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Top of the Table Game: The Secret of Championship Billiards

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Top of the Table Game: The Secret of Championship Billiards by John Roberts, includes bonus chapters: Flukes, and Christmas Games and Strokes on the Billiard-Table. In this book you will learn how to play a winning game of English billiards. English billiards, called simply billiards in Great Britain, is a cue sport for two players or teams. Two cue balls (originally both white and one marked with a black dot, but more recently one white, one yellow) and a red object ball are used. Each player or team uses a different cue ball. It is played on a billiards table with the same dimensions as a snooker table and points are scored for cannons and pocketing the balls. English billiards has also, but less frequently, been referred to as "the English game", "the all-in game" and (formerly) "the common game". John Roberts Jr. (15 August 1847 – 23 December 1919) was a dominant Welsh professional player of English billiards. He was also a notable manufacturer of billiards cues and tables, and promoter of the sport.

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