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Date by the Dozen: How to Meet & Date the Men You Want

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Date by the Dozen: How to Meet & Date the Men You Want

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This book will teach you how to efficiently meet men. It's that simple. This is coming from someone with master’s degrees in counseling psychology and business administration. The author knows people and knows selling. And what is dating? Self- sales and customer assessment!! There is a lot of erroneous dating advice out here. It comes from people who don’t know people. Too many people are taking shots in the dark and giving horrible dating advice. It comes from a good place. But in order to fully understand how women can meet men, a writer should have something beyond personal observations. This book is written in simple terms but based on a wealth of psychological knowledge in addition to life experience and observations. You’ll not only learn how to meet men and how to get dates, you’ll learn how dating smart increases your dating confidence.

Have you had trouble meeting men? Would you like to increase your dating confidence? Would you like to date smarter and more efficiently? Yes, yes, and absolutely yes! If you want different results, you have to do different things. You have to understand the mistakes you’ve been making. This book helps you assess your past dating patterns. The book also gives guidance on determining what things you offer that attract and repel suitors. If you don’t know your true assets, how can you accurately assess your worth in the dating world? You can’t.

This book helps you to do things that will make you physically look your best but it doesn’t just focus on looks. There are tips on how to increase your chances of meeting men through very calculated actions. This includes how to initiate communication with men but get them to ask for your contact information. There’s also information on how to be the belle of the ball even when you’re with a gaggle of girlfriends.

Maybe you’re a lady who knows how to get dates. But then everything falls apart. You find yourself not knowing what to say when you are finally on a date. Or maybe, you’re not clear on basic dating etiquette. Never fear, Date by the Dozen is here to help. Have you had trouble choosing men? This book helps you figure out how to narrow down your newly gained pool of men with specific tips on how to weed out the men who do not fit your basic criteria.

If you’re looking for help delivered in easy to digest bits, Date by the Dozen is for you. Go ahead and click the link to download this book! I promise you won’t regret it!!

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