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LAMP: The Hidden Code

LAMP: The Hidden Code

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LAMP: The Hidden Code

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Nov 24, 2016


Can the Bible truly define man’s future and the world’s destiny? Can Scripture reveal a person’s eternal fate as seen through the eyes of God?

Embark upon a story that holds a long-lost secret enshrouded in darkness and mystery. An oracle, which, for an ageless millennium, has lain undiscovered within Scripture and obscured from the eyes of man. An enigmatic puzzle of knowledge, whose pieces all require alignment to reveal a distant language only once known and accessed by the elite of GOD. Travel with Jonathan on a journey through time and faith to discover the countless mysteries hidden within God’s Word.

The Lamp has been lit... the Light has been given... the secrets have been unlocked. We must only open our eyes to see.

Think it’s only fiction? Read for yourself, then you decide. It may just be a fiction turned to fact.

Nov 24, 2016

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LAMP - Gary Timm


Chapter 1


Casting away the darkness, a bitter-cold night faded fast as the break of dawn shone forth through a cloudless sky. Presuming yet another day of brutal heat, sweat dripped from our brows as our small team of archaeologists stood at the entrance of our man-made cave of chiseled stone.

This was the height of the year for record-breaking temperatures and unforgiving desert warmth… a terrain of blowing sand and little rain… a season, inhospitable to nearly all creatures. But it was clearly not the time for rest. Throttled only by the movement of time, our present residency here cautioned excitement as our entire journey directly hinged upon the next several minutes.

The location marked the very spot that would either reveal its fortune—breathing a new breath of joy into our lives… or deny us our fate—squandering countless hours of exhausting work, casting years of research into oblivion.

But we believed the odds were in our favor. Helping to disperse any doubts, a gratuitous garden of stone stretched over the horizon marring the desolate landscape with its influential passion. Renowned for its artifacts and bountiful biblical treasures, this was a place where the evidence of past civilizations could be lost for ages upon the sands of time. Keeping its secrets hidden from the eyes of men, rolling hills of wind-swept dunes continuously altered their course making it the perfect place for concealing this land’s myriads of treasures.

The cave found here, accounted for one of the many to be discovered within this geographic region. And like the many—with their biblical roots and ties—this cave's secrets claimed the same. Yet within its undisclosed boundaries, a long-forgotten enigma pretended to merit a quality far superior to any other archeological find yet unearthed.

Similar to an unopened Egyptian burial chamber, the sealed cavern provided the perfect sanctuary for its treasures. Lying unseen for centuries, this underground passage lingered untouched and preserved, virtually as if it had stepped through a portal of history from yesterday. Encapsulating its contents, and serving as an idealistic time machine, it lay in wait, forsaken, retaining its ambiguous relics from the ageless journey of mankind.

The large boulder residing at the cave's entrance forbade entry to all and had served its purpose well. It had provided the perfect barrier, disallowing access to the forces of nature, ancient grave robbers, and up until now, even civilized man.

Though yet to divulge the cave's evasive contents, most of us were certain this location would relinquish its long distant secret... a secret which would unlock not only knowledge of the past, but of the present, as well as the future. Almost as if bending the rules of archeology itself, this location held not the typical fortunes of gold and silver, but instead, purportedly harnessed an underground cache of intelligence and wisdom. Claiming to be an oracle of biblical proportions, it alleged a means of unraveling the bounds of heaven itself.

Still, uncertainty and perplexity abounded concerning the crusade. Intertwined with cultural rumors, and led blindly by legendary myths, our only ammunition for uncovering this uncommon treasure was urged mostly by curiosity.

Returning several months of strenuous work, the horizontal passageway lying before us gauged our only means of entry into the hidden chamber. Now, for the first time in millennia, rays of sunshine rested on the verge of penetrating the hollow boundaries of this once forgotten world. Excited to see whether this discovery would truly reveal what it claimed, our team of weary treasure hunters stood at the entrance with dirt-soiled skin and clothes.

Cutting into the bedrock, the cave’s abbreviated entrance catered the only natural relief from the torrid sun. I stepped into the shade, peeling off my cap to inaugurate it as a fan. The heat of the day was rising fast. If we were going to act, the time would have to be now.

