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101 Things You May Not Have Known About Snooker
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Are you a snooker fan? Do you play regularly? Are you familiar with the rules and terminology of snooker? Would you like to know more about the professional players who make the game look so easy? If you answered yes to any of these questions you won’t want to be without 101 Things You May Not Have Known About Snooker.
Do you know how snooker got its name, who is the only player so far to have won the world title at junior, amateur and professional level or which five players have achieved a maximum 147 break at the World Professional Snooker Championships? This fascinating new book has the answers, along with everything you ever wanted to know about snooker, including all the top snooker players past and present, their nicknames, history of the game, championship winners and losers and much more.
This book is a must-have for all those who enjoy watching or taking part in this game of skill and would like to learn more about the professional circuit.
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I wish to dedicate my book to my Father, John McDermot White, who is sadly no longer with us. It was my Dad who first got me interested in snooker when he took me to see the 1972 Irish Professional Snooker Championships at the Ulster Hall in Belfast. Alex The Hurricane Higgins was playing the defending Champion, Jackie Rea. Rea had won the title for the previous 20 years but The Hurricane had just recently won the World Professional Snooker Championship and Belfast was buzzing with anticipation of their match. Higgy defeated Rea 28-12 in the final.

Thanks for the wonderful memories Dad, I will always cherish them.

Your son,


The Facts


The name snooker was given to the game by Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain. In 1875, Chamberlain was serving in the 11th Devonshire Regiment of the British Army at Jubbulpore, India. A number of games were played in the Officers’ Mess including life pool (1 white ball & 15 red balls) and black pool (1 white ball, 15 red balls & 1 black ball). After a while Chamberlain decided to introduce other coloured balls to black poo, commencing with a yellow, green and a pink ball. A blue and a brown ball were introduced some years later. The term snooker was a derogatory nickname given to first-year cadets studying at the Royal