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How Pete met Lizard, Happy Friends Series

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How Pete met Lizard, Happy Friends Series

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This children story will teach your little one that something magical can happen when you try to see the best in every situation. You make new friends... and discover that clouds do taste like ice-cream! This is Book 1 in Happy Friends Series and where it all begins. "Happy Friends" Series nurtures positivism, imagination, empathy, friendship, generosity, adventure and, of course, they have happy-endings. Pete is an ordinary elephant with an EXTRA-ordinary gift. But he is alone in a forest where he suddenly found himself, one rainy afternoon. How he got there and will he remain alone forever and ever? A heartwarming story to read to your child or for the older sibling to enjoy on his or her own. Promises at least a smile per page, why don't you find it?
This book series is a 5 Stars Reader's Favorite: "Happy Friends is a treasure to be enjoyed and shared over and over again."

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