Having room for only one, lots were drawn. And as if by some stroke of luck, or perhaps divine force, the obligation had fallen to me. I was the one chosen to establish primary visual entry and expose what lay hidden beyond the reaches of civilization and the light of day.

Flipping the lid of my thermos, I guzzled down the last several swallows of desert-warmed water before emptying pockets of personal belongings and effects. Nerves on edge, yet anxious to proceed, I crawled inside the dark recess of our entry shaft, it's constrictive passageway barely large enough for a single person and the removal of debris yet to be cleared.

Inching along, muscles groaned as I laboriously furrowed on hands, knees, and stomach through the miniscule cavity. Clambering over the remnants of rock and stone, knife-like shards tore at my flesh and prodded my every movement. Clicking on my twelve-volt lantern, the lump in my throat grew in proportion to my expectation. Cautiously I proceeded.

Eighteen feet in, I repositioned my arms in the narrow passage to extricate the final obstructing stone that prohibited visual inspection. Implementing every ounce of strength, I dislodged the barricade, tearing it free from its life-long dwelling. Pulling it close, a cool swell of air blew past as the dark cavern emptied its stagnant contents for the first time in two thousand years.

Pickaxe in hand, I cracked the stone into smaller pieces to allow for easier removal as airborne particles drew tears, burning my eyes and nostrils. Sliding the cumbersome fragments past my sand-filled torso, I eagerly shoved them to my cohorts waiting near the cavity's entrance.

Resting momentarily, I could hardly believe this moment had arrived. Face-to-face with an open chamber, my heart pounded with excitement, expectant of what might soon be found.

I again shifted, writhing my hands and arms against the casket-like tomb, positioning them beyond my head to redirect the lamp towards the forward path and into the foreboding darkness. Foraging past the last remaining loose stones, my thirst hastened as I maneuvered to reach the tunnel's end.

Contorting my body slightly upwards to the same angular incline as the tunnel, sweat permeated lacerations and wounds as I pushed forward. Reaching out in desperation, I now touched the shaft's extremity. With the exception of the single spotlight that guided my vision, my only companion was a reclusive cavern of darkness. Shadows of black commenced to obscure my sight as I gazed through the caliginous opening.

Erratically careening the light to and fro, I searched, attempting to lay focus on something… anything. The cave's vacuous hollow was immense.

My eyes caught focus of a target… and suddenly, there it was.

Whoa… it is true…!! I cried out, looking beneath me to the cave floor.

… and who would have ever thought? I paused, pondering the scenario that once played out here.

Repositioning the lantern to search again, I twisted my body for a better line of sight as countless questions garnished my mind. I swung my arms to the other side.

What was that? I let loose, stunned by a reflected flash of movement from the light’s penetrating beam.

Refocusing, I took a deep breath to help steady my nerves and slow my approach. Moving ever so easy, eyes narrowed upon the field of vision set forth by the lamp as I commanded strict authority over arms and hands which guided the beam, searching for the right angle.

Abruptly, the cave’s walls lit up…

Whoa, would you look at that… I proclaimed, shaking my head in wonder.

With fervor and zeal, an inward cry bellowed out its emotions, unfurling my voice in an explosion of excitement.

Whoo-hoo…!! This is it! I yelled.

Amplified echoes immediately resounded amidst subterranean walls of the mountain's vast hollow.

At that moment, all deemed good. The treasure of this mountain's cleft had been opened. The long awaited search for this bounty had been won. I was certain this moment would be recorded in the analogs of time as a dawning new day in the history of archeology.

Chapter 2


Many weeks had passed from the time we first broke light into the isolated and secretive cavern that lay hidden for ages. Since that day, all known artifacts had been identified, tagged, and removed. We were yet waiting for the results of DNA, carbon dating, and expert analysis, of which we were all expectant.

Still, there lurked an aura of uncertainty as the cave refused to give up its obscure secrets. The questions raised, at present, were more perplexing than ever. In fact, a few within our group commenced to wonder if the mysteries could ever be resolved. Regardless of our thoughts and opinions, we all admitted there was much more research to be done. But for now, all we could do is wait.

