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Rethinking the Plot

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Rethinking the Plot

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Rethinking the Plot is a collaboration between the Kingston Writing School & British Council International Creative Writing Summer School. A compilation of short stories and poems, Rethinking the Plot celebrates the talents of the students who attended the International Creative Writing School in Athens, Greece, between 2013 and 2015. The writers focus on illustrating their perceptions of the Greek crisis, allowing the reader to rethink and challenge what the media has shown. The stories and poems included turn popular perceptions on their head, replacing them with a new, accurate look at the country and its people.

‘Having taught on the course for three years, I am delighted to see this first collection of work from summer school students. The writing is as vibrant, varied and imaginative as work in class has been. Each contributor should be congratulated for this first step into the world of professional writing.’
Adam Baron, Director, MA in Creative Writing, Kingston University
Author of the novel Blackheath

‘As someone who has been lucky enough to teach on the KWS Athens Summer School, I’m delighted to see this excellent collection of students’ work published by Kingston University Press. I doff my cap both to the writers involved and the KUP publishing students who made it happen.’
Ahren Warner
Poetry Editor, Poetry London

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