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The Collected Works of John Dewey: The Complete Works PergamonMedia

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This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works or all the significant works - the Œuvre - of this famous and brilliant writer in one ebook - 5870 pages easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate:
• Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education
• How We Think
• Moral Principles in Education
• The Child and the Curriculum
• Human Nature and Conduct
• Creative Intelligence: Essays in the Pragmatic Attitude, James Hayden Tufts, Addison Webster Moore, Harold Chapman Brown, George H. Mead, Boyd Henry Bode, Henry Waldgrave Stuart, and Horace Meyer Kallen
• Reconstruction in Philosophy
• Leibniz's New Essays Concerning the Human Understanding
• Ethics and James Hayden Tufts
• Psychology and Social Practice
• Studies in Logical Theory
• Letters from China and Japan and Harriet Alice Chipman Dewey
• Essays in Experimental Logic
• German philosophy and politics
• China, Japan and the U.S.A.
• etc.

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