Across the region, the wrathful vengeance of a fierce dust storm had moved in through the course of the night. Disallowing all but the courageous and brave to face the outdoor elements, it temporarily delayed our expedition as we took refuge.

Protected within the shelter of a Jerusalem cafe, twenty miles north of our discovery, my lifelong friend and archeology partner, David Briggs, sat across from me sharing breakfast and a cup of morning brew. Excited from what we had already unearthed and what may yet lie hidden from our eyes, I began the conversation, attempting to stir optimism.

What do you think, David? All this looks promising, doesn't it?

Too early to tell, he replied, taking small sips at his coffee, still too hot to drink.

Come on... you know as well as I, there has to be something more to this. Can't you even consider the possibility that the artifacts fit in with the same phenomenon spoken of by the locals? There's no other way to explain the legends. Not to mention, the hard-shell evidence of what we've uncovered—nothing like this has ever been found before!

Rubbing his eyes and pulling his arms back over his head to stretch, he said nothing. His only sound, claimed a raspy tone coming forth in a yawn.

Still searching for the least bit of cheer in his solemn face, I brazenly added, David, what happened? When we first started this escapade, you were as excited as everyone else. Now it seems you could care less.

With a stern brow, David replied, Jonathan…we've been over this several times. You know as well as I… our discovery is incredible. But it's yet to be proven of any value or worth. For all we know this could be something perfectly useless. To be honest, this may even be some hoax set up by pranksters years ago, we just don't know.

A hoax! I can't believe you would even say that! You’ve even said before, there were many prophets… maybe these were the same. How else would you explain the Scrolls? Who would go to that amount of work to create a hoax?

Jonathan, I've told you this before, and at the risk of sounding redundant, I'll say it again: The Bible is God's Word, and to think that these Scrolls hold any greater value than what God has already given us may be a little far-fetched. Experts will examine them, and for whatever reason they were created, we'll then know.

What about the boulder? Huh, David…? How do you explain that? Why would someone go to such great lengths on relocating a massive stone if they weren't intentionally aiming to hide something?

David raised his hands in a calming motion.

Jonathan… please, he said, placidly peering out the window at the blowing sand. Let’s just wait and see...

It was obvious my optimism was a little too eager for David at such an early morning hour. And it seemed strange that I was the one trying to convince David of something concerning God. Typically, it was the other way around.

By all definitions of the word, David was a true Christian… and no one needed to remind him that God was real. With his deep religious roots, he would profoundly state his opinion concerning the topic of God, no matter what the situation.

In the same manner, he would never allow anyone or anything to get in the way of his relationship with God. And such was the case with our discovery. Without one-hundred-percent, absolute, documented proof—in his eyes—there was no truth. Not to say he didn't exhibit curiosity; our whole team did. But David would quickly dismiss any and every artifact that was not in accordance with his biblical roots.

In this fashion, the speculation concerning our discovery was highly debated. And in all honesty, I had to admit, no one yet knew exactly what we had stumbled across. Although there were strong indications that our find hinged directly upon a biblical foundation—or more specifically, an enhanced understanding of God's Word—we could prove nothing. Lacking expert analysis, we were solely throwing conjecture to the wind. But given a bit more time, I was sure things would change, and I was certain David's pessimistic opinion would shift toward the better.

Besides, I knew his current obstinate attitude was to be expected. Mornings were not his thing. Then again, my idea of knocking on his hotel door at three o’clock in the morning did little to constitute the greatest achievement in my life. Overwhelmed by a desire for our team to return to the dig site, my enthusiasm got the best of me. As it was, my actions proved worthless and in vain. Defeated by the early morning windstorm, we were held as hostages, and could go nowhere, anyways.

But all accounted good. David, by nature, ranked a very forgiving person and my brandishing disturbance was soon forgotten. He did, however, prove a valid point with his remark that I try to avoid subsequent future reoccurrences being he was not an early bird and never desired worms. I completely agreed. I didn't like worms either. Thus, I promised to refrain from any such future outbreaks or episodes.

