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Discarded Denim: 30 Different Crafts to Make with Your Old Jeans

Discarded Denim: 30 Different Crafts to Make with Your Old Jeans

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Discarded Denim: 30 Different Crafts to Make with Your Old Jeans

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Feb 23, 2016


Does saying good-bye to old jeans give you the blues? Discover thirty new ways to rescue your old denim. Transform your favorite old, worn or stained jeans into something fun and creative. Each project in Discarded Denim uses parts of a pair of jeans and turns them into something new but also leaves them instantly recognizable as denim. Every project includes step-by-step instructions as well as detailed photographs. A tutorials section in the back of the book provides guidance if you’re a little rusty with basic skills. 
Feb 23, 2016

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Discarded Denim - Linda Ritchie



These projects are great to use when you’re out and about and having a good time. Whether you’re on a trip or running errands, these crafts will keep you organized and carefree.

Luggage Tag


Shoe Pocket

Arm Band Coin Pocket


Luggage Tag

Make a Luggage Tag for every bag so you’re always ready to travel. Customize your Luggage Tags with embroidery, appliqués, or patches.


1 – 3-inch by 8-inch piece of jean material (Luggage Tag)

1 – 3-inch by 3³/4-inch piece of 8–12-gauge vinyl (Address Protector)

1 – 1¹/2-inch by 10-inch piece of jean material (Luggage Strap)

1 – 3-inch by 3¹/2-inch piece of cardstock (Identifier)

1 – Small buckle


Make a mark ³/4 of an inch down and in from each corner on the wrong side of the Luggage Tag and draw a line between the marks for the buttonholes. For the inner box, mark ³/4 of an inch from both the top and bottom 1-³/8 inch and 3-³/8 inch from the right side, creating four marks representing the four corners of the box. Draw a box connecting the marks and make a mark ¹/4 of an inch diagonally from each corner of the inner box. Make a 1-inch mark on the Address Protector ³/4 of an inch from one end so that the Address Protector will match the buttonhole in the Luggage Tag.

Sew a 1-inch buttonhole along the markings on each side of the Luggage Tag. If you would like to know more about sewing a button hole for this project you can reference the Making a Buttonhole tutorial at the end of the book. Cut the buttonholes open, cut out the inner box, and cut the four diagonal lines of the Luggage Tag. Sew a zigzag stitch around the unfinished edges of the inner box. Cut open the Address Protector

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