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44.15 El Camino Del Diablo

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44.15 El Camino Del Diablo

Longitud: 169 página3 horas


A new collection of enjoyable and entertaining Western fiction. Jump into an 1850 stage coach with a haughty Boston School teacher and enjoy the bumpy humorous ride,or maybe you’d rather enjoy joining a rogue named Ebanezzer Farnsworth as he and his goodtime girl carry a stinky casket to a gold digging conclusion. Maybe you’d prefer trailing a Jackass named Fresno to a gold cache somewhere along the terrible El Camino del Diablo( the highway of the Devil) only to encounter a startling conclusion to another Mystery. Join young orphan Josh as he follows the Bible teachings in bringing peace and riches to an old Farmer. Finally, lend a hand to a Civil War Amputee as he and his gun fighting wife Annie try to find Uncle Walt’s gold mine.
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