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Fawley's Front Line: A Century of Fire-fighting and Rescue

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Fawley's Front Line: A Century of Fire-fighting and Rescue

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In one of the most at-risk areas of the country, firefighting and preparedness are no laughing matter. Home to the UK's largest refinery, Fawley is vulnerable to petrochemical fires, making the fire service vital to the town's infrastructure. Roger Hansford documents the provision and response of the local fire brigades through the century, not least with the threat of terrorism in the modern age. After having been established after several major incidents, Fawley's fire station was stood down from full- to part-time crewing, and for the first time the story of this station and of Waterside's private fire brigades is told. From loading ships with explosives for war to the development of the fire engine and firefighting through the century, this book will fascinate firefighters, historians and locals alike.
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