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Descendants: Vampire Chronicles

Longitud: serie


Kibwe and Imani lead the first clan of vampires - the Vim-Pyr - on a journey from the Congo to Africa's West coast, North to the Mediterranian Sea and East to Egypt. Follow them and their tribe - the Baska - as they discover what they have become and start the legends of the Vampires.
The history of the first vampires and their journey around Africa to settle in Egypt, along the mighty Nile river. Follow the first tumultuous, passionate year in the lives of the original vampires.
The Following is a Review: "First off the story and the premise was a good take on the vampire mythology. I enjoyed the pacing and character development, that made the whole story an easy read without much to distract the reader from the main story involving the emergence of the first vampires. There is an entire rich history that can be explored in the series that I imagine can only get better with time...
...In all it was a good read, it tore me away from the other books I've been reading and I burned through it in about three days worth of reading which I tend to only do with books and subject matter that I find captivating. I would recommend anyone into the vampires and prehistoric adventures t o pick this up and read it, it a fun read and a compelling tale of how vampires may have come into the world." [B]

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