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Ouroborus, Freedom from the Patterns that Hinder Us

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Ouroborus, Freedom from the Patterns that Hinder Us

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This is a book about change. Real change. Lasting change. In contrast to the new age idea of instant life altering tech, my approach attempts to address what actual transformation of a human life. This will not be instant or easy, that lie is promoted by the success/ self help industry to sell books and courses. Pandering to the instant gratification mentality of the consumerist model.

Wanna knock the brakes off this self trance~formative trip you are on? You have to take a serious hard look at yourself and the dynamics of others (people and ideas in your head and theirs). The master key is approaching or achieving some form of objectivity or at least the awareness of our own prejudices, beliefs, etc. Please note the human tendency to CATEGORIZE phenomena to think at all. Just like language itself is a symbol, a representation of data representing stuff. See?This confounding attribute of humanity is known amongst those that measure stuff. Bias must be accounted for at all times. Imposing preexisting narratives on things immediately removes other interpretations. This issue is very well known in law enforcement/ criminolgical circles. You have to look at what is in front of you to see all the evidence. Once you may think you know what happened, you have completely biased yourself. The opposite of interpreting facts, especially when lives could be at stake.
It is these very ‘other interpretations” that are by definition the driver of innovation. The spirit of inquiry is what drives any investigation forward. Therefore the fellow traveler would do well to exercise rigorous self inquiry to devise one’s own thoughts and feelings and memories (biases) thoroughly. This is the ‘grist for the mill’ and no doubt can keep you occupied plenty.
It is also the only way true change is possible. Period. Check please?!
A long range process to be sure. In fact all is in a state of perpetual flux, therefore, all truly is process. Goals are awesome to create and attempt to achieve, don’t get me wrong. The idea is the momentum of driving at something itself versus losing one’s mind when that exact thing doesn’t turn out. It’s the journey that’s the trans-formative part. And if you do achieve it? Make another. Bruce Lee stated it this way, “every day, kick the ball forward...”.

Let's do this.

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