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Speed Reading

Maximize Your Productivity through Speed Reading

This book is for people who want develop the skill of speed reading and discover how it can do wonders to their lives. Imagine the countless possibilities in terms of what you can learn and accomplish if you can read at double or triple your current reading speed. You can read textbooks and journals required for your studies in a very short time and retain the information. You can read all the books you want without worrying if you’d ever finish them. You will be able to acquire more information that you can use on a day-to-day basis, which will make your life more efficient. 

Easy-to-Follow Steps that You’ll Surely Love

This book offers practical and easy-to-follow steps on how to develop the skill and use it to maximize productivity. It will also help you understand the science and art behind speed reading. This book also helps you improve your comprehension, which should go hand-in-hand with speed reading. Aside from that, you’ll discover why some people fail in their speed reading pursuits. You’ll learn about the detrimental effects of sub-vocalization, insufficient concentration, and lack of focus on your reading speed. Of course, you’ll find the solutions to those roadblocks in this speed reading resource. 

An Assortment of Lessons in One Manual

By reading Speed Reading – Develop the Skill of Speed Reading and Be More Productive, you’ll know the answers to the following questions: 
• What exactly is speed reading? 
• What habits are keeping you from reading faster? 
• What are some of the most effective speed reading techniques? 
• What are the best ways to become even faster at reading? 
• Is it necessary to speed read all the time? 

Change the way you process information and benefit from the abundance of informational resources! Grab a copy of Speed Reading right now! 

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In an age where tons of information can be accessed in just a click of the mouse, anyone can gain so much knowledge in enhancing any aspect of life. Sadly, this is not happening. Most people who have access to these bits of info are not taking advantage or maximizing the benefit of the gift of knowledge. What usually happens instead is that people complain that there are too many materials to read and information to take in; there is not enough time to read what they want to read, they don’t have the patience to plod through the pages, and they can’t read fast enough.

This is where speed reading comes in. This book will help you understand why most people read slowly. Most importantly, it’ll teach you what speed reading is, how it works, how you can develop such a skill, and how you can use it to make your home and work life better. The steps provided here are easy to follow and understand. The book does not just help you read faster, but also read more effectively—that is, being able to understand, retain, and recall information.

Reading is a very important habit. Numerous studies have been published on the relationship of reading and success in academics, relationships, business, finances, and career. Speed reading, also called efficient reading, can even bring more wonders into your life. You will be surprised how much this skill can