Leadership - A Formula for Success

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Leadership - A Formula for Success

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This book reveals a unique formula for successful leadership. It is based on a ten-week leadership training programme which reached the finals of the UK National Training Awards. Condensed into ten easy-to-read modules, it will help you build the strong interpersonal skills you need to become a successful leader. The program has delivered measurable, lasting results since 1997. Written by an experienced man manager, coach and trainer it is peppered with practical examples to illustrate the key learning points. In the book you will learn: - A Formula for Leadership as profound as E = mc2 - The Power of Behaviour - How your team can become Winners & Heroes - Leadership is as simple as A-B-C - How to harness the Vanilla Effect and watch motivation soar - The 5 key steps to build trust and rapport - The Assertiveness Toolbox - How to supercharge your team for success - Ten proven steps to successful Leadership
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