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From the time we are born we are programmed by many different people and institutions, and then influenced by social pressures to conform. A lot of this conditioning is good for us. Some of it...is not. For better personal relationships, and a more peaceful and happier life, this is Book One of Mindipulation.

This unique publication for personal growth offers a thought-provoking and entertaining mix of topics for you to reflect on that are related to our daily lives and relationships, such as: guru mania, sticky beliefs, getting in sync, juicy gossip, toxic people, paradigm traps, internal jabbering, external chattering, unhappy compromises, the power of silence, our heroes, the simpler the better, relative intelligence, energy drains, roller coaster emotions, mind and body connections, feelings and respect, mellowing out, making changes, power mongering, an uncertain future, and a reality check, among others.

Mindipulation--understanding the pitfalls of conditioned thought processes and moving forward from there. Be free. Be you. Enjoy life. Change is possible. Begin to shape shift your future today.
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