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The sheikh's daughter and the maker

The sheikh's daughter and the maker

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The sheikh's daughter and the maker

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Feb 19, 2017


 the pleasure of reading reaches its peak if it was a result of reading a thrilling novel, its events interconnect, its words weave the facts of life with its depth, and what it carries of examples, advices and human experiences , you maybe the hero of its story. the real pleasure of reading is when a novel with an elegant cover charms you while you are wondering into its lines, living the reality of its events as you are an individual of its individuals sharing their sadness, joy and all of their feelings you can feel this joy when you have (The Sheikh's daughter and the maker)'s novel , simply because their characters will fascinate you and you won't be able to take your eyes away of it till the last line in it . (The sheikh's daughter and the maker) is a simulation of a tragedy shades its head on a lot of houses , and leaves behind it hearts cruel people mastered how breaking it and left them fading after it was flourishing flowers. it is a novel with interconnected events Emphases the love feelings which they don't take time till it grow, flourish at the great life garden in which collapse with the customs' ghost , and that ghoul which called social classes , and then the fight starts and all secrets are revealed , masks fell down, principles get shaky and stereotyping shows it's fangs all of this is in well narration and events take you unconsciously to their world with all of what it carries of positive and negative feelings. (the sheikh's daughter and the maker) is a fact of the life facts that our community suffers from , and gets hurt by its fire , it's a novel respects the mind of the reader, and makes you enjoy  connecting its events , the ease of its words and its characters who attract the reader to it , it's a perfect piece of art and a novel considered one of the most enjoyable novels that leaves its effect on its readers. you can now have (The sheikh's daughter and the maker)'s novel and enjoys it's thrilling details and we promise you , you won't leave it till the end.
Feb 19, 2017

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The sheikh's daughter and the maker - Mohmmed Alsofi

I am Rama the daughter of a sheikh of Elbayda district's sheikhs , I am my mom's only daughter , I have a half brother from my dad called Mossa he is the son of my dad's second wife , my dad married Mossa's mother because my mom couldn't bring him a boy moreover my mother didn't give birth to me until Mossa was born , I know this is a weird thing but this is the destiny .

oh I hear my mom's voice calling me and then  she entered my room saying: come on my daughter Samira is here come on go down stairs and do hairdressing.

I nodded my accepting  , Samira is a great hairdresser and very good at her job also her son works in hairdressing and cutting men's hair I mean he is a Barber and his name is Qusay he is a handsome man.

How did I know that??

I saw him when we were at Samira's place now I have to go down for hairdressing ,when I went down I found Samira hairdressing Mossa's mother when Mossa's mother saw me she said : Welcome Rama , Samira I don't want you to do Rama's hair the same as mine I interrupted her saying: For sure Samira won't do my hair like old women!!!

Then Samira and my mom started laughing on counter Mossa's mother didn't , finally she finished ,Samira started doing my hair while she is doing it we were having a conversation and then she said: oh indeed you are so pretty Qusay was int….. suddenly she shut up and I looked at her in the mirror saying: Continue what you were saying I won't be mad of you don't worry what did Qusay say ?

she answered smiling : he said you are so pretty and you deserve to be a princess …. I interrupted her saying how did he know I am pretty he didn't see me  ??!!!

she answered there are eyes seeing what can't the eyes see ; it is heart's eyes ,it's love eyes … I looked at her wondering she continued saying : yes Qusay is in love with you my daughter and he will propose for engagement although we are against it  I interrupted saying: why are you against it am i not suitable for Qusay?!!

She answered: No my daughter this isn't the cause but there are other things stands in our faces holding us of doing things and these things people settled them.

then she stopped talking for a moment approaching me putting a yellow necklace contains black heart with red lines in my hands saying this gift from Qusay he asked me to give it to you whether you accept him or not and to consider it a gift of appreciation and love.

I looked at her wondering then I said: but you don't know whether I  will accept or not ?

She answered: yes I know you accept  him …. Suddenly Mossa's mother entered saying: Come on we are late of the wedding , come on Samira why all of this delaying it's Rama not the president's daughter !!

I looked at here with disgrace then I said : No she is hairdressing the daughter of the sheikh

Abo Mossa (father of Mossa) or did you forget that ??!!

Mossa's mother:  haha no I didn't forget but we should go , the wedding will start!!

after the wedding ended Mossa came to drive us home , I was fighting a lot with him I don’t know why but rarely we agree , when we got home suddenly heard my father's yelling with Mossa's name then Mossa headed to the Diwan (Living room) and then we started hearing father,mossa and another man yelling the other man voice disappeared with the other voices for a second then my father came in , my mom and Mossa's mother approached him asking about what had happened my father answered: you won't believe who came proposing for Rama .

Dad :  Qusay el Saneaa(The maker) !!

