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Afraid of Monsters No More: Bedtime Babies

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Afraid of Monsters No More: Bedtime Babies

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Six-year-old Arron has a hard time sleeping in his own room. Arron loves his room, just not at night. Mom and dad have tried everything to get Arron to sleep alone, but for Arron, that is not an option because he is scared. Will Arron get over his fear? What could possibly be lurking in Arron’s room? Read along to see how Arron’s parents help him get over his fear of sleeping alone.****4 stars by Readers Favorite Reviewer- Alyssa Elmore Do you have monsters under your bed? Are there monsters lurking in your closet, waiting for Mommy and Daddy to close your door? Afraid Of Monsters No More (Bedtimes Babies Book One) by Vanessa Santiago-Jerman is a young children's story about a little boy sleeping in his room by himself for the first time. Aaron is afraid of monsters. He sees them in his closet, on his walls, even in his toy chest. When Mommy tells Aaron that he will be sleeping in his own room tonight, Aaron is scared. He doesn't want to sleep in his room alone. There are monsters in his room! Mommy takes Aaron through his room with the light on and shows him that there are not any monsters in his room - not even under his bed. Aaron agrees to sleep alone but soon becomes so scared that he jumps into bed with Mommy and Daddy. Can Mommy find a way to help Aaron become comfortable sleeping in his room alone? Are there really monsters in Aaron's room? Or is Aaron just imagining things?Afraid of Monsters No More by Vanessa Santiago-Jerman is a cute bedtime story for children transitioning to sleeping alone. I loved this story. It is cute, and I believe it can help kids get over their fear of sleeping alone. It is beautifully illustrated with colorful pictures. I laughed when I read how Mommy thinks she can solve the problem of monsters because I have, in a moment of desperation, tried the same thing. This book is entertaining, with an engaging storyline and a good message. I would recommend this book to parents and children ready to transition from Mommy and Daddy's bed to their own room.

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