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Running The Table, the Story of Tama Thunder "The Indian Princess"

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Tama Thunder is not your average 1970s teenager. She has olive colored skin, the result of a full-blooded Comanche Indian father, and her favorite pastime is hustling the boys in the male dominated pool rooms. After graduating from high school, the beautiful Native American teenager begins her quest to rock the world of pocket billiards.
Tama Thunder becomes a case study of the hustler hustling the hustlers. The overconfident male hustlers are embarrassed to discover that a young girl has mastered the skills of the seasoned professionals.
At the young age of 22, Tama Thunder is the best women pool player in the world, and she is the most prolific female pool hustler of the 20th century.
From the opening pages, the ambitious teenager will delight you with her zest for life. Tama Thunder is a perfect example of what natural talent, combined with hard work and dedication can accomplish.

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