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Practical Digital Landscape Photography

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Practical Digital Landscape Photography

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Want to actually photograph landscapes and prominent features in the landscape, rather than read endless theory? Practical Digital Landscape Photography has been designed and written so that whatever your skill level, you can jump right in and discover how to photograph mountains and hills, waterfalls, harbours, windmills and watermills, woods, country houses and even cities at night. Each topic chapter is self-contained - just go straight to the information you need regarding composition, camera settings, metering and light.

The basics haven't been forgotten though, as the book starts with chapters on the benefits of different levels of gear and what the golden hour is all about. Even if it's raining or cloudy, there are still photographic opportunities, as the chapter on bad weather photography explains. When you have your digital photos, read through the darkroom chapter for an oversight on the best processes to bring them to life. Concluding with a 2000 word glossary of common digital terms and featuring over 100 digital photographs, this is an accessible and, above all, practical guide to shooting outdoors.

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