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This book is designed to give players that are having difficulty with consistency, consistent easy ways to learn the shots in pool through a new perspective in shot making that works very well. This perspective is a reference that is the same for every shot on the table becoming a key part of developing the players depth perception which allows him to achieve higher levels in the game of pool. The technique is a simple 3 step process that is exceptional to learn to play shots by. This material was so strong for playing pool that immediately after this writing the author was able to reverse engineer the process of playing Pool with Side Spin which is featured in the 2nd book in this series The Flight of the Cue Ball. Players who are serious about their games or just love the game, should not be without the books in this series. The Aiming Techniques in this series are new and original material unpublished anywhere else. They are easy to learn and crystal clear to understand leading to excellence in the game of Pool.
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When I came back to playing pool in 2005 I saw a lot of people that wanted to be able to play better and they seemed to be looking for answers. So I made my reentry into the game about finding the best solutions to the questions that players seek.

On my journey, one day I was watching Pool videos on the internet and I came across an interview with Efren Reyes that really got my attention. The interviewer said Efren, People refer to you as The Magician because of how well you play. Can you tell you tell us how you make your shots? Then in his humble manner he said, I let the edge of the ball, tell me what to do.

This simple explanation told me that there was a way to simplify aiming and shot making, so that is what I set out to do. I began a study to find the most inclusive, universal and easiest to explain technique that would lead a player to being able to understand and use his Pool Player instincts. I felt if you first understand how you do what you do, that you could learn to apply and use your feel for the game based on things you absolutely know.

You will find that my techniques are crystal clear and easy to learn, producing accuracy and confidence. This confident accuracy leads to Excellence.

My techniques start in this book with Center Ball Aiming Technique and are finished in my next book, The Flight of the Cue Ball in which I fully explain how to aim and make the shots using Side Spin. This is a complete reverse engineering of the Side Spin process into easily learnable data. All new copyrighted original material.

I put the Center Ball aiming technique out by itself as Volume 1, so you can see and experience my base Aiming Technique by itself. I make it affordable for you to try my techniques and see how well they work. I include all of it together in The Flight of the Cue Ball for a complete explanation of the art of Aiming and Shot Making with Side Spin in one place. I also explain the art of Passover and Back Cut Bank Shots in my most affordable ebook, Robbing the Bank Shot!

My aiming technique is very good, but if you have one that is working for you, I will be able to teach you how to make the necessary adjustments in order to play with Side Spin in the next book. It felt very natural for me to continue my aiming technique into a full explanation of Side Spin and this tells me that my techniques are very strong for the player. They are also original and inclusive in nature and will assist and make stronger any technique you currently