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Someone is burning firemen and blond strippers to death and it is the job of newly promoted Lieutenant Stan Jaworski to head the task force and find the killer. Jaworski’s problem, his boss, Deputy Pittsburgh Police Chief Robert Johnson doesn’t think he has the ability and tells him so. Jaworski is the command rank officer with the most arson experience, but Johnson doesn’t think he’s up to this task. Also, Homicide Sergeant Mitchell Kincard, who Johnson thought should have gotten the promotion instead, is determined to prove he’s the better detective. Now Jaworski, with only a firefighter and arson investigators on his team, must prove to Johnson he is the man for the job.

In the process, Jaworski and his team make a chilling realization, the killer’s real target is Linda Mathews a blond firefighting Lieutenant, and the killer is someone they would never have expected. Worse, after a daring and almost impossible rescue of the Vice President by Linda Mathews, from his burning hotel room, a room set on fire by the killer, the killer kidnaps Linda.

Jaworski and his team must figure out where the killer has Linda, his ultimate prize, and rescue her before the killer can torture and burn her to death, as he did other blond women. But this killer is the smartest villain anyone has ever met, and they know he has her in the one place no one would think to look for her. it becomes a race against time, to find that location and stop him before he can do to her what he did to the others.

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