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Grow Your Nails: Quit Even The Worst Nail Biting Habit

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Grow Your Nails: Quit Even The Worst Nail Biting Habit

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A Self-Divised Program From A Chronic Ex-Nailbiter ~ I will teach you to stop biting and finally grow your nails with all the strategies and techniques I created and implemented on my own journey. I wanted to write this program because I believe it would have been so helpful to me. Biting my nails caused me continuous pain and embarrassment for most of life. Kicking this habit has empowered me and I hope my program inspires and helps you to do the same.

The program is structured in 12 steps to break the habit for good
Each step consists of:
•My strategy
•My Experience
•Actionable steps for you to implement in the real world

Step 1. Back to the start
Step 2. I decided to get serious
Step 3. Time for a change of mindset
Step 4. Review past attempts
Step 5. Know your impulses
Step 6. Should I use a barrier tool?
Step 7. Break the habit
Step 8. Inspire yourself
Step 9. Prepare
Step 10. Practice trying
Step 11. Adopt an encouraging mindset
Step 12. Let them grow
Bonus:What to do if...
Manicure Master Class: How to paint your nails
Manicure Master Class: How to neaten up your polish

My program aims to cover all bases and arm you with the best possible chance of success!

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