Due to these happenings, David just needed a little more time to wake up. Give him a few minutes and he would be back to his normal joyous self. Besides, I knew David to be a very conservative-minded person, and deep down inside he felt as excited as I concerning our find. We both knew, regardless of what the Scrolls held, nothing similar had been found elsewhere.

For now, though, I felt it best to downplay my enthusiasm and digress from any further conversation. Still, I couldn't help but replay what had transpired over the last several months and the chain of events that were etched into my mind.

* * *

Three years prior, our travels had led us to a small remote village in an eastern region of Israel, just west of the Dead Sea. Revolving around an intriguing rumor concerning a legendary cave which housed ancient scrolls, this marked the beginning of our quest.

Local people asserted that these scrolls held a long lost secret… an ancient wisdom of vast wealth and riches regarding biblical scriptures. Their claims vowed that if found, its treasure could unlock the mysteries of Creation, giving new insight into the mind of God, as never before.

Fascinated with their tales, and having little else to go on, we set out on a journey to search out these stories of antiquity in order to determine any literal foundation of fact.

Centuries old literature, obscure journals, and crude papyrus maps held minimal clues to the rumors that abounded. Yet, part of the cornerstone of validation in the quest, were artifacts only recently unearthed claiming a similar synopsis within their truncated text. After several months of determined effort and extended research, our team of archaeologists finally traced a path of this folklore to a mountain cave within the southeastern hills of Israel.

Thus began the manual labor. But as we would soon find, attempts at excavating the site weren't without their hindrances. We were up against a dilemma, quite unusual.

A large boulder, twenty feet in diameter, blocked the entrance only a few feet in. As if carved or reconfigured to fill the opening perfectly, it seemed impossible for us to imagine how a stone of such magnitude could have been reassigned to its current location by human hands. Yet still, there it was.

Notable differences in strata and sedimentary layers between the boulder’s edge and the wall of the cave made us certain that this was not a coincidental formation of nature. The large stone had undeniably been placed there. This, along with known Hebrew words etched upon the cave wall— partially visible, and partially concealed— made it clear that something of more value lay obscured and hidden beyond the obstruction.

Regardless of how the stone was positioned there, it had to be surpassed. Loose sand and fragile limestone dismissed the possibility of using force or detouring around it due to the risk of cave-ins and destroying whatever artifacts may exist. We just couldn’t be sure of avoiding damage to what ever lay on the other side. Our only option in gaining access was to bore straight through. Quarrying rock, and implementing hand pick and axe, we meticulously proceeded.

Early on, as the integrity of the dig was based upon local legends, we weren't even certain anything of importance lie beyond the obscuring rock. For this reason funding the project was difficult. An archaeological dig with no guarantees of relics to be found proved to be a nearly futile task. Many a dig in the Holy Land had been pursued solely in anticipation of finding relevant scriptural proof of Israel's right to ownership. For ours, the biblical clues were minimal, placing doubt on any relevance or need for the Israeli State itself to get involved. Other than our own suspicions concerning rumored gossip and biblical connections, the cave was a mystery unlike anything we had previously encountered. The reality was, no one seemed interested in pursuing common folklore that had little basis for fact. Nine months alone was spent seeking out and, at times, begging investors to finance a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. The effort eventually deemed worthy, finding a source of revenue through a partnership with Professor Edward R. Kraden, a well established archaeologist who had, himself, made numerous important discoveries. Yielding enough funds to secure the project, Professor Kraden was donned lead archaeologist as we moved forward.

Gaining access several weeks back, David and I knew that we had hit upon an archaeological find only imagined by some. Years of agonizing work and determined effort had paid off. The seal of this lost treasure had finally been disclosed. But little did I know, from that moment on, my life would change forever.

My lamp shone through the rough-hewn stone into a cavern of darkness. Without so much as a grave, the bones of the two deceased lay open and in perfect order for all to see. Propped up against the cave wall, the skeletal hands of one held the remnants of a well-aged Leather Scroll, carved with lettering. The hands of the other clutched one of several Stone Tablets, all black in color that lay scattered throughout the cave’s chamber.

