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Business is Decisions, Success is Intuition

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Business is Decisions, Success is Intuition

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Why is do companies drastically change under different leaders? what is the intangible that makes the difference?

It is human biases in decision making, an unconventional perspective thereof is brought forth in this book. Developing awareness to biases, conscious or not, we can better influence outcomes and success potential just like companies that under different leaderships achieve different results.

Awareness helps make better choices and overcome the loneliness of making hard decisions, leading companies and individuals to growth and success, to better strategies, magnetize able people, focus execution and create long term sustainable growth.

Rich with examples, decision-making biases and their impact on success or failure are discussed helping you respond to today’s fast changing markets and technologies. Be the artist who creates the future while performing today; master the quick sand environment of ever-changing economic and human factors. Apply the principles in business, organizations and personal life. Be the leader you were born to be!

Mr. Lorch shares his lessons learned and practiced as turnaround and growth CEO creating substantial shareholder value: turning companies around, merging and selling them, managing very large projects and mentoring executives in corporations and Homeland Security organizations.

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