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Alpine Beach: a Family Adventure

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Alpine Beach: A Family Adventure is an autobiographical account of a decade the Steggall family spent in the alps of south-eastern France. In 1978 we (John, Susan, Zeke aged seven and Zali, four) left Australia to live in the Alps of southeastern
France, so beginning an extraordinarily successful relationship with wintersport competition. We went neither for work nor study, but simply for the adventure of it. Although the decision to leave was simple, the actual going was more complex – finalising business affairs, packing up our lives – but leave we did: family, friends and financial security.
We spent ten years in the mountains, the passing seasons marked by the children’s progress in ski racing. It was an active, energetic life with few comforts or possessions. Time, effort and ingenuity we had aplenty – of money there was little to spare.
The passing seasons were marked by our children’s progress in ski racing and our experiences of living in two cultures, two languages. Alpine Beach is the record of that magic time.

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