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Shanna and the Raven: An Imbolc Story (Children's Wheel of the Year, #1)

Shanna and the Raven: An Imbolc Story (Children's Wheel of the Year, #1)

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Shanna and the Raven: An Imbolc Story (Children's Wheel of the Year, #1)

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Jan 7, 2016


Intuition is calling. 

How do you know when the signs of nature and the whispers of your heart are true? 

Here is a story for Pagan, Wiccan and earth-centered families to share the wonder of the Wheel of the Year. Imbolc is a time for hearth fires and candlelight, the season for protection, healing, intuition and the first seeds of hope. Join us for a story of courage. 

A strange man talks to seven-year-old Rye one day at the bus stop. His sister, ten-year-old Shanna, doesn't feel good about it, but she has no real idea why. Nightmares and even a beady-eyed raven dog Shanna´s footsteps and their mother is suddenly out of work. As the celebration of Imbolc nears, Shanna wishes for some magic that will help dispel the troubles. 

If your kids like The American Girl series or The Magic Tree House series and you want to share adventure stories with them that feature earth-centered and Pagan holidays and ideas, this series is just the ticket. 

Welcome to our hearth and the Children's Wheel of the Year. Shanna and the Raven is the first book in the Children's Wheel of the Year series. Readers can read the books out of order, although they are connected and feature the same characters. There will be eight books in this series in all. You can find out about new releases by subscribing at www.ariefarnam.com/shannabooks. New subscribers can receive one free ebook of their choice by replying to one of Arie Farnam's hearth-side emails.

Jan 7, 2016

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Shanna and the Raven - Arie Farnam


Shanna and the Raven

An Imbolc Story

Story byArie Farnam

Illustrations by Julie Freel

Chapter One: The Blue Pickup

The yellow school bus slowed at the corner of Juniper Road and made a gulping noise and a loud hiss when the door opened.

Shanna swung her backpack on and nudged her little brother Rye to get him moving.

Bye, Shanna, Skylar called, flashing her freckly grin.

Bye, Skylar! Shanna made a fist and swiftly touched her knuckles to Skylar’s for their friendship signal.

See ya on Monday, big guy, the bus driver called to Rye as he leaped down the three steps to the road. Careful there. No jumping off my bus. Have a good weekend, Shanna.

They waved to the driver and the bus pulled out. Skylar’s face was pressed up against the glass and she stuck out her tongue at Rye.

He laughed and did a silly dance at the side of the road until he dropped his backpack.

Come on, Shanna said, pulling her coat tighter around her shoulders against the winter cold.

She was already standing on the gravel road to Mrs. Pruce’s house. Now that Shanna was ten and Rye was seven, Momma had to work longer hours. That was why they had to go to Mrs. Pruce’s after school.

Mrs. Pruce gave off old-lady smells. But she had nice cats. Momma always told Shanna and Rye that they had to respect her because she was an elder and she knew a lot.

Rye picked his backpack out of the frozen slush at the edge of the road.

But then a big blue pickup was coming slowly up the road toward him. Rye turned around to see who was driving. The kids knew just about everyone on this road. Shanna saw that the window on the driver’s side was already down.

The pickup rolled to a stop right by Rye and there was a man and a teenager inside that Shanna didn’t recognize.

Hey there, the driver called as he leaned out of the open window toward Rye. We’re your new neighbors. What’s your name?

Rye Silver. Rye stood his ground, even though Shanna felt like stepping back.

There was no obvious reason for Shanna to feel nervous. The man in the truck wore an ironed red shirt and his brown hair was combed back neatly. But she had an uneasy feeling.

The man had a big, warm smile, but it didn’t match his eyes. They looked like shark eyes instead of warm, friendly eyes, Shanna thought. And his voice went up and down in a sing-song, as if he was trying to lure a kitten out from under the couch.

You’re not shy, are you? the man said with a chuckle. That’s good. I like to see a boy with some pluck. And you’ve got a sister too. What’s her name?

We’ve got to go, Shanna called. It’s nice to meet you, neighbors.

Shanna realized that the sing-songy man hadn’t told Rye his name. And for some reason she didn’t really want to tell them her name.

The man ignored her.

She’s bossy, isn’t she? He winked at Rye. That’s how big sisters are. You be careful of her, you hear. Don’t let her suck all the life out of you. Sisters can be witches sometimes.

He was grinning and laughing, trying to joke, but Shanna didn’t think it was funny. Her heart started beating faster and she felt clammy inside her coat.

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