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The Wye Sequence

The Wye Sequence

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The Wye Sequence

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Aug 28, 2016


The world is filled with people who will use the excuse of their birth and upbringing as reasons why they act the way they do. "The Wye Sequence" is the transitional period of the characters' lives and the consequences of their decisions.

"Memorial Park" is a sensory tour of the 9-1-1 Memorial Park in New York City. Through the character's ears, readers will experience the sounds of the park, contrasting its quite serenity with the bustling city surrounding it.

"Phoenix" is a flash fiction story. After wrecking his Ford Fairlane drag racing, Derek is in the hospitalized. As his wife, Thea, berates his decisions, he reminisces about his emotional attachment to the car and his father. Thea demands to know which is more important, his car or his family?

The short vignette, "Grief" describes the weight of depression through the sense of touch. Shadow the character as she goes through the motions of dressing for the funeral of a loved one. Feel how the simple everyday items weigh on a body filled with sorrow and remorse.

The short story, "Recrudescence", recounts the tribulations of Tristan. For ten years, Tristan has bore the brunt of his father's grief and anger, after losing his mother, brother, and sister to a house fire, on his birthday. How much longer does he have to pay for something that wasn't his fault?

"The Patient" is a short vignette that follows a doctor's diagnostic assessment of a homeless veteran. Follow the doctor's olfactory diagnosis, as she assesses the man's complaint and symptoms.

"The Family Secret" is an index story about a young girl, abused by her father. The story follows the girl's misfortunes and accomplishments throughout her life. Track a young girl entering adulthood, left alone with a father she trusted, who broke that trust. Monitor her under her parents' care until she has the courage to escape into the unknown world. Survey her moves as she tries to make a new life for herself away from those who hurt her the most.

The short mystery, "Instinctive Aperçu", shadows private investigator, Mickey, as he disproves the police's theory that Milly's death was an accident. Milly is found in a locked house, alone. There are no signs of a break-in or a struggle. How can her death be anything but an accident?

In the short sci-fi, "The Magisterial Savior", Atraxerxes has stolen everything from Princess Cassia of Ataraxia. He has killed her family, and forced her into slavery on Axiom. In a final act of defiance, Cassia wages a standoff between herself and Atraxerxes' army.

"Survival", a flash fiction, touts a battle of wills between a strong government agent, Staunch, and an obdurate witness. Staunch sequesters the witness in a motel room, hoping to cajole her into testifying. Her unyielding response infuriates him. He is ordered to release her, but does so on his terms.

"Justice Served" is the comedic version of Survival. Using a fun house, Nanna defends herself against Rahim and his men. Having entered Witness Protection, and been sent to live in the country, Nanna believed she was safe from Rahim. Then he found her. Not depending on the Feds to protect her any longer, Nanna devised a scheme to free herself of Rahim once and for all.

Aug 28, 2016

Sobre el autor

Jade Vergus is an author and a teacher. She has published one book, Silent Flower: Can You Hear The Screams?. As the first of her family to graduate college and earn a graduate degree, she is a zealot for education. She incorporates little known facts, like the bit about smelling a cold on a person in the short story The Patient, into each of her stories. Jade holds various degrees in English and medicine. She is currently working on a degree in Creative Writing. Having grown up as mix of Puerto Rican and African American, Jade countered the stereotypes by allowing her actions to resonate more than her words. You can visit her at her website listed below.

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The Wye Sequence - Jade Vergus


A Collection of Short Stories About Life Changing Decisions


Published by Jade Vergus

Copyright 2016 Jade Vergus

Cover Design: Copyright © AngryDirector, 2016

All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

About This Book

Memorial Park




The Patient

The Family Secret

Instinctive Aperçu

The Magisterial Savior


Justice Served

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About This Book

Railroad tracks may contain a triangular junction called a wye junction. This junction will have a switch that allows trains to move from one track to another, bypassing an oncoming train or changing lines. Sometimes, the junction is just used to allow a train to turn around. The wye junction is necessary to keep the rail system functioning smoothly.

Like the railroad switch for which this book is named after, there has been point in all of our lives where we have had to choose whether to turn right, left, or completely turn around. For most of us, we wish we had taken the road not traveled. We wished we had turned right instead of left. Sometimes, we even wish we could go back where we came from. This collection of short stories is based on the choices that characters made. It is not the what if stories. It is the I have the choice, so this is what I choose story.

In my career, I have watched many people use their upbringing and their past as an excuse. I have also seen many people use their past and upbringing as inspiration. This book is dedicated to those who have not let their beginnings keep them down. I hope it inspires others to not settle for what they have always had, but to strive for what they can become.

Memorial Park

The city is a place alive with a cacophony of noise. However, here at the 9-11 Memorial Park, there is a veiled repose to the air. Upon entering, the soft tingling of the water in the memorial pool greets all visitors. The sound is accompanied by the silent sniffles of mourners softly crying over the names of lost loved ones.

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