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God Has Your Back

God Has Your Back

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God Has Your Back

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Jun 25, 2016


You are not alone. Never have been. Never will be. God always has your back.

An inspiring look at the very real truth that S/He is always with you.

Read, enjoy and come to know the peace of mind that comes with knowing that God Always Has Your Back

Jun 25, 2016

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Here’s the incredible story of how Wee Dilts came to write these dynamite self help E courses. Wee started as a physical education teacher. Her awareness of the need for a special “Opportunity P.E.” classes for the potential drop out students led her to create such a class and programs today are  modeled after her pilot program. She next earned degrees in counseling and psychology and spent the next several years counseling, her special interests automatically drew her to the troubled fringe group. She then developed a curriculum of four classes for these students, whereby many graduated that would certainly have slipped through the cracks without this program. Wee met her own crisis with alcohol. For thirty plus years she has been a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Simultaneously with sobriety she began the study of New Age Metaphysical teachings. She writes self help articles and ebooks based on these philosophies. When she switched careers to Real Estate, Once again she saw a need for a Flat Fee Multiple Listing program which would help For Sale by Owners save money. She created the first such Flat Fee Real Estate Franchise. She wrote the Training manuals which are now available at http://changeyourlifeebooks.com    You can readily see she has the life experiences and training to give you expert guidance and show you How to Change Your Life. That’s what we offer here at  Change Your Life E books.

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God Has Your Back - Wee Dilts


Table of Contents


Stop Trying to Control

The Little Engine That Could

What To Do


Your Year of Weekly Reminders


Suggested Reading

Origin of God Has Your Back

So what does it mean God has my back? What does the term got your six mean? Where did it originate?

It means S/He will be looking out for your safety when you are not, or cannot . . .

I ve come to know God as my Mother/Father. I know God as S/He. This works for me. Like the balance of Ying and Yang. I often use S/He to reference God.

My biggest mistake on this journey has been denying God for most of my life,

not so much denying as just short changing God’s importance.

I ve been afraid to give him/her free reign; afraid to let him/her be the senior


Why wouldn’t we want a senior partner who has infinite wisdom, infinite power

and infinite love? Beats me.

Anyway, don’t let how I perceive God get in your way of enjoying the read.

You can substitute your concept and whatever you call God.

Wherever I have used S/He, interject your own word. You don’t need to accept my concept. Use your own and we can both grow as we come to believe, to

know, to accept that God Has Our Back. 'We've got your back', is an idiom.

It's pretty much the same as I've got your six o'clock, another idiom.

Both expressions come from the old pilot system in which directions correspond to hours on the clock, where 12 o'clock is forward and six is your back.

In the military, got your six means I’ve got your back. The saying originated with World War I fighter pilots referencing the rear of an airplane as the six o’clock position.

If you picture yourself at the center of a clock face, the area directly in front of you is twelve o’clock. Six o’clock is what lies behind you.

Got you covered means things are under control. You don’t have to do it; God will.

Gotcha covered means you don’t have to do anything. Seeds just grow. Time ticks on.  You don’t control it. Day becomes night. After rain comes sun etc.

You are protected, assured, watched over and  taken care of.

When all else fails, go within and Listen . . . S/He speaks. S/He always has your back. God’s got you covered.

This doesn’t mean you’ll not have hurdles, difficulties, and conflict. It means

you’ll handle them with God at your back.

You’ll begin to experience a sense of team ship - More and more you’ll come to know the feeling I’m not alone.

Always looking backward; will cause you to fall down. S/He will pick you up.

You’ll gain confidence, knowing God has your six.

Partners face life together; they have each others back. Good or bad.

Times of great sorrow and times of great joy; both

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