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I Quit Sugar: My Simple 8-Week Program That Works, for Good

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Sarah Wilson was addicted to sugar. She needed it every day. She convinced herself it was â good sugar". But sugar is sugar. And it was making her sick, tired and bloated. She set about researching all the different ways to quit the stuff. It took a while. But in the process she found what works - for good - and developed The Complete 8-Week Program that outlines easy techniques that are kind, sensible and totally work.

This book is perfect for you if you're:

--Ready to quit sugar or have tried on your own and can't get past the first few days (there's a very important reason for this, which we'll be sharing!).
--Looking for a detailed explanation of why you should quit sugar alongside an in-depth, step-by-step guide.
--Searching for tools to accurately track weight loss and health progress.
--After 50 introductory recipes to support your sugar-quitting journey.
--Looking for guidance through the various stages of detox Sarah Wilson and the I Quit Sugar team.
--Keen for advice on how to kill cravings in an instant.
--Looking to re-stock the fridge, pantry and freezer with ready to go sugar-free foods.
--Ready for a total lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.

What others say

"I weighed 78kgs when I started and I'm at 68kgs six months later. In addition, I do not have the anger issues, depression/mood swing issues, joint pain (my pain is gone!) and I am all around a more energetic person." Nicole

"I've been sugar free for almost 12 months. I love the way it makes me feel - lots of energy! I'm amazed how much I don't crave sweets anymore. My skin is glowing." Di

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