Caught by surprise, my intrusive light revealed a curious spectacle. While panning the debris field of Black Stone Tablets, gold lettering reflected back pictographic Hebrew characters, displaying shafts of light in a cosmic lightshow upon the cave's walls.

As my maiden survey reached completion, each of the others would take their turn, venturing through the small chiseled opening to see this spectacle, and witness what else lay beyond.

With each individual's endeavor, questions filled our minds: What did the reflective text contain? Who wrote the Scrolls that lay thrown about? For what reason had this cave become the tomb of the poor souls enclosed therein? What was the purpose for the large stone blocking the cave's entrance?

Emotions raced in anticipation to disclose these oddities… and with each trip, each of us felt compelled to step on through to the other side. Nevertheless, restraint was in order. Even though the barrier to this world had been broken… for now, we could only rest.

Strict protocol would have to be observed, with all artifacts being left untouched and unmoved. Adhering to professional guidelines, the Israeli Authorities would have to be informed and called in… countless photos taken… and everything carefully documented.

Days would pass in wonder and curiosity as we patiently awaited their arrival. During the course of this interval, our eyes would take in every viable element available as our lamps cut through the carved opening into a cavernous chamber of darkness.

Yet upon one of my undertakings in crossing over, something interesting caught my attention. Scarcely visible, and crested upon the far end of the cave's embankment, nestled an inscription: The Lamp of Yahweh, Wisdom of the Dawning Light...

Chapter 3


Coldness swelled of its boundaries from every corner. Lacking the usual trappings of dresser, chair and television, the hotel room lay bare and empty, sparingly placed of most modern accommodations. Sunlight, which channeled a path of noticeable light into the lowly dwelling, typically emitted a modest windowed aperture at the room's edge. However, such was not the case today. Only the vagueness of a cloud-covered sky slumbered visible beyond the far side of the casing.

Digesting further the room's contents, a bleak mannerism befell every nook and crevice of its interior, leaving the room hopelessly and defiantly void of any character of life.

Upon the wall, in the darkened shadows, hung a duet of eight-by-ten framed reproductions portraying Adam and Eve, and the notorious battle of David facing Goliath. Pale and diminished, their aged appearance proclaimed antiquity since the day of their inception.

Across the room, wrenching my gaze from all else, a single light gave forth the room's sole source of artificial luminescence. Creating a sorrowful atmosphere, its vintage covering lacked cheer and expression, casting a dull shade of gray upon its exterior.

Yet upon closer inspection, I considered how the lighting could in some way, be interpreted festive and intentional as the shaded candelabra-style lamp shown directly beneath an over-sized mural of Moses standing firm, arms raised, staff in hand, before the Red Sea. With an iridescence highlighting its center, Moses amplified the central theme, broadcasting attention, while walls of water on either side appeared parted by glowing beams of light.

Just as the age and hallmark of these paintings signified the absence of any New Testament references, so too did they boldly proclaim our current location.

Are we going to be stranded in Jerusalem forever? I questioned David, his body relaxed crossways on the bed, feet propped against the wall, reading the Bible. I mean, really… is this storm ever going to end? What day are we on, anyways?

Five, I believe, David calmly replied.

Seems more like a month… I grumbled. Have you ever seen a storm last this long?

Nope…never, David replied, again speaking in a serene, tranquil voice.

Nervously tapping my pencil on the page of my puzzle book, I plodded and trudged my way to the far side of the room. Reaching the window's edge, I temporarily broke from the concentration of my cryptogram to, once again, look through the dense cloud in an attempt to detect any signs of visible life. Except for the occasional straggler, and a few brave souls with face-covered apparel, there was none. Saddened by the view, I turned to continue my unrelenting saunter across the small hotel room floor and, again, question David.

How can you be so calm? Aren't you the least bit upset with being cooped up in here? Don't you realize we've got other, more important things to do? A large remainder of our work has yet to be done! We can't just spend the rest of our lives as prisoners here!

