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The Style Guide

The Style Guide

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The Style Guide

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Jul 3, 2014


Take a journey through the evolution of style with New
Zealand’s top styling consultant, Angela Stone. Discover
and create your own signature look, uncover elegance
and the powers that fashion possesses to transform you
and your confidence.
The Style Guide is a fashion bible, it has everything
you will ever need to know and includes exclusive tips
and tricks on how to dress for your shape, in addition
it teaches you valuable advice on how to remain
glamorous whatever the occasion.
With over 25 years experience working in the industry,
Angela Stone knows a thing or two about how to dress.
Learn from the best, it is your time to explore the world
of fashion and experience your own styling success.
“Style is more about how you wear your clothing than
what you wear. It’s not just about age-appropriate
dressing, but it’s also about style-appropriate dressing.
Today, clothes are ageless. Dressing with style is about
having the confidence in your fashion choices.”

Jul 3, 2014

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The Style Guide - Angela Stone


inspiration and guidance for timeless style


The Style Guide is dedicated to my inspirational Grandmother, Nana Lea, who gave me everything. I am forever grateful for your love, compassion and support.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2014 by Angela Stone

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Angela Stone Consulting Ltd

PO Box 410

Christchurch Mail Centre

Christchurch, New Zealand










Most ladies ask me What is my style? and How can I have more of it? Well, ladies, here is your style guide on achieving the style you have always wanted. You all need to understand that you do have a natural style and, yes, you can look sensational every day. Style is truly individual and it can be developed more. It’s your unique personality that shines through. I find that the more you work on yourself the more style you can create. Most people ask me to help define their style. Some want to update their image and most importantly clients want to look sensational every day. Looking good says a lot about you. Attractive people are perceived as being successful, wealthy, independent and strong. What it takes is effort and commitment to stay looking good. So here’s how you are going to achieve great style.

One of the first things we need to look at is how do you actually feel about yourself? I have always said to my clients: I can put beautiful clothes on anyone but if you are not feeling good about yourself nothing is going to look right. It’s important that you understand the concept of style from within—it’s a feeling of confidence that shines all around you. It’s all about how you feel and what you project. You need to have a healthy self-worth and a great self-image because this is what your presentation will project to those around you.

Your Image tells people who you are and what you represent. When you care about how you look you build confidence in yourself, in others and you project credibility. Your image communicates your message before you even say a word. Have you ever stopped to think what does my mirror say about me? Your mirror reflects how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside.

Your image must reflect great self-worth. Self-worth is not about how much money you have it’s about how much self-respect you have! I have met so many women that can’t even look in the mirror. It’s so sad to watch these women and I find it to be such a painful experience. At some point in their lives someone has said something to knock their confidence. Everyone needs to be happy with what they see in the mirror, as the mirror doesn’t lie. You need to be able to stand in front of it and embrace who you are. Talk to yourself and start to like your reflection.

When you positively respect yourself, you will increase your self-worth and the opportunity for success in all areas of your life.


Stylish women spend years quietly learning the flow and feel of fabric, the shades and shadows of colours, the complexities of cut that complement them which creates their style.

Style is more about how you wear your clothing than what you wear. It’s not just about age-appropriate dressing, but it’s also about style-appropriate dressing. Today, clothes are ageless. Women often share pieces from their wardrobes with their daughters, personalizing the items with different accessories to create the difference. Dressing with style is about having the confidence in your fashion choices. Here are some ideas in creating a contemporary style at any age. Style never fades.

• For a less corporate day at the office, wear a tailored black pantsuit with white sneakers and a white T-shirt.

• When you wear an off-the-shoulder top, sleeveless top or boob tube, which shows skin, keep jewellery pieces simple. • When in doubt tailored pieces always work, even in the evening. A tux or tailored satin or velvet jacket will never fail. • A vintage piece teamed with a modern outfit will give you added style. • Consider wearing a vintage jacket with black satin pants or black jeans. • If you have great legs, arms, neck or shoulders, you should coordinate your wardrobe around featuring and accentuating those areas. • Never undervalue the enduring style of fashion icons such as cashmere sweaters, trench coats, riding boots or white shirts. Classic pieces will always look good when teamed up with the latest trends. • If you find yourself looking in the mirror and saying: I look boring then add a great accessory like a belt, scarf, or different jewellery. • For those of you, who don’t wear a lot of jewellery, consider adding a fun watch, a modern scarf or a new hand bag. 3

• If there’s a new trend and it doesn’t feel right... then don’t do it. You will only feel self-conscious and look uncomfortable. • Be open to new trends and try and incorporate something new and fun into your wardrobe each season.


