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On the Edge

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On the Edge

Longitud: 339 página5 horas


Ruth Jordan has been a battler all her life - until a surprise inheritance catapults her into a strange new world of affluence. Clinging to her roots, she cautiously uses her unaccustomed wealth and time to support other women doing it tough. And that's how Rachael Anders explodes into her life.

Desperate to protect Rachael's three young boys from the destruction swirling around them, Ruth is sucked further and further into their troubled lives. At the same time she's forced to confront the heart-stopping ghosts of her own failed family ... and all the while she's tentatively edging towards a new relationship.

With help from her friend Annie Bryce, Ruth gradually gains confidence to deal with the challenges se faces. Annie is a minor but pivotal character in this multi-layered novel, a sounding board for the many characters each in pursuit of the same elusive goal: their happiness.

Set on the edge of the Australian tropics, on the cusp between a dry brown land and the tempestuous sea, between stormy skies and stormier relationships, 'On the Edge' explores family bonds and fractures - and how far desperation can drive us all.

This is a complex, moving and intriguing novel from the author of the popular 'Annie Bryce' mystery series.

Some responses to the 'Annie Bryce' mystery series:

'Noad skilfully builds the tension and revels in her characters and locations ... in a word - compelling (The Gold Coast Bulletin:
'Highly intelligent - a gripping read' (Ian Callinan, novelist and former High Court Justice)

'Engrossing ... not just hard to put down - it's impossible. (Scope Magazine)

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