Whether we like it or not, what options do we have? asked David, rolling over to a sitting position on the bed's edge. Neither one of us has the ability to alter the course of the weather. Getting upset changes nothing.

Well, I hope it ends soon... I demanded, apprehensively grabbing an alternate puzzle book near the lamp stands base. I'm on my last few pages of crosswords.

Jonathan, life isn't merely about puzzles. There are many other things to do besides that. Why don't you relax... maybe, take some time to read the Bible? When you were younger, you use to enjoy reading and hearing about it.

David, I've told you this before... I just don't understand it. Besides, where do I have time to commit to an 800,000-word book? I've got too many other things to do... My whole life is ahead of me.

"Exactly. Your whole life is ahead of you... and that's why you should take the time."

But I need something more... something that really challenges my mind. You know as well as I, that's what got me into the field of archeology in the first place. It always leaves one guessing, trying to figure out why, when, and how. In between the professional aspect of things, I have to keep my mind sharp and alert. These puzzles do exactly that. God doesn't offer anything like that, now does He?

Jonathan, honestly... if you just took the time—the same as you do with solving those puzzles—then you might just have a chance at figuring out what God has to say. There are still many unsolved mysteries within the Bible which are yet to be fully understood. One is the Four Living Creatures—the Lion, the Ox, the Man, and the Eagle. I truly don't believe we've hit on the importance or the real value of what they entail. The Book of Revelation and the sequence of events stemming forward with End Times Prophecy is another. Many believe they know the answer, but as with others throughout history, it's only a person's best guess. These are only a couple of examples, there are countless others. With your ability to solve riddles, you could probably understand these concepts better than most biblical scholars.

So, yeah… I used to read the Bible... but what's there to understand? With all the different denominational faiths, everyone seems to have their own interpretation, with nobody willing to agree. Where’s the truth in that? How can we measure up to God's standards if we can't even determine what that is?

That's the reason for studying. God's Word has to make sense within us. The more we study, the more we understand… and the further we grow in faith. God tells us quite plainly the basics of salvation: repentance, forgiveness, giving love, and following God's commands. We can't even begin to get to a godly level of understanding unless we follow the ancient pathways He's established. It requires a dedicated effort. To just lay back and do nothing gets us nowhere. Frankly, Jonathan, those puzzles you mess with could hardly measure up to something that God desires from us.

If I'm not mistaken, I said in retaliation, I think I see a tad bit of a judgmental attitude. Don't you think your criticism may be wrong? Besides, it's not that I don't believe God exists; I just don't have the desire of spending every waking minute in prayer. What's wrong with that?

Jonathan, I'm not trying to find fault, but sometimes we just have to call it like it is. Acknowledging sin is the first step toward salvation. Correcting it is the next step. As I mentioned before, God requires dedication. Just to believe, isn't enough. Satan and his angels also believe Jesus is the Messiah. In fact, they were there at Jesus' side dishing out pain while He hung on the cross. To think we can attain salvation by simply strapping a saddle to the back of Jesus and lazily riding our way into heaven is absurd. Where's the dedication in that?

Well, what's the harm in doing puzzles? I'm using the mind that God has given me. It takes considerable diligence and patience to figure these out. Countless hours can be spent on just one crossword. Why would He have given me this ability if it wasn't meant for me to use it?

"Again, Jonathan, I'm not trying to sound harsh, but to spend every free moment figuring out every single word in every single puzzle seems a bit crazy. Why not spare a few minutes a day here and there just talking with God, or reading His Word? What could it hurt? To tell you the truth, at present, your path is following a career similar to a nuclear scientist. They, too, prefer tedious hours spent on finding solutions to long-winded, riddle-like equations without ever taking a break. And quite ironically, many of them also live blindly, trenchant on exploring God's creation for the definition of life, without ever once enterprising the thought that God is really what they're looking for under their electron microscopes or at the ends of their telescopes. Think about it… How can someone search for something called a god particle, but never acknowledge the existence of God? What sense does that make?"

David, I have just one question… Am I'm getting on your nerves?

Harnessing a sarcastic voice, I egged him on further, "And

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