Here are 6 important qualities of style that every women needs to look for. You need to feel like you’re working on developing these areas in your life. When you have all 6 then you are creating a stylish wonder woman.

• Appropriateness

Always think Is it appropriate for my age, the occasion and the location? You need to think this through especially when going to an event, out with friends, off to work. You will look rather silly if you get this wrong.

• Simplicity

Wearing simple, clean lines and wearing complementary accessories to any outfit will create a winning look. Don’t overdo it. You will look like you are trying too hard.

• Confidence

Your inner confidence will shine through when you feel good on the inside. This is what style is. Develop your confidence by being true to yourself and developing your self-worth.

• Poise

When you hold yourself well and walk with grace you will be noticed. Your poise shows how you feel about yourself. Hold your head high.

• Friendliness and Courtesy

It’s important to have good humour and respect for others. Fashion is fun, style is eternal and shines through your wonderful personality.

• Naturalness

Being yourself and accepting yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can have. Develop yourself by making good choices and know that you are being true to who you are.


Your clothing style sends a message out about you every day. People look and make a first impression of you. They judge you, they decide if they like you, they look to see if you look good, if you look successful, if you have confidence, if you know what works for you or not. This all happens within the first few minutes after meeting you. The visual impressions make up to 80% of someone’s first impression of you.

It’s very hard to undo a first impression. They are lasting impressions so it’s important to display a confident style. What we know is that your clothing displays a very big message about who you are, how you feel about yourself and how you want others to think about you.

Here is a great example: A man in a well-fitted suit is telling you that he runs a multi-national corporation and makes billions of dollars. Then, picture a man in a bad fitting, dirty outfit telling you the same thing. Who would you believe more? Image is everything.

Just as we all have our own personalities we all have a personal clothing style. Our personal clothing style is an image that we regularly convey. I have found that most people fit into one of these styles below. When you can identify which one feels like you, this will give you an idea of what look you have been presenting to the world. At any time you can create a new image. You just need to create a new style and be prepared to put some time and energy into a new you.


• Creative

• Romantic

• Elegant

• Dramatic

• Classic

• Sexy

• Natural


These are original and individual dressers that are always on the lookout for new and unusual combinations as a way of expressing their own personality. They can ‘pull off’ looks that would make others look ridiculous. In essence, these women have no rules for dressing—mixing the old with the new, soft with hard, formal and casual. Often they are artists, fashion designers and stylists or are in advertising.


These women are the archetype of womanhood. They enjoy clothes that are soft to feel, sheer or light weight. They appreciate pretty colours, soft tailoring and embellished, patterned or textured fabrics, and love to match all of their accessories. This romantic style has a soft feminine look. Women in this category prefer to wear dresses and skirts rather than pants.


Dramatic women like to be the centre of attention. They enjoy clothes that make a bold statement and tell the world they are confident in fashion and styling. This style is sophisticated. She will turn heads and likes to wear the latest trends.


The elegant style is someone who is refined, self-assured, confident and in control. She has a cohesive, rounded, soft, subtle, ethereal look. It looks effortless and perfectly gentle. She is always well groomed, graceful in appearance, and has good quality clothing. She is pleasant and always dresses appropriately for the occasion.


The classic style has an elegant traditional look that features timeless garments. Think well-coordinated outfits, tailored suiting, semi-fitted garments, functional designs, formed shoulders, jackets, matching accessories and conservative lengths. The classic woman always likes to be well groomed and tastefully attired, and never too casual nor too dressy but always appropriate.


This style of dressing is all about confidence, excitement, enticement, daring and power. As the saying goes: ‘sex sells’ and this woman loves to use it to the max. She is glamourous and proud of her body. Rarely will you find her wearing classic, stiff or shapeless garments. Instead she will prefer knits, supple leather, jersey, wool crepe and anything soft and luxurious to touch (e.g. suede).


Think Country Road and you’ll be able to visualize this woman’s style. She is the outdoorsy, physical, sporty woman who has no time or inclination for fuss and glamour. She is a no-nonsense woman who is completely unpretentious and informal. Casual, comfortable and functional are the hallmarks of this woman’s preferred style. In a phrase, she is your jeans and T-shirt woman and her energy and sense of style gives her a youthful and friendly appearance. Her wardrobe will contain clothes that are tailored, versatile, and unrestrictive and require little maintenance.


When developing your style we need to look at the whole you. This is why it’s so important to work on who you are on the inside just as much as you do on the outside. This is what true style is. Having a positive self-esteem means believing in yourself, being honest,

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