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Ebook Formatting And Publishing: How To Format Your eBook And Upload It To Amazon.com By Yourself

Ebook Formatting And Publishing: How To Format Your eBook And Upload It To Amazon.com By Yourself

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Ebook Formatting And Publishing: How To Format Your eBook And Upload It To Amazon.com By Yourself

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Feb 17, 2016


In this eBook, you will be taught how to format your eBook by yourself after you have written it, register as an author in Amazon KDP by yourself, and upload your well formatted eBook to Amazon.com or Smashwords.com publishing websites, all by yourself. The single goal of this eBook is to make you to be able to self-publish your eBook by yourself. I am a self-published author, so you too can be.

This book is divided into 3 sections.

SECTION 1: You will be taught you how to format your eBook in Microsoft Word [2007, 2010 or higher version], to be accepted and ready for uploading and publishing on Amazon.com or smashwords.com [the world 2 leading eBook publishing companies] or to be publish on any other major eBook publishing websites.

SECTION 2: Is to teach you how to register and create an Author account in Amazon.com. You need to register as an author or publisher with any eBook publishing company before you can be allow to publish your eBook on their publishing platforms [websites]

SECTION 3: Is to teach you how to upload and publish your well formatted eBook as a registered author or publisher in Amazon.com or Smashwords.com, within 20-30 minutes. And begin selling in minutes, as we wish you thus to be lucky.

In a nutshell, the eBook is to teach you how to be a self-published author, who write his or her book by himself or herself, format it to industry standard by himself or herself, and upload it to Amazon.com publishing website and publish it there, with little or no professional assistances in the process.

That is exactly what we want to accomplish with this eBook. Do hope we keep our promise.

Feb 17, 2016

Sobre el autor

Hi, I’m OLU DENNIS. I’m an ICT Professional and a Christian. I live in Abuja, the Capital City of Nigeria. I never knew I was gifted with writing ability until some circumstances of life triggered it up. You may never know how talented and gifted you are until some events of life help you to trigger them up. And when this happen, an Ocean of Genius of who you are will begin to ceaselessly flow to your amazement. And there is a great joy in this, because that is who you are. You do your work with joy and with superior performances. Displayed on this website are some of the best books that I have written. They are life changing books. Every of my books have a purpose. They are to help the reader solve a particular type of life problem. If you need charges, encouragement and push to be your best in life, then many of these my books will be a good read for you. If you need life reformation and transformation tips, and the energy to war your destiny to success, consider 1 or 2 of these books. I will be glad to hear from you. Kindly drop me a line to let me know how any of these books has been of help to you, or need to me made more better. Thanks for stopping by. Sincerely yours, OLU DENNIS oludennis@gmail.com www.oludennis.com

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Ebook Formatting And Publishing - Olu Dennis

EBook Formatting And Publishing

How To Format Your eBook And Upload It To Amazon.com By Yourself


Copyright 2016 OLU DENNIS

No part of this book should be used or copied without the written permission of the copyright owner. Illegal duplication and sale of this book in any format [electronically, hard copy or in audio form] is prohibited and considered as theft and punishable under both local and international copyright law. And offender will be punished accordingly when found guilty.

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This eBook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite eBook retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


Thank You Lord GOD Almighty: The Creator of Creation and everything in it! Thank You for the gift of Knowledge and Intelligence. The whole Creation points to the Superiority of your knowledge: an Ocean of knowledge in an endless loop, a wonder on its own to behold! LORD, we did appreciate You. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.

My appreciation also goes to all that have made this writing a success. From the Editor of this book, to the Book Cover Designer, Book Layout Planner, the Distributor and also you the reader. I say thanks to you all. May the Good LORD reward you handsomely.

Thank you.


The era of digital book has come to stay. Publishing a book has never been as easy as it is now in our generation. Each individual of us is now a publisher to himself or to herself.

But there is a hurdle, only few of us [as self-published author or writer] know how to prepare or format our books for publishing. I have downloaded and read so many eBooks [in .EPUB and .MOBI format], that were published by Indie Authors, that were poorly formatted. Many books with good content were poorly published – poor page layout, poor formatting, and poor packaging. Text and images scattered and overlapped one another, poor navigation. All these make good work poorly presented.

This book is to teach you how to do things right.

The category of authors and writers described above, have even done well, they have attempted their dream – to self-published their book, though they are not yet professional enough. But there are thousands of would-be self-published authors who haven’t attempted anything – they have not published a single eBook. Why? Because they don’t know how to self-published their eBooks after they have written it.

This book is written for both categories of Authors-In-Making people. If you are in such a category of authors-in-making, this book is to teach you how to do 3 things:

1. It is to teach you how to prepare and format your eBooks typed in Microsoft Word, and makes it ready for publishing on Amazon.com or any other eBook publishing website.

2. It is to teach you how to register as an Author in Amazon KDP [Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing] platform. A prerequisite that is required before you can be allowed to publish your eBook on Amazon.com.

3. It is to teach you how to upload your well formatted eBook in Microsoft Word, into Amazon.com KDP platform, and get your eBook published and listed for sale in Amazon Kindle Store within 24 hours.

This is what this book promise to teach you how to do.

Being a self-published Indie Author myself, and having self-published 5 eBooks on both Amazon.com and Smashwords.com acceptably, I can tell you how it works.

If the above How To Do It is what you are looking for, you have gotten the right book for it.

Have a good reading.


Table Of Contents

To All Self-Published Authors

My Assumptions

Disclaimer Facts

What You Will Learn In This Book



How To Format Your eBook

Creating Clickable Table Of Content


How To Registered As An Author In Amazon KDP


How To Upload Your eBook To Amazon KDP Platform

Updating Your eBook

Book Review Request

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To self-published your eBook means: you write your eBook by yourself, format it by yourself, and upload it unto an eBook publishing website by yourself.

Generally, eBook publishing involves 5 stages of activities:

1. Writing of the eBook to be published.

2. Formatting of the eBook to be published.

3. Uploading of the formatted eBook to an eBook Publishing website.

4. Marketing and selling your published eBook.

5. Getting Royalty from your sold eBook.

These are the 5 stages of eBook publishing that I have found after I have self-published 5 eBooks myself on the World 2 leading eBook publishing companies: Amazon.com and Smashwords.com

All these stages can be outsourced except Stage 5: [Getting Royalty from your sold eBook]. I haven’t heard yet of any author who outsource his Royalty collection services to a professional eBook Royalty Collector. So what a self-published author tries to accomplish, is to a large extent, to be able to carry out these 5 stages of eBook publishing by himself or by herself, with little or no outsourcing of any of the stages. [Although as a self-published author, you can outsource some stages.]

In this eBook, we are interested in 2 out of the 5 stages of eBook publishing:

STAGE 2: Formatting of the eBook to be published.

STAGE 3: Uploading of the formatted eBook to an eBook Publishing website.

Because we assumed you have already done Stage 1. [Writing of the eBook to be published.] Stage 4 [Marketing and selling your published eBook.] and Stage 5 [Getting Royalty from your sold

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