El Saneaa: is a name called on a man which his family worked in Hair cutting, Butchering or any other profession goes on this way, in which a man isn't allowed to marry from the tribes also called (EL Mezyane).

Mossa's mother: Oh my God Doesn't he know that this is a sheikh's house ??

My mom: he seems to be stupid looks like he forgot that tribes don't marry their daughters to a maker ( Saneaa)

Me: Why is that ??

And then wondering expressions appeared on everybody's faces then Mossa said: because he will contaminate the ancestry blood with makes' blood.

Me: But we all are Adam's children isn't he one ??!!!

distinguish us !!!  Dad: Yes!! But we have customs and  traditions that

Me: I don't accept these customs and traditions !!

Mossa: What do you mean?

Me: I mean I accept marrying Qusay!!

Suddenly everyone's face expressions turns into shock because of what i said.

Mom: Rama don't interfere in this matter .

Me: This matter is related to me how I don't interfere in it ??

Mossa: Stupid girl , Don't you know what you are saying ??

Me: Don't interfere in my life I'm talking to my dad , I want to marry Qusay!!

then Anger expressions appeared on Mossa and Dad!!

Dad: Shut up Rama and go to your room this subject is done!!

Me: no it didn't I won't accept you all to control my life with ancestor's traditions , I decided marring Qusay and I won't change my decision!!

Mossa's mother: How dare you say these words it's your mother's way of raising up you… I interrupted saying: Shut up old woman!!.

Mossa's yelled: Rama don't exceed your lines it's my mom !!

I wanted to Shout  but my father's yelling stopped me : Rama I decided and my decision won't change go to your room !!

Me: No No I won't accept this ,I swear in front of you all that I will do what I decided !!

Dad: Mossa!! hit her

Mossa: ok !!

Dad: but don't harm her !!

Mossa: How ??!!!

Dad: Do as i tell you !!

then he pulled my shirt , dragged me to my room then dad decided forbidding me from studying but he won't change my mind about these actions , the next day came I asked my mother to go out with me buying makeup, at the beginning she refused but after insisting she accepted and we started shopping at the market we passed on the barber shop where Qusay works then I stopped in front it then my mom looked at me saying and wondering : why are you stopping here??!!

I answered : I want to ask Qusay about the hair cream that his mother used hairdressing me.

mom: No just put another one !!

me: No I want this cream don't worry I won't escape with him !!!

She laughed and  said: I know that but I don't want anyone to see you stopping at this shop!!

me: mom!! I'm wearing a cloak (aba) no one will know me I will just ask him and come back.

then I headed towards the barber shop , when I stopped at the door Qusay was cutting hair of someone when he saw me he dropped the scissors from his hands he knew me quickly despite he didn't see me , he knew me from my eyes it's Love!!!

He approached me I looked at him quietly then I looked back at the street then I started  to talk loudly: O people I'm Rama the daughter of the Sheikh Mossa's father… hence astonishment  expressions appeared on people faces and shocking expressions on my Mother's face then I continued saying: I declare that I accept marrying this man marring Qusay the maker( Saneaa)

Then people's voices started to get louder , my  mom came to hold me and hit me asking people ignoring my words but I wasn't feeling anything except my eyes which were looking at Qusay's eyes it were overflowing with happiness it's the glances of love , my mom was complaining all the way home of what I did and regrets accepting going out with me but I stayed silent , when we got home I headed towards my room , I was hearing the weeping of what I have done she was complaining to the old woman Mossa's mother who was putting the blame on my mom suddenly voices disappeared it seemed my father got home he has an Augustness that makes everyone afraid of him and indeed as I expected he yelled Mossa go and get the dog !!

suddenly the door was opened and the ferocious beast Mossa grabbed my hair very hard dragging me behind him I tried to pull his hair too but I failed because his hair is short oh my god it hurted me  I wished at this moment I didn't have a hair then he pushed me against my father whose eye's were sparkling of anger he approached me then he did what he never do before he Slapped me a very strong slap, its strength source was from him hitting me not the power of hi itself hurt me I didn't got use that my father will do to me anything except kindness and now he is showing me the anger feeling that I never feel before I looked at him sadly then Mossa's mother said : Yes !this what should have happened from a while the girl is a teenager and should do know her  limits.

I looked at her with disgrace hence my dad yelled: Don't interfere what doesn't relates to you Mossa's mother.. then he turned towards my mother saying: and you I will punish you later …. I interrupted him saying: My mom isn't the cause I did this and I'm not regretting it , I won't allow you all settling bad customs and traditions in my life!!

Then my dad said with a broken tone: you don't give me any choice looks like you have to get married as soon as possible it seems that Mossa's mother was right you lost your mind, Mossa imprison her at her room.

then Mossa started dragging me to my room I was fighting back and screaming but I  didn't success because he is so strong he imprisoned me at my room and closed the door , I started to live

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