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Wish I Knew Before Loving You: The Relationship Manual

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Wish I Knew Before Loving You: The Relationship Manual

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Have you ever made bad rookie mistakes in the game of love? Do you want to increase your odds of growing a healthy relationship? Are you unhappy or stressed that your relationship health is failing?

The Relationship MD has the right prescription for you.

Rx: Wish I Knew Before Loving You: The Relationship Manual

 Unlike most doctor prescriptions that are difficult to understand, this one is easy to read and filled with numerous examples and personal stories you can relate to. It is a guiding light; a scientifically based resource on the most effective ways to evaluate a potential mate. It provides direction on how to initiate and maintain healthy relationships, how to resolve conflicts, and how to effectively end bad relationships.

This prescription explores the differences in brain functions between men and women and explains how these differences can create conflict or harmony in real world relationships.

The Relationship Manual takes into account the mechanism on how the mind works and how childhood deficits, traumas, and disappointments can go underground for years, only to surface later in the context of a long-term, intimate relationship. This further emphasizes the need for a carefully executed investigation and evaluation of a prospective mate’s childhood and adolescent experiences in determining what type of an adult they have become and how they will impact you once you become romantically and emotionally involved.

Dr. Alvin Pelt, The Relationship MD, provides you the steps in learning how to master the skills of a healthy relationship.

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