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The Chiang Mai Food Diaries... and other tales

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The Chiang Mai Food Diaries... and other tales

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Chiang Mai is the most fascinating place on earth...and so is the food.
Have you eaten a termite or met a Blacking Man? Have you seen the tree top spear fisherman, or tried to chew your way through a deep fried chicken head or a plateful of live shrimps? Have you ever wondered why there is a huge, stagnant, six mile and otherwise pointless canal running around the outer reaches of the south side of the city?
This is a book about food, Chiang Mai, termites, sausages, ghosts, history, cooking, Islam, markets, death, noodles, forest fires, mushrooms and fish farming. (I think I’ve covered all bases).

“Definitely on par with Bill Bryson but with more of a personal touch.” Alan, goodreads.com
“Easily accessible, humorous and often embarrassingly honest.” Chiang Mai City Life
“Love his books. Very funny, inspiring and interesting. Highly recommend to anyone.” Valerie, amazon.co.uk
“Laugh out loud funny.” Sam, goodreads.com
“He’s very, very funny and quirky and easy to read.” Ashley, amazon.com

For more information about food and Chiang Mai visit the blog at: www.thelifechangepeople.com

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