finding a common ground to expand from by agreeing on the goodness factor!

Now, back to my original question…

So if I do good things for others, then good will return to me, and we will all live in a circle of goodness. Cool! So why are there complications with integrating these actions into my life? It is not that simple, or so I’ve been blindly led to believe thus far by fear of or ignorance towards such a selfless act.

Here is where morality is left as a passing thought…

What about my needs?

Well, the truth be told, I have responsibilities and obligations to my family, school, career, job, debt, company, mortgage, neighbours, friends, community, sports, teams, environment, home, bills, entertainment, survival, lifestyle, etc., etc., etc.

With all this going on, it is no small wonder that morality is taking a backseat in my life. Realistically, who the hell has time for morality? After all, I can hear my list of responsibilities echoing through the halls of my mind, day in and day out. It is no wonder I am in a constant state of alarm or un-goodness; I have to take care of my responsibilities first. Truth be told, this is exactly the root cause of why there is no goodness left to give. My daily life has me on a hamster wheel chasing after tomorrow. Today is all booked up, and tomorrow presents the dream, so I must chase tomorrow and waste away today. This is the state of mind where doing good things or being a good person only happens when it doesn’t interfere with my immediate needs of success. Think about what I am saying for a moment. Do you agree with my hypothesis of why morality is suffering as an afterthought?

The following phrase depicts a perfectly abstract image with words describing the reality of my life in a single paragraph.

I cannot be good to others because I have to get rich or die trying. I will be good to the world when I am rich! Then I will have all the time in the world to give and be good and love and live and, and, and, and, and, and, and…………………………………………… These are endless self-justifications and denial-based lies, if you ask me! Falsehoods do not replace the truth; they only serve to falsely excuse you from taking responsibility for your actions.

Look around: does it look like we can afford to ignore this journey? Can we continue to ignore our quest to discover morality?! By acknowledging how I feel and more so acknowledging the declining state of wellbeing the world is in, the answer should be obvious. Are you with me?! Please focus! Remember, we are in this together from the moment you first found this book. Focus, and soon you too will begin to comprehend how in actuality this book found you. I truly believe that at some point in your life you asked for guidance from the benevolent energy, and by doing so you are now receiving the answers to your questions and/or challenges. In essence, what you are presently experiencing and will continue to experience is referred to as synchronicity.

While experiencing your awakening, and as you enter the many phases of awareness, allow yourself to be amused, or amazed, or distracted. Always return to this moment. Allow yourself to begin to trust my message and hopefully know for yourself that my character is honest. Trust that the way I write is a reflection of my honest character. What is happening is this: while I re-introduce morality into my life as I write, you too are taking part in this wonderful experience of exploring as you read. I strongly feel that together something very profound is happening. My quest for morality continues with you reading my book, onto the next person, and the one after, and so on and so forth making way for endless possibilities of morality to enrich our lives.

Be cautious by knowing that the following question is a very common roadblock standing in the way of enriching your life with morality. In fact, this question will occur when you find yourself very stressed out, unaware, or even angry.

"What do I have to gain from being good, or even doing well

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