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Books In Spanish: Easy Stories to Practice Your Spanish 4 Books Bundle: B1 Intermediate Level

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Get Ready to Practice and Grow Your Vocabulary!
These 4 short novels are a great bargain.
This bundle contains four great novels you will enjoy while practicing your Spanish.

Included in this bargain intermediate level 4 book bundle:

Amor a Primera Vista
Susana is about to go to college... but she doesn't know that love is just around the corner waiting for her.
GENRE: Young Adult Romance

Mi Nombre es Sara G
Sara, a teenage girl, awakens to find herself trapped on an emerging revolution, she must choose between love and war.

GENRE: Adventure romance

El Ultimo Poema
A young woman is looking for books just to find herself on a downward spiral of love with a stranger.
Level: Mild, no sex scenes or sweating at all.
GENRE: Contemporary romance 

Deliciosas Conversaciones
A collection of short one page readings that will help you expand your vocabulary even more.
RATING: Fiction narrative.

I'm sure you will enjoy reading these books while practicing and improving your Spanish skills.

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